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  1. steve - thanks for the information, however, the boiler is an oil fired one, not gas does this make a difference?
  2. sorry, need to be clear 1) We are worried that she hasnt paid her mortgage (why else would a guy from the mortgage company "drop in" for a chat) and therefore are worried that we could be made homeless. From conversations with the mortgage guy he knows nothing of a lease with the landlord and states that the lease is therefore invalid as the mortgage company fail to recognise us as tenants as they are not aware that the landlord is letting the property. They have asked us to get the landlord to contact them, and i have given the mortgage company the only mobile number i have so they
  3. Hiya We have recently moved to a property in Wales. We moved in without a tenancy agreement (which turned up 3 weeks later), no deposit and no guarantor. we have no record of boiler servicing (oil fired), energy certificates or other testing such as PAT etc. The lease states a rental sum significantly lower than that verbally agreed (so in our favour) and we have been paying that sum. We are approx 1.5 months in arrears (due to being self employed and out of work for a period) but now back in work and i will be paying double (the expected rental amount) per week over the next few wee
  4. Hiya All I currently have 4 phones on contract via T-Mobile Buisiness. In the enxt couple of weeks we are moving our business address to a farm in Wales so we can expand the business. We have checked the signal strength there (and with T-Mobile themselves) and everyone admits that there is no signal indoors and the chance of 20% strength outdoors on a good day. They therefore have told me that they will not guarantee signal on any given day. My contract with them is due to expire in January 2012, but T-Mobile have stated to me verbally that i will have to continue to pay the lin
  5. Hiya I have received a bill of sale after requesting it (first time they sent me the credit agreement). can someone just check with me that it is genuine and enforceable. 1- it bears my name and address and signature 2 - it bears the name, signature and address of the car sales room where i purchased the vehicle. The car salesman was the witness to the Bill of Sale 3- the consideration is for the sums for the car and its payments (which differ hugely from what i actually pay, i assume that the BoS is made prior to when they add on the PPI and other insurances which are menti
  6. Hiy aTrooper. the original i have from 2007 has all my data filled in, except for the agreement number, the date, and teh reps signature. I do not have the BOS. I was never given a copy. This paperwork i have seems to be a CCA backing up the BOS? does that make sense?. The copy they sent me was the same paperwork as i had, but this time with the agreement number filled in, date of signature and the signature itself appears to have been added some three days later, not in my prescence. I will SAR them and see where that gets me. Whilst i have SAR'd them, i assume i still continue
  7. Hi all, i wonder if you can advise. we took out car finance through Cygnet in january 2007. When we applied the chap there stated that although the interest was high, once we had made 50% of the payments we could trade the car in against another on a lower premium, and owe nothing on the remainder of the loan as it was a standard HPI agreement. I have since contacted them to enact this and have been advised that we dont have HPI, but infact a Bill of Sale. I have asked them for a copy of the bill of sale, and to be fair, within 24 hours they sent me a copy of the application form "regulat
  8. hmm ok - i thought that bailifffs couldnt remove goods that were used as part of your livelihood, such as computer (if business related) and tools etc as part of your daily work. The livestock is part of a smallholding i run and registered with DEFRA as such, in the name of the smallholding. Do they still count then?
  9. the council wont accept payments, i need to pay the bailiff. on a previous year i was able to pay the council in bits and that went OK. my question was, if the bailiff has started to accept payments then changes the amount that they want, can they lawfully do so? He is threatening to attend with a van and remove goods. He has never gained entry to my house so he cant come in, there is no levy or walking possession, however, although i have locked away all i can in the garden i do have lots of chickens running around the place and he has stated before that he will seize those. I have these
  10. Hi all, I cant see any information regarding this so i thought i would ask the question outrgiht. If you do an income and expenditure sheet, and demonstrate that youn only have £xx keft at the end of a month and offer this in payment to clear your arrears, can the bailiff refuse to take the installments? The reason i ask, is that i entered into such an agreement, and have made payments by cheque to the bailiff. The asked for £100+ per week, but as i pointed out, that was practically what i earned each week and i offered them £40 per month. They have accepted three payments to d
  11. Hiya Got into difficulties with current years council tax due to unemployment. Bailiff attended and levied a visit fee of £24.50. he then appeared a second time baout a week later and charged £16. wrote out a walking possession order for the car (on finance) and stuck it through the door. Charged £68 for the WPO I wrote off to the bailiff with the template letter, reminded him that you cant WPO a financed vehicle and surely i had to sign something as well? Got my statement back to see that the visit fees were brought back into line with how they should be, and the £68 WPO fee re
  12. Hi all A while back i bought some oil for my heating and they processed the card details wrongly. By this time i had lost my job in the run up to christmas and couldnt pay the bill. The took me to court and a CCJ was acrued. However, they got the name wrong. I.e instead of Mr Meekle they summons Mrs Meekle. I have tried to point this out, but they keep sending letters. So, as it is wrong to open post in someone elses name i send these letters back marked "not known at this address" I came home tonight to find a letter folded and pushed into (but not through) my letter box, unsea
  13. the business was a limited company. thanks to the advice from Chris, it would appear that even though he has the right to focefull entry into a business property, he can only do so if it is obvious that he property is only used for business and has no residential attachment to it. Now i know that some bailiff's are a bit.... challenged with their grey cells, but surely even this one would know that a 3 bed mid terrace property in the middle of a housing estate has residential accomodation and no some high fancy offices of a multinational... wouldnt he? I assume that posted the WPO th
  14. Hiya I came home today from shopping to find that a bailiff had attended my property for a claim against a company i used to run. I am no longer the director of this company and i have no further connection with it - except that my home address is still on their books as the registered address for the company. The company is now no longer trading. The bailiff apparently is acting on a high court writ from manchester county court, and as i wasnt there, obviously posted this walking possession agreement through my door. It states that all goods within the property now belong to t
  15. so i am not legally required to provide forwarding address? thats good news, but he will still harass my father in law for the address. can he do this. I know my father in law will probably tell him to bog off but you know what i mean
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