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  1. Hi all Just a quick question regarding Welcome finance ( if only id read this forum before signing up with them ) I took out a £5000 loan over a 4year period last August as i needed money and they were the only people who would give me some. I knew the interest rate was super high but its helped me build my credit rating up so im not too bothered. The thing i am bothered about is this --- I have paid £ 1341.83 off this loan.always no time no probs/charges etc. I sent off for a settlement figure guessing it would be about £4500. Sure it meant id paid £750 in interest but im happy
  2. Thanks for the quick reply 'powell' One quick other question, The credit file ive got is from Equifax, im going to get one from Experian aswell but are they likely to be very different? As in, could the Experian one have all the old debts on it ?? Thanks again and i like the idea of donating something to charity to make up for it !!! Cheers Antony
  3. Hi there Im new to this forum business but im really hoping someone here could help me with a problem i have. In the past, pre yr2000, i had a few bad debts from my student days totalling a couple of £k. Ive since moved house many, many times and moved around the country too. Today i got my credit file from Experian using the last 3 address; ive had taking me back 4years. The idea was to find who i owed money to and try and pay it off, as the last time i remember they were all with debt collectors and that was years back. However, the only things on my credit file are curren
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