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  1. First time poster and I've searched but I didnt find an answer. My story as it stands, I ran into an issue with income in August. This meant I couldn't pay my rent in September and october. LL (well agent, let alliance rent guarantee cover they had) served a section 8. Upon expiry, they set a court date. This was done incredibly quick, I mean extremely quick, probably within 10 days or so of the expiry there was a court date set. Before court, I offered a payment plan, very reasonable one. At this point I owed 3 months rent @ £650 PM. I offered to have it cleared before christmas (this was in November) in chunks by certain dates, not just "I'll be up to date by xmas". They declined the offer and said they're seeking repossession. I attended court, judge said no discretion to force acceptance of offer and granted an outright possession for first week in december. I continued to offer my amounts and filed for appeal and lost again. Now this appeal was on the day of due eviction (6th Jan). I was told as the eviction was due that day that it's going to be the next day (told my enforcement not judge) But I still asked for clarification and couldn't get any. When I returned back home after pleading with everyone to take my offer instead. I found an employee of the LL and a guy marked as maintenance (not bailiff) inside the house Now I've been staying at my mums with 3 children and I'm collecting by belongings tomorrow but my question is this. The LL employee and maintenance inside the house after the possession warrant expired but the bailiff not in attendance. Did they breach any laws, do I have a right to appeal what's happened now? I took what I needed and left but they had already let themselves before the bailiff arrived. I know I'm fighting a losing battle here but they've been very unreasonable and kept leaning on the rent guarantee insurance and their providers way of dealing with it is to always seek possession and call it a loss. I'm just hoping they've breached something and I can go back to court with a different arguement as finding a home is difficult, nothing a available, council have put me on the lowest band due to rent arrears so the wait could be a very very long time. Any constructive advice is appreciated, I know I've messed up with the rent so please dont just tell me that.
  2. is there anything I can say to them? i know the amount outstanding is probably false too, should I pay the court direct? I believe i only owe 600 but cannot get proof of this right now and feel i will be lied to on the phone? I don't like being chased for money, especially giving they only stared to chase after it went off my credit file
  3. 2 driving offences in court from atlesat 6 and a half years ago. I don't know where they got this address from either as it doesnt have the address that is registered at companies house, they've used an address of an extension of the business into a 3rd warehouse which only happened 14 months ago?
  4. Hi guys, sorry if this has been covered but I have received a letter from the Marston Group to my work address. I do not own any or all of the business nor any of the property there, however it is owned by my father, we sell cars and therfore is open to the public however they say they will be there to levy distress. Their letter is worded as follows, "We are in possession of a Magistrates' Court Order as a consequence of non payment of the above fine. Your residence at the above address has been confirmed by the marston groups tracing & investigations unit. As you have failed to deal with this outstanding fine or respond to letters delivered to this and/or your previous address/es, we must inform you that unless the TOTAL sum due above is paid witihn 7 days of this letter, our bailiffs will attend to levy distress and remove goods for sale by public auction" I have recently moved away from my mums house and have not recieved any mail there for a while although I am in the process of changing my electoral roll information to my new address. This letter only arrived today and I didnt have it handed to me until late so I have been unable to speak to the company. I have no issues paying the amount but its for £912, and this time of year and current climate im not sure anyone will have that sort of money to pay in one go! I am willing to offer £300 as first payment which is not a small amount and surely make things easier for everyone involved but after reading things on here I fear it will fall on deaf ears. Now we sell cars where I Work so if they "levied distress" they could be taking upto 60 cars all of which are more than 4 times the value of the fine, and as an employee I don't legally own. Where do I Stand as we are open to the public and are they likely to seize vehicles legally owned by a company which I am employed with?? Is there a particular way i can go about the phone call tomorrow when I Call them?
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