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  1. Thanks for your advice everyone. Today I received a reply from Debenhams re my request to see the CCTV footage I quote "CCTV systems are fitted within Debenhams stores as part of a Loss Prevention programme. They help to safeguard property and stock from theft and vandalism and provide both customers and staff with a safe environment. The CCTV system is only used for these authorised purposes and no other purpose that would breach an individuals rights as stated in th DPA 1998. Debenhams retains the CCTV recorded tapes for a period no longer than 28 days unless they are required fo
  2. To Gyzmo, I totally agree person who stole the necklace should be punished but don't think she should have been interviewed or made to sign anything without an adult known to her present. Likewise if my daughter knew of the intention to steal and didn't walk away then she should be punished, however she maintains she is innocent and I think the store handled things badly.
  3. Thanks everyone you've made me feel much more positive. I believe my daughters version and am proceeding as advised. I've also let the other parent know as he is visiting Debenhams this evening.
  4. Thanks for the advice! Where can I find an SAR ?
  5. I'm writning in the hope that someone can offer me some guidance. Yesterday my 13 year old daughter was shopping with two friends in Debenhams. She arrived home with her friends mother who told me they'd been accused of shoplifting.Both my daughter and friend 1 dney the offence but friend 3 admitted to stealing a necklace (which) was round her neck. They were arrested after leaving Debenhams and shopping in another shop. The matter was dealt with by store dectectives who asked thm to empty their bags and show receipts for their purchases. \The necklace was the only stolen item. Both my daug
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