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  1. I may just bring this up with my direct manager and see what he says, as I dont want to rock the boat but at the same time I am annoyed at what they have done. Such a dilemma Thank you for your advice
  2. Hi Thanks for that info, Ive read that and it states about being demoted and so basically yes they have treated me less favourably. I work for a private company and I am unsure whether to say anything now, I dont want to loose my job as they may make it difficult for me to continue there as I did love my old job. Do you know whether the 3 months will be from my return to work day? Thanks for your help
  3. Hi I have just returned back from maternity leave and I took 9 months off. Having recently returned to work I have come back to the same titled job but it has less responsibilitiy and Ive effectively been demoted. I also now only work a 4 day week. They have taken on the person who was was my temporary cover and they are now my boss and are doing part of my old job role along with some other parts of a new job role. Are they allowed to do this? I have tried to find info on direct.gov websites and it states similar terms and conditions but doesnt really go on to explain much more. My pay is the same and so is my job title, however my job roles have been watered down (alot) Any help will be much appreciated
  4. Thanks Steve, I take it with you saying hold firm then she is not responsible?
  5. Hi My sister lets out her property and has a letting agreement in place. She moved out of the property and informed her suppliers of her final readings. The new tenants moved in decided after a months use that her providers where too expensive so decided to move to another supplier. Now there is a bill which the tenants are refusing to pay (even though they used the gas / electric) however the supplier is stating that my sister is still responsible as the tenants never rang to to start up a new contract. Is this correct even though she told them her last meter reading. The house is in her name. Eon have threatened my sister with 7 days to pay otherwise she will get taken to court and a CCJ registered against her name. She has already forwarded a copy of the tenancy agreement but they are saying tough he never changed the name.... Thanks for the advice x
  6. Hi Harvi Welcome to CAG, hopefully someone on here will be able to help you soon. I would speak to LTSB and explain your situation to see if they can assist further because if the cheque you wrote wasnt for your entire balance then the money must have been withdrawn fraudulently from what you appear to be saying and Im pretty sure that they should be helping you further Good luck
  7. Im asking on behalf of my friend. She has had a number of days off with a bad back which has ended up with her going to A&E and Sports Physio etc. She doesnt qualify for sick pay. The question which she needs answering is, is she allowed to prebook annual leave and how much notice should she give. As she wanted to book her annual leave to cover her sick days as she still has a bad back, but this has been turned down last week, for her sickness this week. Thanks
  8. Hi Does anyone know whether when requesting to listen to a call between a bank and myself, that I can actually listen to the call and not the transcript?
  9. I have been overdrawn with the bank for some time, (and A&L had agreed to leave my account as it was, no added OD charges would be added etc) and the amount that I was overdrawn was being reclaimed in bank charges. However in light of the recent OFT ruling I am now paying this back. However the bank have only just started to record these on my file as late payments. When I rang to start making payments, I explained to the women on the phone that I was on maternity leave, however I could probably find the money by the end of the February if this was acceptable, she stated that it would be ok for me to make 5 consecutive payments of £100, followed by £34.36, so I made my first payment over the phone there and then and have set up a SO. I have not missed any of these payments and in their confirmation letter it only states in there that if I fail to make these payments, ‘this will reflect poorly on my credit worthiness’. I rang today and I was basically told by a young man that it’s because I don’t know how to manage my account properly and shouldn’t be overdrawn in the first place and he couldn’t explain why these payments markers had only just started, when this account has been like this for well over a year, whilst we waited for the OFT outcome. However he did ask me if I would like him to back date these!! Im just really confused as to a. why would a member of staff say that its ok to pay £100 a month and no mention of late payments on my file but also the letter has no indication of this either, just IF i miss these payments (which I havent) Does anyone know what my rights are, whether they should remove these? He also kept blabbing on about T&C's which I dont have as this account is over 10 years old and stopped using it approx 2 years ago. Thanks
  10. Hi Basically it was to cover any eventuality of travelling time (under H&S) as I have to go and visit clients etc. However Im never on call or anything like that but sometimes my travel to and from visits may go outside contracted hours (however not often).
  11. Hi I was wondering is someone could help me please as I've never actually claimed back PPI etc. Today I changed the due date on our car loan, and out of curiosity I asked whether there was PPI on it, to which I was told no but there is a Care Policy in place which was £240. Both myself and my husband cannot remember requesting this and to be honest, it's not something that we would request. As this isnt PPI but a Care Policy is there anything that we can do? Thanks
  12. Thanks, I might ring them again then to see if they can do it outside work hours, however he was pretty adament before (ACAS Man) that they could do this as long as it was deem reasonable for why they were monitoring, and ACAS said that it could be reasonable under H&S. But yes phone goes on and off now just before I start work and at the end of the working day, just disappointed as Ive lost a perk of the job and will now have to buy a phone to use outside of work hours
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