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  1. Hi Scourge of Ryanair, Thanks for your support. As I said, the case is in limbo at the moment until court services get back to "normal". I am happy enough with this. I never really got a satisfactory reply back about the ESCP but because I can enforce any judgement in ROI I am happy to continue with my current action. I am all prepared for any hearing and feel I have a good case. I am looking forward to completely sidestepping Ryanairs defence of bad weather etc. and focussing on their failure to provide the transport, as propmised, to the new departure airport
  2. Oh yes the court reissued papers to Ryanair DAC. Just had to wait for any reply which of course did not happen as Oracle Solicitors, who claim not to represent Ryanair DAC, but obviously do as they lodged a Dispute “on behalf” of them way back at the start which the court has still accepted?
  3. Hi I suppose it would be time for an update. To cut a long story short the case is in COVID hell!! Lol What happened was that the court “forgot” about the original Notice of Dispute before issuing my decree. Obviously when Ryanair received the decree they fired it off to Oracle Solicitors who then cried to the court about their Notice of Dispute and so the court then set aside the decree and the case has been transferred to my local court for a hearing. Since then I have been asking the court if I can “transfer” my case to European Small Claims Proceedure (E
  4. Well surprise surprise! about a week after my default decree was issued, Ryanair have lodged a notice of dispute and my decree has been set aside? i have asked the court if this is fair and allowed and I still have not received a copy of the dispute itself? I am assuming that the small claims court is very lenient about missing deadlines and would be very interested in the dates involved on the paperwork?
  5. Update time.... Return date was 9th of June, waited 10 days and applied for default decree which was duly issued on 19th June. Fully expect Ryanair to either ignore it or appeal tbh so will have to go down the enforcement route which I expect to cost around £300!!! Will give them until end of July.
  6. I get your point about having to travel to Ireland to "sue" and fully expect them to use this excuse, but I believe that as an EU citizen still that I am entitled to use my local court jurisdiction.
  7. Thanks FTMDave, I would like to see what you did. Well another update. After supplying receipts to this solicitor, surprise surprise, their clients Ryanair UK who claim not to have liability but submitted a 40 page defence have come back with same answer. Basically because I accepted a refund this absolves them of any blame. Their literature seems to suggest that I got a refund during the delay but I did not apply for it UNTIL I got back home. Actually, looking back through their material, it is all weather related with facts, figures etc and goes a long way explaini
  8. Ok, wee update. Although the solicitors claim their clients are not liable and have asked for receipts, they have filed an Notice of Dispute to keep with the court proceedure in the event of it going further. The response they have given is some 40 pages! They have gone to great lengths to emphasise that the flight delay was due to extraordinary circumstances (weather) and have supplied extensive flight data and weather reports. Quite daunting actually and I am surprised they have gone to such bother to be honest. They are quoting Montreal Convention and quoted s
  9. I have contacted the court and they tell me they are happy to change defendant name and re-serve papers to new address in Dublin but this would obviously reset the return date at 6 weeks. I will think this over. In the meantime I have opened up correspondence with this firm of solicitors as, from their language, I am "slightly" hopeful that they may settle.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Andyorch, yours links suggest, the way I read it, that I should use Euro Small Claims Proceedure ESCP? Can this run parallel with UK online Small Claim? Manxman, I too think there is a positive chink of light here. If they are so confident that my claim would fail, why give me advice or way forward? Why not just either dispute the claim by the return date or just ignore it altogether, the usual Ryanair method. Why even ask for receipts? I have opened up correspondence with them just for interest but have made clear that my return date
  11. Update. I lodged a small claim online on 1st March. Ryanair were given a return date of 13th April. I have today received a letter from a firm of solicitors claiming to act for Ryanair UK Ltd. This is who I named in my court papers with an address at Stansted Airport. This firm states that I am claiming against the wrong company. They say it should be Ryanair DAC which is an Irish company. The solicitors claim that Ryanair UK is a "separate, dormant company which does not operate an airline and does not have any liability to pay expenses in relation to y
  12. Thanks for the replies. Just to clarify I was asking about what I should claim for in the small claim. I have written off the insurance angle even though I don't agree. i've asked them twice to reconsider but they are final in their response. The policy was cheap and I suppose you get what you pay for in that regard! Lesson learned. Regarding Ryanairs address, from previous research I think that I can use their office at Stansted as their registered address. That is where I sent the LBA.
  13. OK, 2 week deadline for LBA has been and gone so time to submit small claim. Just one last request for advice for filing. All down the line I have been asking for compensation under EU261/04 for delay over 3 hours (€400 per person) AND also for expenditure to book new flights home, hotel stay and refreshments during delay. Is this reasonable or should I stick to the expenditure part?
  14. My insurers rejected my claim as they came to the conclusion that it was Ryanairs fault that I was not transported to the new airport, which of course it was ! According to their definitions the bus would've had to break down or be delayed somehow. Simply not turning up is not covered!
  15. Exactly, and this is the whole crux of my complaint. They failed spectacularly in all aspects and why I feel I have a good case. My own travel insurance has refused a claim as they feel Ryanair are wholly liable in the circumstances. I will be sending a LBA shortly and keep you up to date as my case progresses. Thanks for all the input so far. Just one last question. I only have anecdotal evidence of the number of passengers (10ish) that actually made the eventual flight. Is there anywhere that I can verify this?
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