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  1. if anyone picks this up. The appointed Telephone called at 3.25pm on the due date. Connected both parties together, then spent another hour trying to connect with the Court/Judge to no avail. Waiting for another date to be set from the county court. Thanks stephenXL
  2. Quick question? This is very late stage I'll agree. However, is there any way we can adjourn until a later date? Telephone hearing scheduled for Wednesday 25th: 3.30pm (case reallocated to another court too) Since last time, along with having had to isolate, illnesses, possibly covid linked. For both myself and ex. Things are behind with skeleton arguments. Nothing has been forthcoming either, from SWS. Except: Two letters sent to both of us at the original claim address, from SWS Dated 4th November 2020, demanding payment of a sum whic
  3. I will do my best to get something of an outline SA cobbled together (with Theresa's permission). I'll post it on here as a PDF. Perhaps have some feedback? Thanks stephenXL
  4. I hear what you say. What does Theresa need to do, and pull together as a basis for the skeleton arguement? Proof of mental health assessment from her GP? Reference that part of the alleged debt is now statute barred? Lack of requested information from SW&S? scmreferrals@justice. sent her an email 11th March 2020 offering mediation "A telephone mediation session of up to one hour is available to you on 01/04/2020 between 11.45 and 17.30." THEN: Another email from scmferrals was then sent within 2minutes withdrawing this offer of mediation.
  5. So by now then would we be expected to be in possession of all matters listed in the CPR31.14 request?
  6. 30 mins ago got a phone call from the Court postponing the hearing for today due to listing error. Declined the offer to re-list for tomorrow 2.30pm due to other commitments. Court will re-allocate for a date in the near future. Thanks stephenXL
  7. Here they are. Not sure wether you will need to rotate them. The re-allocation was written over an original copy, court did not even change the date (top of doc) ammended n24.pdf
  8. So, what can she do? It seems that correct procedures have not been followed. Thanks stephenXL
  9. NO. No witness statements have been exchanged-- period. AOC, Defence, Allocation and other legal documents but no Witness statements. N24 also orders that 1. The claimant is ordered to arrange the remote hearing 3. The telephone hearing must be arranged through BT-Connect or other court- approved provider. Going on to say: This is a telephone hearing and it is responsibility of the legal representative for the Claimant to arrange this, with a telecommunications provider from the approved panel of service providers. It then lists 4 such providers.
  10. After originally setting a hearing date of 12/Aug/2020, which was set within a timeframe where Theresa had expressed on her N120 her unavailability to attend, the case was then re-scheduled for tomorrow. The court sent that out months ago. Received nothing else since then. It was SW that contacted us both on Friday to say they were going ahead with the matter. Not sure why Court doesn't confirm matters. Thanks stephenXL
  11. No exchange of witness statements whatsoever from/to any of the parties involved. Earlier posts #55,56,59 61,62, 65,76,80 could be constued as an attempt by SW at mediation I supose, however it was stated by them during these exchanges that no account would be taken regarding Statute Barred sums. Are we to assume that this is now a hearing rather than a mediation process? Thanks stephenXL
  12. Hiyya, Here's the latest update. Southern Water have issued a Notice of Discontinuance against me. (On the basis that they accept that I have not resided at the account address as laid down in my original defence). They phoned me on Friday to explain that they hadn't received confirmation from of this from me. Having had it explained, I accepted the fact. However, they are continuing to pursue the case against my ex-partner Theresa. Case being heard via telephone tomorrow (Monday) 12.30pm pointed out that this would likely impact he
  13. Why is this account back on the desks at UK Search? Who are UK Search for that matter? DCA? Post#50,52,53 show that SW&S Dumped Shulmans and chose to conduct matters themselves. They seem to be freely sharing information using tactics in an attempt to gain an out of court settlement. Is it possible that sharing this info with a DCA still, at this stage, using personal contact information, a data breach? No-one has given authority to share court case info. Thoughts please stephenXL
  14. Update: My ex received a text yesterday asking her to " Please contact UK Search on 01246488927 regarding Southern Water (quoting a ref) Called them back at 17:25 Spoke to someone named Sue, who asked if she was going to pay by credit card the outstanding amount of £4k+ today? Answered no. Why did you call this number then? Answered: Because of a text message that was sent. (Sue) I will redirect you to our litigation department. Then redirected to someone from litigation called Linda who proceeded to ask "have you submitted your defence and
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