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  1. im just gonnas ask them to take it to court coz there is no way I was instructing anything! Infact if anything was causing an obstruction it was the wheelie bins left on the pavement!
  2. STIL CANT DO IT! Can you tell me what L42 means? I think I will fill in the take me to court info! Going to take some pictures later of where my car was parked!
  3. I got out of work on Friday to find the local plod had kindly dumped a plastic bag with a lovley little note asking me for £30.00! The reason they gave is - unnecessary obstruction! I have parked in the same place for over three years every day! No doubles on a hill next to a foot path, not obstructing anything as far as I could see unless the invisible man had parked his invisible car behind or in front of me! Do you think I should take this to court??? I am really miffed!
  4. Thanks all, The vehicle had a brand new MOT before it was sold, also I told them all of the faults that needed to be sorted out. Did not hide anything and was as honest as I could be, I am not a mechanic or expert in any way and spent quite a substanial sum getting the vehicle inspected to ensure it was safe.
  5. Recently sold a vehicle, told buyer all the issues the vehicle had and provided them with a sold as seen receipt. They are now saying didnt tell them. I dod and so did my partner!!! Do you think I should take it back from them?
  6. Hey you guys!!! THANKYOU ALL! Nexts case against me has been dismissed! I was uable to atend court due to a bereavement in the family so sent a letter to the judge explainig this and my arguements, got a letter in the post that the claim be dismissed! I am assuming that this is good news!! Could not have done it all without your help! How do I make a donation? also, how do I get them to remove the default they have placed on my credit file please?? :D:D!!
  7. A close family memeber has recently passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly. He had taken out HP on a car but not any payment insurances. She is not named on the agreement. Does the debt die with him o is she still liable for the repayments as she cant afford as she does not work and is in a state at present. an she just give the car back?
  8. Can I send this to add to my bundle to court or do I have to wait until the day please?
  9. I am do Greatful for you help! Will defo make a donation next payday!!
  10. My lord looks like they have made a right pigs ear of things!! HA HA!! Let hope I am still laughing mid june! Thanks Guys!! If I put this all into a written statement could I PM it to one of you to have a quick look at before I go to court please?
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