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  1. Got Court Date Today 2/4/09 At Local Court. Any Advice Helpful,can They Make Me Go Bankrupt? Also Off My Income And Expenditure Sheet The Car Hp Payments Are Missing And A Loan Are Not Showing Hence I Think Judgement Was Set High Because Of This.help Please.
  2. yes Eurodebt is a debt manament company. Had letter saying that objection has been filled on my behalf by (euro) and moved to a local court?
  3. Yes i admitted the debt. did not put in defence as Eurodebt dealt with it! Not looking forward to this as dealt with all creditors till stress and worry made me ill.
  4. Help please just got CCJ and payment i could afford on £3k debt was £11.44 a month due to only earning £200per week and judgement was set at £225.28 per month!Any advice greatfully recieved!
  5. Will do thanks if i don`t get chance before HAVE A MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR
  6. Just wondering what happens if you still want to claim money back,halifax still owes me about £380?any advice
  7. Hi all just confused as recieved today a letter from Robinson way admitting they do not have the agreement!what does that mean also what should be the best plan of attack(ooops i mean next move).this on ldebt around £3k.
  8. Sorry for no news as have let things slip due to loss of job but now back at work new job and going to get cracking again.Keep all informed:)
  9. Hi got back letter stating the OFT v BANKS test case,any advice on what to do proceed as normal or wait and see next move?slightly confused at moment.
  10. Hiya all just to say first letter with full list of charges sent last week.Confused know due to the OFT making taking on the banks in court(something we have been doing for ages)back of my mind do i smell a setup so in the end we all lose out?who knows.regards to you all sorry about delay hols:)
  11. Had a letter of Robinsonway regarding HFC threatening court action wow sent them letter explaining due to work only taking home £200 a week and with the threat of job losses bring it on,Explained that EuroDebt are dealing with my creditors asthey have been for 3years plus.I have had no response from them on my CCA request,taken copies of registered letter off royal mail website so i know it was delivered.So if they take me to court after 31July great no CCA LOOK FORWARD TO TELLING THE JUDGE!
  12. 2nd claim cannot believe it ignoring my letters(told them behind with claim due to been away on hols said sorry for not sending postcard)still no response,phonecall friday.
  13. Yeah learnt from winning Halifax might still need help later along way!
  14. Thanks still at waiting for statements stage but all ready court bundle and T&C.Just waiting on them to send statements.
  15. Hi To All I Have Sent A Sar Request For A Good Friend Of Mine To Hsbc And Wonder If They Are More Difficult Than The Halifax Who I Won My Charges Off,also Do They Seem To Follow The Same Tatics?any Help Gratefully Received.
  16. Any help or advice welcome half of my cca have not even bothered to write back!will kepp all inform.
  17. Now heres everyone`s favourite Robinson way &co
  18. Thanks dave here goes 1st one!
  19. HI also confused asked EuroDebt about redcastle saying debt £5.00 and being passed back to open and direct women told me waste of time sending CCA request as they don`t have paperwork only Debt collectors!thought if they have to collect debt should`nt they have all paperwork regarding the debt?:?
  20. Help problems getting scanned letters onto this thread???:-?
  21. Loads of post today!!Here goes one from Studio send ing a blank CCAstating they have discuss this matter with trading standards andthis matches information i requested.Red castle has stated in letter that accountnow back with open and direct(total debt showing £5).Cabot saying trying to get copy of barclaycard sent £1 po back. Robinson way claiming client has sent me cca and statement(not recieved sent po back)stating account overdue looking forward to full payment by return post! will try and scan letters later. ANY ADVICE WELCOME!!
  22. Hi just to back up whats already been said your claim your speed and don`t listen to what Halifax say and you will win i did:D
  23. Thanks for the information just thought worth atry. Clock ticking and only two replies,one CCA and another DCA refering back to original lender(returned P.O.)
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