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  1. Hey all, Received from solicitors, how to proceed? Getting worried as I have this conciliatory phone call hanging over me now. Barclaycard_HowardCohen_Redacted.pdf
  2. As per the order. my email is ###### and my direct line is ######. Just that?
  3. Sending: As per the order. However, the claimant has still not furnished me with enough information to have any meaningful conciliatory meeting and am therefore somewhat prejudiced by this. Notwithstanding however, my email is ###### and my direct line is ######. Kind regards.
  4. Yes I saw that, but what's the approach with this? I'm not sure how to respond and what would happen during the appointment, what do I say or not say for example. Just to also add, I would have thought there would be no conciliation meeting as they have still not furnished me with enough information to make a decision or enter meaningful negotiations . Right?
  5. Just received from Bournemouth County Court N158.pdf
  6. Received via email today: Your appointment details Claim number: #######; Parties: LOWELL PORTFOLIO I LTD v a name Appointment date: 23/04/2021; Appointment time slot: 13:30 and 16:30; Your confidential telephone mediation appointment has been booked for the above date and time slot. If you need to cancel your appointment please let us know, this lets us offer your time slot to someone else. You will be called within this time slot and your appointment will last for a maximum of one hour. Reply by email to [email protected] confirming:
  7. Local court rang today to ask if I was available for a 30 minute telephone hearing, I said as per my court doc that I was unavailable until the 6th July. So I guess this is going to a hearing then.
  8. Well whaddya know. This letter isn't exactly informing me of a change of solicitors either. So Lowells should have filled a notice to cease and then the new boys under N434. Interesting. Does this then invalidate their claim?
  9. Does this work, had to do some serious compression. 118118merged.pdf
  10. Reply back: Thank you for your email. Please note that this claim has been transferred to a local court to proceed and a notice of transfer has been sent by post. Once the case has been reviewed the court will notify you in writing of any further action that is required. If you require any further information about mediation please contact us at the below details, if you require any information about any other aspect of the case please contact the local court. You can use the below link to find the contact details https://courttribunalfinder.s
  11. Got it. Cheers. Just sent: Thank you for your email. The claimant has to date failed to provide any documentation to enable me to make an informed decision. I look forward to your response. Kind Regards.
  12. I'm assuming I respond then saying I don't have the documentation I've requested via CPR and CCA?
  13. Small Claims Telephone Mediation Service Tel: 0300 123 45 93 - Email: [email protected] Claim Number: Parties: Hoist Finance Uk Holdings 3 Li v PLEASE REPLY BY EMAIL CONFIRMING YOUR FULL NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS TO BE USED FOR THE MEDIATION CALL. Appointment Time & Date A confidential telephone mediation appointment has been booked for 22/03/2021, You will be called between 10:00 and 12:00. The appointment will last for a maximum of one hour. When the initial call is made that's when your one hour sl
  14. As I said, it's the 1st draft so will of course 'fluff' it out before i send it. Thanks for the feedback on 8 and missing CCA request.
  15. Lining up my ducks and preparing my WS in advance. 1st draft below. Feedback appreciated. In the County Court at ************ Claim Number:***************** BETWEEN: Claimant: ********************** -and- Defendant: *********************** WITNESS STATEMENT OF ****************** I, *********, being the Defendant in this case, make this Witness Statement in support of my defence which is due to be heard on DATE at ************ County Court. I contest that the Claimant's claim is vague and unspecific. On DATE I made a written request to the Claimant
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