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  1. eoghan

    Cabot - HSBC CC

    I'm hoping I don't have to pay them anything...
  2. PDF updated with Ts&Cs. RestonsCCAResponseReducedvs3.pdf
  3. I've uploaded the CCA but not the Ts&Cs. I've not uploaded the statements as I was instructed not to on a previous post on this thread when they sent the claim pack through - it's the same info. Same with the Sums in arrears statements, Notice of Default. The Notice of Assignment I missed and uploading now again as a multi page pdf RestonsCCAResponseReduced.pdf
  4. Try again. RestonsCCAResponseReduced.pdf
  5. eoghan

    Cabot - HSBC CC

    Hi all, I followed the instructions from another thread I have going and sent the CCA request back to Cabot and they have responded. At the same time I sent a IRL to HSBC and I have the responses back from both parties that I'll post up here. Complaint Letter to HSBC - their response CCA Response from Cabot + the CCA Hope there's still something to be done. Thanks. Steve. Cabot-HSBC-Letters.pdf
  6. Sorry forgot about the multi page bit. RestonsCCAResponseReduced.pdf
  7. Ok thanks. I'll update with the details. I'll need to dig them out now though.
  8. Is that not what it's called? The case has been stayed so I would have assumed there's some order to that affect if not then my terminology is wrong. So am I asking for the case to be closed after 1 year? If not, then what?
  9. Got a response from Restons. Apologies for the delay in responding sooner.
  10. No it rolled into a river - no child inside - the brake wasn't properly engaged and the insurance company wouldn't pay out. Was the brake faulty - who knows???
  11. Hi Apologies for the delay, I had misplaced the paperwork for this case. Cabot sent a letter dated the 10 April: Dear **** Your request for information under the Consumer Credit Act We have been unable to get the information requested from the original lender. If this information ever becomes available to us we will complete your request, but until we are able to supply this your account is unenforceable. What does this mean? This means we are not permitted to obtain a judgement or decree against you in court, but we can still request that you repay your outstanding balance. We will still try to contact you to help you repay this outstanding balance. If this account in on your credit file it can affect your ability to get credit, obtain a mortgage or a mobile phone contract. Repaying this account could have a positive affect on your credit file as it will show that you are making regular payments. We would like to talk to you about a Personal Payment Plan where you can arrange to repay your account at a rate that you can afford. For more information on what could happen now that we've been unable to reply to your CCA request there is further information available on the National Debtline website on their 'Credit agreements - getting information' factsheet. _____ I'm guessing now they can't do anything until they either find the CCA or after 1 year I apply for the order to be lifted/stayed/removed?? Cheers.
  12. Sounds harsh, but yes. There's a whole back story but I won't bore you with that. There was no deliberate purchase with a view to not paying, just to clarify.
  13. Followed the advice given on another thread and sent the CCA request and I got this back. I'll be making a wee contribution to the coffers on payday. Thanks guys. Cabot-CapitalOne copy.pdf
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