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  1. Hi everyone, just to let you know that bank of ireland have made an offer of over 3/4 of what i originally asked, apparently I did not calculate the interest correctly, the letter came today, tuesday 19th and the court date was 22nd June. I decided to accept the offer of £946.50, which was a lot more that the original £250 they offered. So for what it is worth, my advice is go for it and stand firm and don't feel intimidated because it is a bank, they know they are in the wrong!:grin:
  2. I will keep you all posted about what happens, 22 June is D Day!
  3. Hi everyone, I got a letter from the small claims court today with a date for the hearing, 22 june and a copy of the bank's defence, all very scary stuff, all to do with breach of contract. Can anyone tell me what this stuff means? 1. The Respondent's correct title for the purposes of this Claim is The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland. 2. The banking relationship between the Applicant and the Respondent is .governed.byjerms. and. conditions which permit the application of usual bank charges to include charges when the Applicant is in breach of those terms and conditions. The Respondent maintains that the charges were correctly applied in accordance with those terms and conditions. 3. The Respondent denies that the charges applied to the Applicant's account were applied pursuant to an unfair term of a contract. 4. The Respondent denies that the terms and conditions or any one or more of them governing the relationship between the parties are unenforceable or unlawful by virtue of Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999, any Statute, Regulation, by virtue of Common Law or otherwise. signedMiu-x
  4. thanks i needed that. I will hold fast and a have a swift G & T I really appreciate your help and advice, I will keep you posted:)
  5. Court bundle, what court bundle!! Now I am really panicking!!, I thought the whole point of this was the actual amount of the charges not the fact that the charges were applied in the first place. I have a statement prepared though as to why i think the charges are unfair though if that helps
  6. Hello everyone, I made a claim on line against the bank of ireland in the small claims court on March 27 2007. I had no response, but I looked at the site this morning and saw that a new entry has appeared, a Notice of dispute, can anyone tell me what that is and what I should do now? thanks
  7. hi there, i am also in the process of reclaiming bank charges from Bank of Ireland, I reclaimed £909.50, they have already offered £250.00. I downloaded the template letters from the ITV website, if you want I can send you the link to the site
  8. Hi everyone, I had bank charges totally £909.50 and with the help and support of the forum, I contacted the Bank of Ireland to reclaim the charges. To my amazement they had already offered me a partial refund of £250.00! I was wondering it it worth the while persuing the case to court to claim the full amount, I am amazed that I have even got this far!
  9. Hi there, this is only the second time I have posted a message on the site. I am trying to contact people who are trying or who have successfully managed to get bank charges refunded from Bank of Ireland in belfast. To date all i have done is to write to the bank for a total of the charges, that was only a few days ago. Has anyone managed to get refunds from banks in N.ireland?
  10. Hi everyone, this is my first posting and to date all i have done is write to the bank of Ireland in belfast for a total of my charges in the last 6 years, I have since switched to the Alliance& leicester. Has anyone ever managed to reclaim charges from bank of ireland? because of this bank I found myself getting deeper and deeper into debt, a common scenario was to check your balance on the internet in the morning, see you were over your limit, go straight down to the branch, lodge money to cover it but they still managed to charge you £15 anyway for being overdrawn for about 2 hours!! any time i queried it i was told it was responsibilty to manage my account more carefully If anyone has any experience of the bank of Ireland, please let me know, thanks!!
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