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  1. Thanks loads. Hi Ho Hi Ho its of to court we go!
  2. It appears I haven't! I rang up just to be cheeky really and Barclays have sent a reply to my old address. They've offered me just under 3k only £200 short of my claim. I think I'm going to accept as I settled my loan last year £500 short so I'm not that sad. THANKS TO EVERYONE ON THIS WEBSITE!!! I'll donate when the money gets here!! xxxxx
  3. Should I give them a ring to remind them they havent replied to any of my letters?
  4. My Fiance has just recieved her list of charges today, I'm claiming against Barclays and got six yrs bank statements but she got a list of charges, which we are pretty sure do not represent the true amount. Is this normal with Lloyds or are they generally right?
  5. Have sent my first three letters up to LBA for my claim of £3220. And apart from my initial statement request Barclays haven't replied yet. Prior to my initial request Barclays had offered me a loan which I decided I didn't need at the time. A month later I decided to be a little cheeky and go for the 3k loan for Glasto tickets and a campervan (as they owe me that anyway and I'd be able to settle early). I know my personal banker quite well and she said no worries and applied. I was accepted in principle and then the next day rejected. She also spotted a flagged note on my account saying I had requested my charges but had not included a figure??!!?? I got home and checked my letters and obviously they did have the amount on them... So in short (I like to ramble)... Barclays refused loan because of reclaim Barclays have not replied to LBA Barclays have placed VERY strange note on account I'm really concerned that I haven't had a reply to either of my letters is this normal?
  6. Yeah I'm trawiling through the posts now, I just needed to clarify the interest bits thanks though. I think I, like many people, are so used to having a bank account and accepting these charges and interest charged that when they're stuck in front of you its a shock. I'm really embarrased to think I've let them treat me like this.
  7. Sorry about this, but I just want to check this statement thing. I have charges for..... Unpaids out Paid Referral Unauthorised Overdraft Fee Do I claim back all of those? Then I have Interest Charged.Do I claim this back because in good months they give me a penny or two? The next thing is about the schedule of claim for charges....Do I claim with the 8% interest? Sorry to sound stupid, just getting a little confused. A x
  8. Its nearly two weeks since I ordered my statements and my friend ordered his at the same time. Two days after he rang me to say his were here. I just rang Barclays on a different matter, so I asked where my statements were and the lady said due to high demand Barclays were struggling with this service and couldn guarentee statements within two weeks. I backed my first phone call up with a letter and still havent got them! Frustrated! Is it ususal for statements to take this long?8-) Also I have another issue with Barclays not removing a settled account from Equifax, where's the best place to post to get help about this? A x
  9. Thanks, I'll do that straight away. It's unreal that they've caused this much of a problem for a customer who is happy to pay the correct amount. Thanks A
  10. I sold my house in November and asked for a final bill. The people who bought it had given them the wrong meter reading so I corrected it and was sent a bill for £650. I rang up to query this and was told that the bill was issued for the incorrect reading. An action was raised and I was to get my new bill, which the call centre fellow said would be around £350. I heard nothing until January, when I received a debt collectors letter for $650. I have the money to pay the bill and was quite prepared to pay it until they said it was wrong. I rang up and they said the bill had been actioned and there was a block on the account so not to worry, the new amount would be sent out soon. Two weeks later another debt collection letter. Rang BG again and was told that the difference in meter readings was on around £50, so I said I didnt care, all I was asking for was the correct bill and I would pay it. The lady at BG said I could make an arrangement to pay! I was furious, I said I wanted to pay the full bill I just wanted the correct bill! This morning I received a bill, for the wrong amount again! So I rang them up again and they said the bill was still being raised, but they couldnt even deal with me because it had gone to a debt collection agency. I really want to pay this bill but I refuse to pay more than the bill is for, even if it is £50. Am confused and annoyed now British Gas suck!
  11. Thanks loads, I hope to join your successful crew!!
  12. I'm about to embark upon a claim against Barclays, requested my six years statements today......Bring it on! This site is fantastic, have read loads of your posts and I'm excited. A x
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