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  1. Sent off the court form, admitted the debt, sent recorded delivery, received by them on 12th March 2012. Letter received today (19th March) from CrapQuest. They regret I have not responded to their letter dated 03 Jan 12 and that I will be aware that a claim was issued against me in the Northampton County Court on 22nd Feb 2012. Apparently it's not too late to defer a judgement against me (!?). To avoid judgement I must contact CQ before 16th March 2012 with details of my financial circumstances and a proposal for payment. Here's where it gets interesting! Admittance sent back (within ti
  2. Hi all Received on Friday 24th Jan 2012 a Claim Form from Northampton Court regarding the claimant CapQuest. It is for an Orange debt for £299.99. Court fee and sols fees take it up to £364.99. I DO have a debt, with ORANGE, but I refuse to pay CapQuest. The debt isn't old enough for SB. After having received letters from NDR (Oranges own DCA), then it getting referred to Moorcroft and receiving a letter from them dated 15/07/10 threatening "possible litigation", I start getting letters from CapQuest. They claim to have purchased the debt from Orange (hang on, didn't Mooorcr
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I should have mentioned what this is in relation to. Sorry, forgot! It is a "debt" of £38.40 which is the cancellation fee for her motor insurance with Direct Line. She cancelled it after her car blew its head gasket and was subsequently scrapped. I mean, come on guys, £38.40????!!!! I don't mind paying it, but NOT to these chimps!
  4. Hello all. My wife is being harassed by Moorcroft with constant phone calls. Telephone Harassment letter on it's way tomorrow. But what I am after now, just to p them off, is the template letter requesting the Notice of Assignment. If they want to chase, let them prove they can!! Does anyone have the link for the NoA letter? I have searched but can't find it Thanks
  5. Just out of interest, could someone tell me what if a creditor supplies a copy of the CCA AFTER the deadline set out in the request letter, is it still enforceable? Thanks again
  6. Hey guys! Could somebody do me the honour of supplying a link to the Statute Barred letter template, I can't find it! I have looked through here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/20758-creditors-dcas-letter-templates.html but to no avail. Thanks. Oh btw it IS for AK, thought they had left me for good, but no, like an annoying hemorrhoid they are BACK!!
  7. Oh, I forgot to mention, AK received the CCA request on 14th Oct (signed for). The deadline for the request expired on the 3rd Nov. I gave them an extra week for postal strikes. Am I correct in sending them this: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/571-failiure-to-provide-a-copy-of-the-agreement-within-the-prescribed-timescale
  8. **** UPDATE **** Had a letter from AK today, almost a carbon copy of the one above, with the addition of an extra paragraph, which is: "Please now find attached the agreement pertaining to the account. We shall forward further information upon receipt." Ok this is the attached. It's a Barclaycard Application form. It's a photocopy. On the edge of the "photocopy" is written, by hand, CCA 31BC***** (the AK account number) and in a red circle, stamped, it says COPY. I know this is just an app form, but in the box where I signed my scrawl, it states, "This is a Credit
  9. Found LOADS of forums regarding CQ on other sites, just by a simple Google search. These guys are fraudsters, bullies and cheats. They continually phone using devious methods to obtain info. The "whocallsme" website is full of their numbers. Apparently the police are involved with them too. I say this as a warning to anyone who receives contact from this shower. DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM ON THE PHONE. GIVE NO INFO TO THEM. ALWAYS COMMUNICATE IN WRITING. ALWAYS ASK FOR A CCA, USING LETTER TEMPLATES HERE. CHANCES ARE IF THEY ARE CHASING YOU, ITS AN OLD STATUTE BARRED DEBT. LET THEM
  10. Thanks cerberusalert. That makes me sick! Devious companies using illegal methods. I think the book should now be thrown at them. Letter M, any harassment letters recommended? And copies of all letters to the OFT and Hampshire TS. Boy am I p'ed!! You have all been invaluable in your assistance and help. Thank you all so much.
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