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  1. Some advice please. I'm claiming just under £2000 includind 8% interest. Just been offered £750 as a full and final payment. My claim's in the hands of the Ombudsman as it exceeds the small claims amount for Scotland. Thinking of rejecting their offer. Wot do you guys think?
  2. Sent Prelim letter on 24 April - no response, surprise surprise!!! Sent LBA today. Still intend to pursue through Ombudsman since I'm in Scotland and amount exceed small claims limit. Fozi
  3. Send off my Prelim letter. Intending to pursue through the Financial Ombudsman if/when they reject my claim. Seems the least complicated route if claiming from Scotland where requests are over the small claim courts max of £750 and the Court of Session £1500. Now I wait...
  4. OK. I've now tallied up my costs and intend claiming for interest at the staturory 8% in accordance to what the courts would ultimately apply. Things is, I live in Scotland and it's above the £750 small claims court amount. Should my prelim letter be denied (as it most definately will) what do I do next? I read somewhere that I need to go to the Financial Ombudsman to pursue on my behalf. Is this correct?
  5. Thanks Barty So keen am I to reclaim what's mine I want to leap-frog one of the steps. Fozi
  6. I have finally got my statements back from the bank. One within the 40 day period and one outwith. Nonetheless I've now tallied up what they owe me. Am I correct that the next step is to submit my LBA, offering a 14 day response? Thanks Fozi
  7. Thanks folks for getting back to me. Apologies if such trivial questions irritate but I'm still a little unsure what I can and cannot include. I understand that I can request reimbursement of penalty charges and associated interest but how do I identify those which are standard account charges and therefore ineligible? My list is categorise between "FEE'" and "CHG". Typically listed against FEE is ACCOUNT CHARGE of around £8-£10 at a time. Thanks again.
  8. Would appreciate some feedback chaps, planning to work through my numbers tonight. Couldn't find the answer in the FAQ's. Thanks in advance
  9. I've now received my response from Lloyds TSB. Several sheets of A4 detailing my charges. Before I tally it all up I'm looking for some advice. My charges include Overdraft Interest charges, Account Charges, Overdraft Useage fees, Overdraft Excess fees, Unpaid S/O & Unpaid DD Do I put in every charge or only those above £12? Thanks Frank
  10. Sent away my DPA letter on Friday 23 February. Let the games commence.
  11. Thanks Katie. I'll get right onto it.
  12. There's quite a lot on here about them. Typically they seem to take it all the way until just before a court date and then settle in full.
  13. sorry for bumping this up myself but would appreciate some advice from expereinced campaigners.
  14. Hi. Just joined yesterday. I'm keen to recover my fees and having read through this site, I'm feeling really inspired!!! A couple of question please. I checked the FAQ's but couldn't find the answers. 1. The bank I am chasing is Lloyds TSB. Having been with them since 1987, I moved to the Clydesdale bank last around a year ago. Can I still lodge a claim given that I am no longer with the TSB? If so, given that I line in Scotland am I correct in saying that I am limited to the past five years? Thanks for any assistance offered. Fozi
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