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  1. Does that mean that stating i may get a penaty incorrect?
  2. I have recently been given a penalty charge for over staying on the ticket i bought by about 5 minutes. I heard somewhere that if the council don't display what the penalty is then it is unenforceable. There are no signs up saying that there will be a penalty charge of such and such amount. What it states on the ticket machine is a charge MAY be issued, not that it will or won't or how much.
  3. What happened is when I left someone forgot to send off forms to head office or something and they paid me 4 weeks money instead of two. Then 1 month later they asked for it back.
  4. DHL overpaid me when I left. Now there saying they're gonna take me to court via icon. Any ideas. Even better, any know what to do?
  5. Today I have received a letter from a court asking for a payment of £ 152.25 by 02nd March 2007. This has been sent to me after I sent off asking a DCA a proposal to pay back a debt. I have also asked for my CCA and this is what they have sent me. This is on behalf of Arg Card Services Ltd. Someone said something about a N213 form or something. Anyone know anything about this?
  6. Does anyone know if I can send a CCA request to HSBC and Black Horse for the loans and finance I had from them? Or can I only send a CCA off to a DCA?
  7. Cheers for the help. Really appreciated. I'll do what you say and let you know the outcome. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!:):):)
  8. Should I contact the original people who supplied the loan, credit card for a CCA? or can I only do it with the DCA's? This is quite complicated, but with the help of you good people out there I think I can get the hang of it. Thanks for the help so for everyone. Hope to hear from you soon.
  9. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone out there can help me and take me through step by step. I've got debts with 8 DCAs and banks on loans, finance, overdrafts etc. I owe a total of 13942.33. I've write off to them all to reduce my payments as I previously was using Gregory Pennington to deal with them. Got rid of them. Gonna do it myself. I know I've got tons of bank charges and late payment charges. What can I do? How can I do it? Would it affect me if I asked for my charges back, could they choose not to accept reduced payments? Also, what's this CCA thing? Could I go down that road at all?
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