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  1. La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Im In The Money Im In The Money Well As Part Of The Paper Exercise Anyway, Recieved Letter From Dg With Full Offer ( But Don't Tell Anyone) Shhh Will Let You Know When It Actually Materialises, No Time Span Depicted On Letter Will Give It A Week And Then Get On The Dog And Bone La La La La La La La La La La
  2. Called debbie d'aubney yesterday, a little cold and appeared strressed, not very helpfull. She claims she just signs all the forms and put me through to someone else- who wasn't actually at their desk so i left a message still waiting to hear.
  3. well done! I have just gone past this point 5 days before 28 days up, filled in AQ (Which as mentioned you should recieve soon) and the same morning an offer from colin langdale at HSBc offering me some of my money back. Returned a letter to him saying would love that money back but continuing with court action and also a letter to DG to spur them on , telling them my intentions for court. Netty and lateralus very helpfull at this point see their links on my thread. Try not to get too ate up, i was untill the offer came and then realised it's very very likely i will get my money back. If you look on forum for hsbc similar stories in fact day this happened to me i had correspondance from a few others that were in exactly the same position. Hang in their. Good luck
  4. Thanks guys, will call debbie at DG and see what is happening at some point next week, thought i would wait and make sure she has recieved my letter first. Oh i can't wait for my wonga, it's all spent so hope it's on it's way.
  5. At same point as you andrew but also recieved letter from MCOL on fri transferring to a local court. From trawling the threads i decided to write back to langdon saying yes pls but no thanks in that i will accept the money but not full and final settlement and am proceeding with court claim and will only stop claim when cheque in hand also sent off AQ and letter to DG with what i am proposing and requesting the courts to do as set out in the reclaiming thread. Good luck. Tis funny though as you said right hand aint got a clue! with a bit of luck they will both pay out
  6. Have a look i know im hopeless but there are some standard rejection letters on the site to help you. I had hijacked one off another thread but just been in chat room and adress given for standard letters. Sorry logged off there now so cant give you address but they do exist Good luck
  7. Hi mertmorris, well i just had a flash of inspiration god help me and i hope its right but sent AQ off. letter to DG with copy of directions and proposals, and schedule of charges and then one to colin langdale saying that it was too late i had filed at court and although i accepted his offer would proceed in court for remainder of money unless he wanted to settle in full. Felt really brave while doing it- read honeygie's thread but now im packing it again. The money was good but 400 short and it's my money- i owe it all out- for a change. From reading the threads i anticipate a reply this week from either colin or DG i hope
  8. Help!!!! Postman just been and recieved letter from HSBC offering to pay £853.00 no admission to liability etc etc. my initial claim was for £969.50 which then went up to £1260.28 with MCOL charge and interest. I had read on another thread (cant remember where) that i should write and accept the offer but inform them that i intended to continue with my claim for the rest of the ammount. What to do ? Help please
  9. Oh help, just writing a quick note to DG saying was sending them schedule of charges and including my proposals and draft order for directions as set out in other threads. started to read their defence again and not entirly sure what it all means- Defendants terms and conditions entitles them to make a charge for its services blah blah including an overdraft review fee for considering whether to provide and providing an overdraft, The charges applied are reasonable and properly fully disclosed. They represent a contractually agreed price for the services provided and the UTCCRs are not applicable to them: alternatively they are not unfair contrary to the UTCCRs. further the charges are not default charges and accordingly cannot ammount to a penalty. is this just the normal gobbledy gook and should i proceed ???
  10. Thanks lateralus and netty g. been reading away and going to send AQ off today. found statement for section G and draft order for directions. Also going to send to DG so their aware i mean buisiness. Bit scared mind dont want to go to court. Will be in touch to keep you all informed as it has really helped me to read about all your sucess storys WELL DONE!!! Also prob going to need loads more help THANK YOU
  11. managed to get as far as filling in MCOL and bank entering a defence with the help of a friend. Regrettably only logged on to site yesterday but have been overwhelmed with wealth of info and advice ta. Recieved a letter from court yesterday saying defence had been filed and case was moving to a local court. Got an AQ in the post as well. so from what i understand i dont submit it straight away but dont miss the deadline and use wording from other threads which i yet have to find. Not very good on the computer bit of a phobe but managing THANK you for your help will keep you all posted- from what ive read should recieve an offer very shortly enyway and may not have to go to court !!!!
  12. Thank you girls ( i am presuming your girls soz) just recieved my letter from court today to say they have filed a defence. was packing it and nearly sacked it trawlled the site (or so i thought and no-one in same boat) but you have come out the other side. WELL DONE !!!!!!! Just about to fill in my AQ is there anything specific i should be writing on it all appears clear but not sure if i should write something in the other information section ??? please help
  13. Hi just wondered how it was going in a similar position at hte moment and wondered what had happened for you just about to go to court and a little apprehensive
  14. Hi everyone and thanks for your help along the way so far! been looking on site for a while but bit of a techno phobe and been unable to activate registration. Been trying to claim 1260,00 from HSBC. Totally ignored all letters untill i rang them just after christmas when 14 days from 2nd letter up and they wrote and said it was in hand . However this was a week after phone call and already completed MCOL. They acknowledged and today on the 21st day entered a defence :o . I have recieved an allocation questionnaire from courts and havn't got a clue if there is anything specific to put in it. Their defence is that there charges are fair and that i was made aware of these when i opened the account. As this was 12 yrs ago i cant actually remember this. also they state that they are not default charges and therefore cannot account to a penalty ! What does this mean ANYONE !! Bit scared dont know whether i want to send off the form . Definately need and want the money and want to get one over on them but not sure if im brave enough to stand in court and /or afford to pay costs if i lose :? :? :? :? can anyone help or enlighten me. give me a ray of hope make me think i might get my money back. Read all the threads and looks really hopefull but not very many got to this point appear to have paid out a lot earlier.
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