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  1. ok so after sending off letters to several different CC/loan acc. simply stating that if I had PPI cover with them, then they owe me it back because I was self imployed most of the other companies replied with investigating and/or sent me the questionaire to fill in! Well tesco did send me a letter saying they are investigating as above ^ and today I have recieved a letter today offering a full refund....:- Payment protection insurance premiums paid = £754.29 Amount of settlement figure that was due to PPI = £118.13 8% interest =
  2. oh ive got about 10 different claims going on! just recieved an offer from tesco!
  3. CC Acc. ************9728, cover was cancelled on 1st september 09, prior to the card being used. As a balance had not been outstanding prior to this date, no PPC premiums have ever been applied to the account. Thats the end of claiming for this account then!
  4. OK, I have just filled in the pdf version of the FOSQ, saved it and printed it to now be sent off to barclaycard, going to keep a weeks space before sending each different accounts FOSQ back just so they don't send me correspondence back with exactly the same reference numbers on!
  5. so you had already sent the FOSQ off to them to get this reply from them? I just checked and the form they sent me is the FOSQ its exactly the same! I also got 3 envelopes with orange sticker's on lol, I assume these must be for allocation for when they recieve them back! Did you also send seperate letters for different accounts?
  6. could I have a link for the questionaire please.
  7. Make this x3 of exactly the same letter, all with no quote as to what account they are refering too and all have the same reference. P.s have different accounts with barclaycard and also other companies such as monument which are linked with barclycard!
  8. no I didnt ims, I have had so many loans/CC over the years that I really wasnt looking forward to doing all the FOSQ's and also had the problem that I had to send some of them off to multiple addresses as for some companies no one was too sure where they should be sent! even tho I was going to do it, but i was discussing with a friend about the PPI claims and he told me that he also had many loans/CC and he simply wrote a simple letter to them asking for the refund to all the companies for which he was very successful with. so I adopted this strategy in hope that I will have the same success,
  9. reply that I will be sending back:- Dear Sir/ Madam, I do not appreciate you writing back to me asking me for exact reasons for the mis-selling of PPI on my account. I am sure that you are fully aware of all the reasons why you have been mis-selling PPI to your customers. One of the reasons why you have been selling PPI to customers is when they are either self-employed/unemployed, you only have to take a brief look at my account to realise that this applies to me. I would gratefully appreciate it if you did not waste anymore of my time by asking me questions that you could easil
  10. RBS replied.... You have not provided us with specific reason for complaint. Please provide us with the exact reason why you believe we mis-sold PPI.
  11. Barclaycard reply to me.... sorry....thankyou....investigate....reply/update by 22nd june 2012......To assist our investigation, please complete and sign the attached F.O.S.Q and return within 10 days....inclosed leaflet for complaints!
  12. so ur still paying the interest on it then, ur still out of pocket!
  13. They sent you a cheque for what they had already charged you in ppi, but then continued to charge you ppi?
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