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  1. Thank you both and yes of course donation made with thanks
  2. Update I had a letter from Cohens offering a settlement figure & some income / exp figures and some copied documents which I was about to upload and process but a few days later I received A NoTICE OF DISCONTINUANCE and confirmation that my account is now permanently closed and no further action is required on my part. Thank you all for your support
  3. thanks Dx I misunderstood that then I wish they would give me something to start working on and get on with it but i'll be more patient and wait and see what happens.
  4. just an update, I have finally received the completed N180 from Cohens. I had to answer no to some of the questions when I rang to make the mediation appointment as I have not got any more documentation from Cohens at all so they asked me if I just wanted to get on with it or give them a few more weeks. I asked if we could just get on with it.
  5. Hi Patterns, the system tells me you have referred to one of my threads. Just for clarity, later in the thread I say that even though the 28 days has passed it turns out it wasn't stayed as I have since received an N180 from the court. Looks like we are at a similar stage. I haven't had a N180 from the solicitors yet? Have you?
  6. doh 10/1/2020 i've had nothing other than the n180 from the courts, which I'm ready to return over the weekend.
  7. yes the N180 came from the court issued 10/10/2020, so it wasnt stayed even though it was over the 28 days. is that of note in my defence? or just the effect of the xmas holidays?
  8. Now Im home I can see my paperwork as I've been away looking after family, so they had till the 5th of January to do something and i can see it should have been stayed on the 5th of January? The court acknowledgement of my defence says after that date the only action the claimaint can then take will be to apply to a judge for an order lifting the stay. Would I know if it had been stayed or not? I haven't received any notification of any kind to that effect and there is no notification on MCOL. IS that of note in my defence or just because of the holiday
  9. a letter from Cohens to say they have advised the court to proceed with the claim. also a notice of proposed allocation to the Small Claims Track and N180 for me to complete so I just need to agree to mediation by the date on the form
  10. You're right for me not to get too happy clappy. I have just received notification that they have applied to the court to proceed.
  11. Got it thanks Andy. So nothing for me to do. Will I get notification of the stay? if that's the end of it for now does the title of this thread need to be changed? Thanks for all you help
  12. Time's up. Apart from a standard letter nothing has been done and they have not presented any documents. Do I now apply for a stay? Can you point me in the right direction please? Thanks
  13. Happy new year all. A quick update - CCA request: R Way returned the £1 PO I sent to Hoist and said that the account is with Cohens solicitors .... all documents will be requested by them as part of the process. CPR 31.14 request: Cohens wrote separately that they are in the process of retrieving the information and to accept this letter as their "agreement to a general extension of time" etc Nothing else has been received and MCOL hasn''t been updated. Defence was filed 5/12/2019... so the 28 days are nearly up.
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