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  1. Hi, can anyone help. we have just returned from Lanzarote after a weeks holiday. upon returning I wrote a letter of complaint to customer services department stating that i had a number of issues concerning the hotel and staff. I have received a reply, stating final response where they actually do state that the brouchure was misleading in that it states that the pools were heated when in fact they were not, though would not be giving me any financial compensation. what should i do? should I take it further.
  2. Hi, I have started receiving calls form Cabot referring to a previous case see frenchvCabot. I have told them not to call me but have called three times in the last month. the debt is statute barred by way of limitation act 21Sept 2007. I have not received a legible copy of the CCA and it no longer appears on my credit file what should I do.
  3. I have recieved my new credit file report. Cabot appear as search information and not as credit agreements, should/can I be requesting this information to be removed.
  4. the copy is so unclear it does not even fill a A$ page. Link to Credit agreement. I hope it works. Thanks
  5. have been trying to work out how to paste these letters on the forum hope this is correct I opologise if not. Thanks for any help. Hope this works. here it goes.
  6. Can anyone help with how I put the copies of docuements I have received on the forum. Thanks
  7. can anyone help with putting copies on the forum of the docuements I have received.
  8. Hi, its me again still trying to sort this lot out. The letter states " I note that you have stated that the above account is statute barred by way of virtue of the limitation act 1980 an dthat you have mentioned the OFT deby collection guidance which highlights action on statute barred accounts. Please be advised that the OFT dEbt Collection Guidance remains a guidance which is follwed by the industry and should not be confused with actual law. Please be advised that the Limitation Act only applies to th edebt being pursued through court action. Notwithstanding, Cabot shall always have a right to claim the monies owed as the debt legally remains." are they correct? what can I do?
  9. Hi, I have received a final response from cabot please give your opinions what to do next. The copy of CCA is very small and unclear is it worth requesting a better copy. Thanks
  10. Hi, I have been dealing with DCA concerning two debts. at the beginning I got a credit report that stated I had three defaults against the debts that were being chased. today i received my new credit report, this time there are no defaults and no records of original creditor or DCA as previously. I know that one was removed, the other two have been ongoing dispute with Cabot, one i have a formal complaint and the other still under dispute. Can anyone help with this. does this mean they are gone away? will they reappear? help..
  11. here is another copy hopefully bigger this time. the original is tiny not even halt the A4.
  12. Can you confirm that the Limitation Period is from the default date 21 September 2001. What do yo suggest I do?
  13. Link to copy of CCA from M&S. I hope it works first time I have set it up.
  14. HI, got reply today. I have received my requested docuements, a signed credit agreement and SAR. I wrote to inform them that the debt was barred by virtue of the limitation act, they have replied by saying the period of limitation begins from the date the defalut was applied by the orginal creditor. The last letter I have from M&S is 19 April 2001 they say it is the default date of 21 September 2001. I have also complained to the customer assurance department concerning Ruthbridge Limited stating that I am no longer willing to communicate with Ruthbridge and will only communicate with cabot, I will not make any payments until I receive a reply, I believe it may take up to 8 weeks. Can someone please clear up this for me.
  15. Remember the DCA cannot make you bankrupt, they can only advise their client and cannot be for less than £2500.
  16. SAR request Cabot 8 week ago time up 4th July 2007 no information but have cashed £10 cheque for statutory fee, Is the next step compalin Trading Standards, FOS etc??
  17. Have been informed today that the OFT are investigating our dear friends at Ruthbridge Limited!!! I guess that its true what goes around comes around, they gonna get what is comming to them at last.
  18. Contacted Trading standards about Ruthbridge Limmited about week ago today I received call informing me that I need to write to OFT as they are currently investigating them, and need to give as much information as possible about my dealings with them. Possibly revoking trading licence.
  19. Hi, received letter from Halifax today through SAR request to Cabot, stating the information I have requested has been ordered and will be sent to me within 2 weeks. Halifax have decided not to charge for this information and apparantly cancelled the cheques but cabot already cashed the cheque so have to write back and ask them for the fee back. I wonder what th einformation will show? any advice when this information arrives what should i be looking for in particular?
  20. 30 day CCA deadline up 10/06. received call ruthbridge yesterday first in 4 weeks. please help with what i should do next? who should i complian to should i complain to Ruthbridge etc and how.
  21. Received a letter from Ruthbridge stating that they were going to advise there client to commence bankruptcy proceedings 3 weeks ago nothing yet. In one of the phone calls I received before they got the message i was not going to talk to them Miss Jones said she would be sending someone around in 14 days this was 4th June no one turned up. It all seems to have gone quite for know.
  22. received a letter from Cabot today asking me to confirm details, the only one I have actual details for is the Halifax that ECI are collecting, when I telephoned them they informed me that the original debt was for £475 on a previous statement of account ECI have increased it up to £750.72 an extra £275. When I was on the telephone the lady was really nice and helpfull and said she would look into it for me and send me my SAR. she also said she only has one record of me at a previous address. The account is now on hold with ECI whilist they look into my complaint! any extra advice on the next step will help.
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