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Ignore a communication from a Private Parking Company?


If you are considering ignoring a letter from a private parking company demanding money for some alleged parking incident - you should understand that this is not the best course of action.
It might be better to write to the car park owner - the supermarket etc - not the parking company- with a brief letter denying that any money is owed at all. Also ask the car park owner if they have given authority to the car park operator to bring any legal action against you.
Finally tell the car park operator that depending on their answers, you may be willing to consider their demand but you require a breakdown of the figure they are demanding and an explanation as to how the sum claimed represents their administrative costs.
If you reply to the car park operator in this way, they will then understand that you are up for a fight, that you know your rights and that there will be no chance of an easy default victory if they decide to take you to court. The car park owner will also realise that it is their reputation which is associated with their draconian action - not the parking company which is merely acting as a fall-boy.
Send a copy to the parking company.
Write only once and then do not respond to any other demand unless they reply to you in full.
We think that this may be better than merely ignoring them.


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