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Big Motoring World

We are getting lots of reports of people having difficulty with this used-car dealer – Big Motoring World.

In particular, people seem to be complaining of defects very early on in their ownership and even asserting their right to reject under the Consumer Rights Act but apparently being told that they have consented to repairs or the inspections must be carried out first and that appointments are only available as long as maybe two months away.

If you purchase any used car from any dealer which manifests defects in the first 30 days you must write to the dealer and tell them that you are rejecting the vehicle because of the defects which have occurred within the first 30 days and you are asserting your rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 for a refund of all money paid and that they must arrange to collect the vehicle.
Even if you think that you would rather hang onto the vehicle, you should assert your right anyway because at least you reserve your position.

If you have bought your vehicle through finance then you should also send exactly the same letter to the finance company whether it be alone or hire purchase.

This is an essential first step
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