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Found 33 results

  1. Parents who default on child maintenance payments face being turned down for mortgages and credit cards under new government plans. From March 2015, information from parents' payment records in England, Scotland and Wales could be shared with credit reference agencies. Financial organisations would then use this data to decide whether or not they want to offer someone credit. The record of a missed payment won’t appear on a credit record until a liability order is made against them.
  2. Hi All, I wonder if you could please provide me with some help. I have been going through my credit file to make sure that everything is up to date and I started this approximately 3 month's ago. There was one on there in the following details:- Lender: Gothia Limited Amount: £774 Default Date: 29/09/2010 Status: Satisfied I emailed Gothia a couple of weeks ago to ask if they can remove the default as a gesture of good will. I have had lots of debt issues that I believed I had fully repaid and the fact that this was showing as settled left me with little concern. However, they emailed me back and said that the amount was still unpaid and they had therefore passed it on to another company, Motor Mile finance. Now I don't doubt that this debt is not paid but it has been marked here as satisfied. Today, I have had another entry appear on my credit report for the same debt as follows:- Lender: Motormile Finance Default Balance: £1274 Outstanding Balance: £774 Default Date: 22/10/2010 I am really confused with this. I have spoken to Motormile and they have confirmed that £774 is outstanding and that this is the same debt that has been passed from Gothia Limited (BCW Group). Are they allowed to report a seperate entry onto my credit file as I now have 2 entries for the same thing. I have also spoken to them regarding the date of the account and they have told me that this is the correct date, even though the OC have said that the default date was 23/09/2010. I am really confused here as to what I can do, I am happy to pay the outstanding balance of £774 but I need to get them to sort the issues with my credit file before I agree to make payment. I have also asked QuickQuid to provide me with my origional T&C's but they have said they cannot do this and have referred me to Gothia, who in turn refer me to Motormile finance. I just seem to be going round in circles with this at the moment!! Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I would be most grateful of some clarification from you great folks on CAG please. Background Had an original CC with MSDW long time back. This then followed the Goldfish to Barclaycard route. CCA made to Barclaycard who failed to satisfy my request. Upon the 6th alleged missed payment they assigned it to a DCA (will not name at this stage). DCA made usual threats. More interestingly, the DCA applied a Default to my credit reference file only 6 days after the date of assignment. Questions From my understanding a default notice must be provided prior to recording a default with any CRAs. This notice must provide the info prescribed in S88(1) of CCA74 and as such a way to remedy any alleged breach and must afford the debtor 14 days from service to carry out remedy before a default can be recorded with CRAs. Is this your understanding too? As Barclaycard never added a default (and if they did then the DCA would have needed to have recorded the same date with the CRAs in my credit reference file) and the DCA did not follow the correct procedure, where do I stand now with regards to a) the Default entry, b) the alleged debt (that I deny) and c) my chances of suing the DCA for stress and actual loss suffered from affecting my credit rating by applying Default? Does the alleged debt become unenforceable now? Many thanks in advance and any further questions do not hesitate to ask! Cheers Wormy
  4. Hello, This is my first time on here, like most who take out a PDL I got into it without really knowing the potential problems they cause. Unfortunately I could not pay back the loan in full as a result of ill-health and a seriously depleted pay packet, I contacted Mr Lender and asked if I could set up a repayment plan. They agreed but advised me that they will continue to apply interest and charges until they receive the first payment, in 3 months the loan increased from £472 to £921!! I would like to know where I stand with regards to having the £449 interest/charges written off because there are some points in the agreement highlighting the charges, see below: If you fail to make a repayment on the due date we shall charge you a late payment fee of £20. Unless we have agreed that you may defer making payment the following provisions will apply. If we have to write to you regarding your breach of this agreement, we will charge a fee of £20. If we have to serve you with a default notice we will charge you a fee of £20. If any payment is not paid on its due date, then you will be liable to pay us interest calculated on the overdue amount at the Borrowing rate until the date of actual payment. Interest will be payable before and after any judgement we may obtain against you. You will compensate us for any costs or expenses that we incur in enforcing the terms of this agreement. Without limitation, this will include legal costs, and costs incurred in tracing you and any costs of our agents in attempting to collect any sum you owe under this agreement.
  5. From research on other threads, I have understood that DCA's should not add interest to a debt. Is this correct:?:. I had a credit card account which was defaulted and then closed (by the creditor). I have been paying regular monthly payments to the original creditor, and most of these have been recorded and are shown on copy statements that I received following an SAR. The account was "charged off" by the OC and at that point and further interest was not added by the OC after that. The account was then marked "Debt Sale" on the copy statements, and then a DCA started to add interest, despite my monthly payments continuing. I have received no statements from the DCA, but my file on the CRA's show the sum owed as increasing. The account does not show on the CRA anymore, as it is over 6 years old now. I have the original agreement, but cannot find any reference to "transferring" the right to charge interest, or for that matter any other aspect of the account, to a third party. Where should I be looking:?: Is there a part of an act I can quote regarding "unlawful" interest please. Any help welcome. Thanks t
  6. Have mentioned this before. Following an investigation by the FSA CPP were fined a total of £10.5m CPP was applied to both Associates cards and later Citi branded cards. It seems that CPP have a liability themselves for some agreements,while Citicard themselves have a Liability for others. If you have tried seeking a refund from CPP directly,they may refer you to Citicard,who will send you a letter saying they are investigating. I waited almost 6 months for Citicard to complete their inquiries which then saw them sending a cheque for 1 years CPP membership with no interest added. Their letter stated that this was in full and final settlement. I have demanded to be given a breakdown of what the payment covers and have preliminary accepted their cheque as part payment in settlement. It is therefore important that if you are contacting Citi or CPP in respect of card protection/Identity protection insurance,that you demand full information in respect of any payments they may send to you in settlement,so you are able to evaluate if you have been refunded in full with interest. We have obtained a dedicated address for the department dealing with these claims which is; Complaints Handling Team Citicard PO BOX 53680 London SE5 5PY email citicardsman.customerfeedback@citigroup.com Please share your experiences and progress with claims in your own threads. Here is the statement put out in November by the FSA We have fined Card Protection Plan (CPP) £10.5 million for mis-selling insurance which covered customers against the risk of fraud on lost or stolen credit and debit cards and against the risk of identity theft. CPP has agreed to pay an estimated £14.5 million compensation to affected customers. Find out what this means for you. CPP sold credit and debit Card Protection and Identity Protection both directly to customers and through high street banks. Between January 2005 and March 2011, these products might have been sold inappropriately. For example, we found that customers were told that they would receive up to £100,000 worth of insurance cover against fraudulent transactions with Card Protection insurance. This was often not needed as customers are usually covered by their bank. Furthermore, during the sale of Identity Protection, CPP sometimes exaggerated the risks and consequences of identity theft. Compensation for customers Customers don’t need to do anything at this stage, CPP will contact those who may have been affected and, following a review, will pay compensation to customers where appropriate. However, in the meantime, you can write directly to the firm. CPP has agreed to stop new sales of products (apart from where the insurance is sold as part of a package) and to stop trying to persuade customers who call to cancel their policies to keep them. You do not generally need insurance for fraudulent transactions on lost or stolen credit and debit cards because you are not legally responsible for unauthorised card payments – apart from in exceptional circumstances. Know your rights See more about unauthorised transactions in our Bank accounts: Know your rights guide (pdf) or see our Bank accounts: Know your rights page.
  7. I have been dealing with Buchannan, Clark and Wells regarding 2 disputed British Gas accounts that they say are under my name. Both accounts were not known by me and it may be that my ex landlord set it up under my name without my knowledge. British Gas refused to listen and basically said that I am responsible as I lived at the address during the supply dates. today both defaults appeared on my credit report. But, this was not all that appeared... 2 other defaults appeared today for an address several miles away. This address is just a couple of doors away from 2 others I had to get removed in 2011. Needless to say, it appears I have been a victim of identity fraud. Now, what in the world do I do? Can these be removed? How do I do it? Please, any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I re-mortgaged over 5yrs ago.There was an early redemption fee for 6.000 pounds up to 3yrs then there is a months interest of 675.00 for the remainder of the term.I'm now out of the 3yrs .So is all of this right for the Broker to have done so?Also the original loan shows the amount for the mortgage and the amount added to this for 3.000.00 pounds so on any letters from them they show the original Mortgage with these totals as the total amount borrowed.So can the mortgage broker charge interest on these too?I've found a letter from them dated nearly 4 yrs ago in old paperwork and they mention the redemption fees incurring a penalty.they state that they might not of fully established that the mortgage was affordable and they point out to an interest only,length of the mortgage and 'Involved a remortgage that incurred penalties.
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