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  1. Hi, been quite a while since posting in regards to this thread.  Things went quiet a while with Lantern concerning my complaint.  On Friday past I received a final complaint response from Lantern upholding my complaint however they told me I need to put a repayment plan in place as the debt is not unenforceable.


    They confirmed I was right the Fixed Sum Loan Agreement document was incorrect therefore apologised only, and remedied this by amending the address back to my old address after using a Credit Reference Agency.  Apparently they can do this as they said it was a reconstituted agreement.


    I had to start a payment plan with them as it seems I have no defense now they have sent me a new Fixed Sum Loan Agreement.


    If I were to forward this complaint onto the Financial Ombudsman do you think I would be in a good situation to report Lantern's poor business practices?

  2. Thanks both again for your answers


    I will fire out a Formal Letter of Complaint today telling the Fixed Sum Loan Agreement is invalid but I won't tell them why.  I will also tell them I want the proposed repayment plan which was setup for Direct Debit 1st June 2021 to be put on Stop and that I am obligated to contact the Financial Conduct Authority regarding the agreement.


    I can't believe these DCA's would actually do things like this.  When I read the agreement after giving my proposal of payment I felt like hitting my head off a table multiple times for not seeing it right away when I saw the incorrect address.

  3. Thanks both for your comments.


    I'm worried that if I cancel the Repayment Plan now they will initiate Court Proceedings.  If I were to make a formal complaint telling Lantern the address is incorrect, I'd suspect they could go a bit further and replace my current address to show my old address (obtaining it from Credit Referencing) and forward it back to me again.


    Was thinking on the idea of a Formal Complaint telling them the Fixed Sum Loan Agreement is invalid without telling them what is inaccurate about it.


    What's your thoughts on this?


    Thanks for your replies.



  4. Hi dx100uk, the original Payday Loan in 2016 was The Money Shop Online (Instant Cash Loans Limited).  It is Lantern whom provided me the documents when I originally first didn't know what the debt related to.


    As part of the documents I received yesterday from Lantern one was a letter dated 22/01/2021: Notice of Assignment from Instant Cash Loans Limited to tell me this was being assigned to Lantern Debt Recovery Services Ltd.  This letter confirmed the assignment is in effect from 30/12/2020.


    Hope this info helps.

  5. Hi to make it simple as I can.


    I have been chased by Debt Collector over a small debt which at first I didn't recognise. I was sent a statement of account and a Fixed Loan Agreement with all terms and conditions electronically signed in 2016. This was enough to confirm I owe this debt therefore I commenced a repayment plan.


    Tonight upon studying the Fixed Loan Agreement I noticed it is showing my current address. However at the time I took the payday loan ( Summer 2016) I was living at my previous address which I vacated in 2018 due to landlord selling the property. Since have been living at my current address since late 2018 which is now showing on the Loan Agreement.


    With the address not showing correctly to what it should have been in 2016 has the Debt Collector committed fraud?


    I am not attempting to weasel my way out of my own debt (I am obliged to pay this) but if the Debt Collector has done something wrong I would believe it should be reported.

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