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  1. Thanks All


    Landy I was so upset with CL Finance, and you are right the wonderful lady at halifax who has been dealing with this (and treating me so respectfully...and understanding that my mission was the reduce my debt - first and foremost) I think knew that CL weren't playing fair, plus she could probably see what they bought it for on her screen.


    I actually have another 5 debts (smallish) with CL, but seems 75% or nothing with them !


    I am looking forward to reducing my debts thanks to the help and advice from this forum.


    Barclaycard I got £1500 off the balance for charges and PPI, Halifax Card I got £247 plus £336 PPI taken off the balance, HFC - I agreed to their £2k off the balance for misold PPI..................So my amount owed is looking so much better.


    I am continuing with others and fighting all the way, I know I spent it, and I am paying it all back, but my situation is so much better thanks to their admission of mis-sold PPI and unfair charges.


    Originally owed £32000, with charges added when I defaulted - £34000.


    Paid back (pay CCCS 300 per month) £10k off the debt and thanks to reductions for above now owe around £21000........................one day I will be debt free !


    When cheque clears I will be making a donation to the site for all your help and advice !

  2. Update - call this afternoon, as Cl Finance are a bunch of monkeys, halifax do not want the money sent to them because they keep making a mess of accounts and also because they make errors.


    The cheque is coming to ME !!!!!!!!!!! £1446 !!!!!!!!!!! I am in shock, I can now pay off lots of my smaller accounts and then be just left with the big ones !


    I am so happy, thank you to everyone who contributed to this post !

  3. Update - this morning informed that I am getting £1446 back for PPI on the GE Capital Loan.


    Hhalifax said they could send cheque to CL Finance for this for a full and final - rang CL and they refused - they want £2000 off the balance of £2667. Considering they bought the debt and it will take 8 years to pay off, I am so annoyed.


    So it's either ombudsman or accept a chq to me for £198 and £1200 off the current balance - leaving about £1250......................or I find £550 myself for the extra and the debt will be gone.


    No chanve of finding £600.......................any advice please what to do next ?


    Shall I ring the FOS for advice ????

  4. Hi Noom, if that was directed at me, Barclaycard was CC and the £1300 was PPI only, they paid also charges back - only charges not interest and I accepted.


    The Halifax was a loan, and the £1300 is PPI and charges.


    I am still waiting on their answer.


    Just to say sorry, the thread was anyone had BCard Success, hence why I posted, didn't mean to jump on anyones thread !

  5. Hi BEachy, I actually have 2 one with halifax, one with barclaycard, I think I got confused as you asked if anyone had success with Halifax !


    Barclaycard took £1300 of PPI of the balance and £247 charges off also. I still have a balance of about 2k.


    Halifax sold the debt to CL Finance - the PPI amounts to about £1300 also, they took the Charges of £355 off the balance, but I am still argusing about them taking off the £1300 off the balance as they sold the debt on.


    Forgive me if I get confused, I have so many ongoing claims I am confusing myself !


    Been with CCCS over 3 years and no problems, have no issues with BCard coming off balance, but Halifax SOLD the debt, they still state that they have every right to give it to the DCA !

  6. Well I have spoken to them today and they say they may be able to refund me what I have paid so far plus interest, but the rest of the rfunded PPI has to go to the loan.


    I explained that the £1300 was added to loan at start and I paid monthly I paid for about 6 months before I started to deal with CCCS. The whole balance of loan plus PPI was passed to the Collector, minus the payments I had already made.


    I feel this is wrong, after all if this is indeed a PPI refund, all monies should be returned to me, not just the ones I had paid.


    It has been sold fraudulently therefore that is MY Money not theirs, I have no issues paying back the loan, but how can they give that money to the DCA ???


    If they gave it to me I might have been able to do a full and final !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the time you have taken to respond and to find out more info, I was really struggling with finding info online.


    I have basically told them that I do not accept that the money will be used to reduce the balance, only because the debt has been sold on.


    If it was with the original creditor, I would be fine, Barclaycard have refunded £1300 and It has been taken off the balance - but CL Finance I did not agree to a loan or PPI with therefore that money should be mine and can be used to pay off some of my smaller debts.


    I will let you know the outcome in a few days when the complaints person calls me back..........


    It is good (or bad haha) to know others are going through this issue as it helps to know what to do next, your advice is really really appreciated !

  8. Don't know where my post went !


    Thanks for moving ! You say they HAVE to refund by cheque.............are there any guidelines that state this, anything I can quote when I call them Monday ??????????


    It was a GE Capital Loan originally, somehow ended up with Halifax ?


    Now they are willing to pay the £1300 to the company they sold it to, but I think that is wrong as CL finance probably paid less for it.

  9. Hi there and thanks for moving my post !


    DX you say they have to send me a cheque, but is there any regulations that state this ? I am going to ring them on Monday ready to tell them no I don't accept they are going to take it off the balance of a debt they do not own !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I sent one letter asking for £1013.00 PPI on my Baclaycard, inc interest and the 8%.


    They have offered me £1300.00 and actually went back further than I had asked to 2001 when I took out the card.


    They say it has to come off the balance (which as defaulted, have been with CCCS for 3 years and always pay on time, no problems).


    Someone said they can do this, another they have no right.


    Any advice gratefully rec'd ?

  11. I have been offered a settlement for PPI which is full amount plus interest.


    Halifax want to take it off the defaulted balance (been on reduced payments with CCCS for 3.5 years, never missed a payment).


    But, the debt has been sold on to CL Finance and I am not happy as this £1300 could be used as a full and final to pay them off.


    Is there any difference when it is regarding a sold debt (Halifax are happy to refund this).


    My balance is £4700 and this £1300 is a bit chunk.


    But as the Debt was Sold, they would have bought it for pennies, so you can imagine that I am peed off!


    Is there any way of getting Halifax to pay me (legally) any words of wisdom to make them send to me, or offer as a F and F to CL off this debt ?


    Would really appreciate any advice, I wouldn't mind if Halifax still owned the debt but it is annoying to think they probably bought it for £1000 and this £1300 could free me of this debt !

  12. Hi there, I have heard from HFC on quite a few occasions, all they will give me is £435.00 in cash or £1969.00 off the loan amount that is held with weightman's.


    This is a final offer, therefore I am going to have to go to the ombusman, they say they have spoken to the ombudsman (???) and they have been told their offer is fair.................any advice ? I want £5013.00 off !!!!!!!!


    Help !

  13. I have posted previously about a loan with HFC which was passed to Weightman's.


    I have received 2 letters today as I am querying PPI, one with £13000 at the top and £14000 at the bottom from Weightman's, the other from HFC with £13000 on it as the balance.


    Weightman's say this is wrong as they had realised IIP refunded (due to end of loan period - not included in my fight for PPI with HFC) and that the balance is £14000 and HFC are wrong.


    Where do I stand as I have 2 letters which state £13k altho letter from Weightman's also states £14.


    Is there any legal way around this to fight for the balance to be £13k, Weightmans state they had already refunded my IIP but can't explain when and why I wasn't informed, it just came off the balance. I do vaguely remember this happeneing a few years ago.


    The figures they provide of debt less my payment would make £14k.....but have I any right to hold them to £13k as I have written confimation ?


    Also can Weightman's charge me £2470 collection fee when as soon as it was passed to them I got in touch and have paid for last 3 and a half years, they have never needed to write letters or threaten court etc???



  14. Hello Everyone


    I thought I would join the forum and ask for advice since there seems to be so many people who are in the know, or know what to do....I can't seem to find anything like my situation so I will post in the hope someone can advise, or move my post to a relevant area.


    On 28.5.05 my partner at the time (we are now married) and I visited Beneficial Finance for a loan.


    We asked for £7000 and were told that the loan would only be approved if we also took out PPI.


    The problem is we only made 3 payments of £301.37 per month before things got difficult and we decided to go to CCCS and do a DMP.


    To be honest you will read this and wonder how we were so so stupid....


    So, here is the figures:


    Amount of Loan - £7000

    Interest on Loan - £6069.20 (31.8%

    Total Loan - £13069.20



    Decreasing Life Assurance (Joint) - £1054.20

    Accident, Sickness, Unemployment - £1631.02

    Total for PPI £2685.22

    Interest at 31.8% - £2327.78

    Total - £5013.00


    TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE.....£18082.20

    @ £301.37 per month for 60 months.


    So, we paid June, July, Aug at £301.37 - meaning we had paid £904.11.


    In January we were in arrears by 3 months £1194.85 (I know this doesn't quite calculate but I am going from letters).


    Jan 8th - Letter from Beneficial stating Balance of £17227.46


    12 days later - Jan 23rd - Letter from Weightman's (I presume their in house Sols) stating balance was £19654.66.


    DMP set up Feb 2006....since then we have been paying and have paid £3530.11 of the debt - not that the figures match, Weightman's state £14862.35.


    I recall a few years back they said they had removed some of the PPI, but the situation is, is there anything I can do ? Could the PPI and interest be removed ?


    I was actually unemployed at the time this loan was signed, my husband working full time.


    I am currently going to try and do my DMP as CCCS have made some major errors and I am going to find out all balances etc myself so I know where I am.


    We have paid £8341.05 so far back to our creditors.


    I would be grateful for any advise, or a point in the right direction, I have called Weighman's and I am coposing a letter to the person dealing with my case.


    I have no problem paying for the loan itself and interest, however if I could get some kind of reducation due to mis-selling etc it would be good.


    I haven't seen any PPI/Interest posts when people are not paying the full amount/finished the loan - anyone on repayment plan ??


    Charley x

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