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  1. Hi Guys, I just found this site and it seems like a cool forum!

    I am hoping that this is the right place to post this?


    Basically I bought a used car the weekend before last. It was a good deal and the guy (private seller) seemed very nice and respectable (retired accountant).


    I just took it in for a service and they have quoted me £1500 for various repairs, including shocks all around and tyres (the tyres I was expecting).

    With only 30000 miles on the clock the car must have had some serious punishment to need new shocks all round, he said he had been just doing around town driving and had towed his small caravan a couple of times.


    Obviously I am a bit miffed, do I have any legal standing or do I have to cough up myself? I'm not too worried about the cash, the car was very reasonable anyway and the extra cost brings it nearly up to the parkers used price, I'm just a bit cheesed off with the guy!


    Any advice for me?


    Many thanks,



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