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Edit Keywords

  • If enabled, will match exactly.

  • Enter in variants that will trigger the same tooltip. 5 max aliases.

  • If this is enabled, keyword becomes clickable only, no hovercard.
  • px
    If you want this particular keyword to have a width different from the default, enter the width (in pixels) here.

  • By default, if custom height is disabled, the hover window will be the height of the final content, if enabled, you can make this height be any size you want and the content will be scrolled if it goes over this height.
  • px
  • Seconds
    How long the hover card stays open after leaving the card or the hovercard link, 0 to disable.

  • If you want this keyword to expire at a certian date, enter a date here. if not, leave blank.

  • The content that will dispaly for this tooltip, you can use HTML.
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