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Cabot claim- Scared! Please help.


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Ok, first let me apologise for not reading through all the posts to check if this has been covered but I am nervous and stressed so hope I don't annoy anyone with this post.


I have had calls for a while from Cabot and (stupidly maybe) I avoided them.

I have now recieved a letter asking me to call which i did.

They explained I had an outstnding debt which had been passed on from Argos in 2006.

I explained that that was impossible as Argos passed my debt on to fredrikson in early 2003 and I settled it in Sept 2003.


I recently sent off for an Experian report and I have no outstanding debts.

I told the man at Cabot this is he stuttered a bit and said that it should be. At this point I became a bit suspicious.

I am certain that I settled all my outstanding debts in 2003 and (as a result of my damaged credit rating making this impossible, and me having learnt my lesson) have not accumulated any more debt.


Cabot told me to send of the reciept which i'm now rooting through 4 year old paperwork in the hopes of finding.

I 'm worried that it might be lost and have no idea what to do next.


Please could someone advise? Should I contact Fredrikson? Is there a chance that this could be some kind of hoax?




This was a debt that (along with many others to numerous store cards) I racked up as a naive, stupid and mis-guided teenager which I worked hard to rid myself of back in 2003 and was so pleased an relieved to have done so.

Now i'm worried that it's coming back to haunt me at a time when it's so important to me to remain debt free. I'm so worried :Cry:

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Thank you both so much for your help and advice.


I can't believe they can get away with this, there must be tonnes of people out there who aren't lucky enough to know about forums like this and just pay up for the sake of peace and quiet.


Thanks again.:oops:

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Louiseapj1 - the good advice from Seahorse and ODC is typical of the fantastic support you get from this wonderful site. You can be assured that they are right and you've no need to worry.


You are to be congratulated for working hard to clear your debt over the past few years, I'm sure it wasn't easy (it never is) and please take comfort in the knowledge that there is nothing Cabot can do to damage that.


Good luck

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Thank you both so much for your help and advice.


I can't believe they can get away with this, there must be tonnes of people out there who aren't lucky enough to know about forums like this and just pay up for the sake of peace and quiet.


Thanks again.:oops:


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Yesx tell them what a sad bunch of losers CRAPbot are and as for their Dear Leader well he knows what CAG and CFC think of his putrid policies


It's that CFC Again ! What is it? No? Who are they? It's






Tell everyone Cabot are after to read up on CAG about us :D :D



Sarah ;)

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Ok, so I went to fill out the template letter, but it refers to account/reference numbers.


Cabot haven't actually supplied this reference, they simply said that the debt was passed to them by Argos (whom, as I stated, had already passed this over to Fredrikson whom I already settled with)


The only letter I have had was addressed to "the occupier" and just asked that they be contacted regarding my whereabouts (which scared my mum and so i called them, as explained above)

I definately don't want to call them again, having read through the cabot posts (which I wish I had done before I originally called them) and i'm sure they taped my call (as I was interrupted to be told "this call may be recorded or monitored..etc") and i'm now worried I may have somehow incriminated myself by admitting that I had a debt with Argos which was cleared with Fredrikson. :(


So having not actually been given a reference number, can anyone advise on where to start?

Seeing as my bill is already settled where have they even got my details from?

If I just ignore them completely what will happen?:confused:

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Might not be such a bad idea to go back to Argos and get them to deal with it. They must be aware the debt has been settled and as the Original Creditor they have a responsibility for what or who they assign a debt to. So get on to them, either write or phone and explain what is happening in their name, they won't like that and will no doubt have words with both Fredrickson and Cabot.

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Well for starters Capbot are breaking OFT guidelines and fishing for an account they "might" be able to collect on.


As Seahorse suggested I would send them a "prove I owe you" letter and go from there.

Also NEVER talk to a DCA on the phone as they will say anything to get payment out of you.


Edit as needed:

You have contacted me/us regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself/ourselves.


I/we would point out that I/we have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to (insert company name).


I am/we are familiar with the Office of Fair Trading Debt Collection Guidance which states that it unfair to send demands for payment to an individual when it is uncertain that they are the debtor in question.


I/we would also point out that the OFT say under the Guidance that it is unfair to pursue third parties for payment when they are not liable. In not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt you are using deceptive/and or unfair methods.


Furthermore ignoring and/or disregarding claims that debts have been settled or are disputed and continuing to make unjustified demands for payment amounts to physical/psychological harassment.


I/we would ask that no further contact be made concerning the above account unless you can provide evidence as to my/our liability for the debt in question.


I/we await your written confirmation that this matter is now closed. Otherwise I will have no option but to make a complaint to the trading standards department and consider informing the OFT of your actions.


I/we look forward to your reply.


Yours faithfully

Be VERY careful whose advice you listen too

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Its extremely unlikely that Crapbot will have taped this call.


They are the **** alleging the debt let them prove it exists and if so that they have a right to collect it.


Do not worry about them. There is nothing they can do over this non existant debt. They would need a CCA for the debt which you can be 100% certain does not exist.


Put them to the back of your mind.

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Right done and about to be posted.

I haven't signed it, I can just imagine them scanning my signature and putting it on whatever paperwork they want.... Or maybe I'm a bit paranoid! lol

You are being very sensible in not signing anything you send to a DCA. In these days of photoshop and cut and paste it pays to be careful. I always advise sending a postal order rather than a cheque for the £1 CCA fee. Unscupulous **** can obtain too much information from a cheque.


This is my opinion of course and would not for one moment suggest that any DCA would do anything which is unlawful or illegal and not in keeping with the OFT guidelines. The DCAs is this country are a credit to the industry they represent and are so pleasant to deal with.:rolleyes:


PS if you believe the last paragraph you will believe anything:D

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Thank you to everyone who has offered me advice so far.


I sent off the letter yesterday (recorded delivery of course) and have been reading through more posts today to get myself a bit more familiar with what will happen next.


I became more worried and impatient, not to mentioned stressed at having still not found my reciept for my final settlement to Fredrickson.


So I called them. Fredrickson that is, not Crapbot.


I didn't initailly tell them why I was calling (paranoia takes over again) I simply stated my old reference number from them and waited for the response...

The man on the end of the phone did seem to pause for a fews econds after he'd taken my details and his response was "right..... that's an old account...."

I replied "yes it is, one that I settled back in 2003"

He said "yes, that's correct"


So I (in a moment of, perhaps misguided?, faith) explained that I am being pursued by Cabot even though I know that the account has been settled.


The Fredrickson (which is now something else.. some solicitors...) man told me to log onto Fredpay.com and I would be able to see details of my statements and prove to Cabot that I owe thwm nothing.


I told him how i'd heard on the internet that Cabot are a bunch of cowboys, out to try and rip people off and he, patiently (as he has to remain patient being as he is also, no doubt,working for a cowboy company) explained that Argos have recently sold all their accounts on to Cabot.....

Though I am still not sure how this affects me... as an EX-Customer.


So, what next? The online statement is quite plain, it has a few details of how much was owed and that it is settled but it doesn't look sustantial enough to send off as evidence.

Do I just continue to wait?


is there any chance I could still owe any money to Argos or wherever? surely they can't just change their minds, say it's not settled and sell it on??

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Could you not ask the nice chap you rang at Fredriksons to confirm the account was settled fully in writing - please pretty please... Just so you can get rid of that nasty Cabot firm and seeing as he acted so professionally etc...:D Then post a copy to Cabot and tell them to naff off.

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