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How stupid are Robinson Way ?


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Hello to everyone in this forum, I admire everything you are achieving here . It seems you all know so much more than these collection agencies who I do not know if they just profess ignorance for the sake of not obeying the law for convenience or are genuinely lacking in basic requirements of their job title.


I am referring here to a company called Robinson way and their complaints department .


For several months ( they say years) they have been assaulting me with calls and letters about some unknown debt ( at least to me) . After some correspondence with OFT I am advised to go down the statute barred route . So I do that .


You know statute barred means no acknowledgement nor payment for 6 years ? Yes you do. I know that too. Do Robinson Way ?


In reply to my statute barred Letter :



Dear Mr Rahl Baby.


With reference to your letter sent to xxxxxx xxxxxxx dated 24th August 2007, and received by her today, I write to clarify the position.


We were assigned the above debt from HFC bank Ltd on 23rd December 2000. From December 23rd 2000 we have sent approximately 26 letters to you at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.( so what, my ex girlfriend has sent more ) We note from your letter that you are still residing at this address. In addition to the letters we have sent , we have also made numerous telephone calls (they aren't joking here, theres been a lot! , .. but every one of them concentrated in the past 3 months, i had to get BT to bar the fools ) and we therefore do not believe ( believe that to the judge) that you have a case under the Statute of Limitations.


Our records also show that you have only commenced contact with us since August 2007, when you wrote to us asking for copy statements and a copy agreement (I asked for deeds of assignment and a statement of account, never received them . Who cares if i'm legally entitled to a copy, this is robinson way afterall ) ). Clearly you have received correspondence from us prior to this.


We trust this clarifies our position and look forward to hearing from you with payment proposals, or to discuss settling this account at a favourite rate.


Yours sincerely

Robinson Way & Co Ltd


MS complaints manager

Complaints and Compliance Manager



What the hell is that nonsense ? She is admitting getting the statute barred letter , she even admits it is statute barred with her dates . I like the "We trust this clarifies our position ".It most certainly does, ignorance of the law and not afraid to use it.


How do I get these people to finally take me to court so the judge and I can have a laugh ?


All this amounts to is trying to use some obscure ( straight out of the robinson way book of law) interpretation of the limitation act and admitting it is statute barred in the process.

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They've been sent a statute barred letter and told to produce the evidence. They didn't... they produced this sorry excuse. They still added that last line about making a payment . That is good enough for me to take the whole process here on in through OFT.


Well, I gave them a chance to end it there. They don't want to . I have many reasons to be unhappy with their practices. Sending me letters with half the contents on display through the envelope window. Im sure that's cause for complaint , isnt that against OFT guidelines .. doesn't it constitute psychological harassment ? What happens if im not happy with their final response ?


The Financial ombudsman could use another £400 I think..

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I'd go the FOS route and hit them where it hurts, their wallets.


If you feel inclined try this letter as well.

Thank you for your letter of DATE, the contents of which have been noted.


I refer to my letter of DATE where I told you that this alleged debt is Barred under Statute, a copy of which I have included for your perusal and ease of reference.

Now your contention is contrary to this.

That being the case I would request that you substantiate your claims that this alleged debt is indeed enforceable and not barred by statute.

I am familiar with the Office of Fair Trading Debt Collection Guidance.

Which states that it unfair to mislead debtors as to their rights and obligations, by falsely stating or implying that the debt is still legally recoverable and continuing to press for payment after a debtor has stated that they will not be paying a debt because it is statute barred.

This could amount to harassment contrary to section 40 (1) of the Administration of Justice Act 1970 and if your demands continue I will be reporting this matter to the relevant authorities.


I would ask that no further contact be made concerning the above account unless you can provide evidence as to my liability for the debt in question.


I await your written confirmation that this matter is now closed.


I would appreciate your due diligence in this matter.


I look forward to hearing from you in writing



Yours faithfully,

Be VERY careful whose advice you listen too

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I was working on a reply , yours is better ..


I got as far as ....


You have been advised this alleged debt is subject to the limitation acts section 5 . Your letter of the 5th September 2007 is conformation of receipt. The evidence asked for was not forthcoming. I am sure I do no need to remind you of the requirements regarding the limitation act, suffice to say 26 letters nor any amount of phone calls from you constitutes an interruption in the required 6 year . Any further correspondence from your company regarding this alleged account asking for payment will be forwarded to the OFT for breaches of guidelines. And again , I do not need to remind you that harassment is a criminal offence.


Thanks ))

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I think it was statute barred before they got it in 2000. Only thing I can think of it being was some old phone contract I disputed in about 1993 . Don't recall HFC being anything to do with it thou. And it was nowhere near the amount they are asking. Must be an accumulation of illegal charges over 14 years. Wonder If I can claim them back from robinson way? . I bet they'd say I can't because all the charges are statute barred. Then I can say 'oh no they are not ! , I sent you a letter in 2007 '.


But, like I say, they won't send me anything in the way of evidence so it's hard to establish much really. All I have is threats and them saying they sent me letters and calls ( aka the threats) so not a lot to go on for me . But for them in special robinson way wonderland it constitutes some kind of bizarre quasi legal right in their own minds that I owe them. And the act of sending said threats enough to negate the requirements of the limitations act and thus not statute barred. Bemusing isn't it.


I reckon they must have sent me one letter in 2000 and 25 in 2007 . Never even heard of these people till a few months ago. And the way they bombard you with calls and letters, I think I'd have remembered them.


Maybe the people at robinson way in 2000 were more concerned with debts they could really chase and put my alleged account on the back burner. Then by 2007 they've had a regime change where they are grasping for anything and everything. And clinging on like grim death to even the oldest accounts with nil chance of even getting a penny for their efforts . Even after getting a statute barred letter. Probably to pay those FOS bills they keep getting hit with hehe.

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23rd December 2000, yours and mine must have been in the same batch from HFC Bank! :rolleyes:


Then by 2007 they've had a regime change where they are grasping for anything and everything. And clinging on like grim death to even the oldest accounts with nil chance of even getting a penny for their efforts .


Ermmmmm.... ! Nothing's changed!!




Good luck, Dave.

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Had a little read of your thread. Will read the rest over the next few days. I'm thinking of sending a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) and cca request to them too, just to get them bogged down in a bit of work. Oh and of course extended and protracted bouts of communication with and regarding to the OFT, Trading Standards, DTI and office of information commissioner, FSA, CSA et all for them to reply to.


I know they like getting involved in this kind of thing, they dote on it. They much prefer it to making threatening phone calls. Complaints and the FOS is another favourite with them too.

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Superstars they are. Will not give up even when they realise you know the law. Yes they buy "debts" for a small percentage of their value, but, why on earth they carry on after some-onevknows the truth is beyond me. Personally I am letting them spend more chasing a hopeless dream.

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23rd December 2000, yours and mine must have been in the same batch from HFC Bank! :rolleyes:




Ermmmmm.... ! Nothing's changed!!



Maybe I have their new 'Target Driven , Award Winning' Manager to thank ?




Page 35


‘An amazing 91 per cent of the team said they strongly agreed that

their manager is easy to talk to and communicates clear expectations

of their performance.’


I think I can see exactly what 'communicates clear expectations

of their performance' entails here.




OFT data protection form signed for and posted today.


Who are the best TS people to contact, Salford .. or Manchester ?, or they would have just the one contact address for both locations ?

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What a lot of self-congratulatory nonsense! A lot of badly-dressed (clip-on bow ties - :o) cretins patting each other on the back whilst trying to maintain the pretence that they are involved in an ethical business. Still, as Josef Goebbels said, if you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, eventually people will believe it. It reminded me of the recent cash for honours scandal - very New Labour.


On a serious note, some of these companies are apparently turning over serious money; no wonder the government isn't keen to control them properly. If they all acted within the law and regulations, how much tax revenue would Broon's puppet in No. 11 (incidentally, has anyone seen or heard from him since Broon took over as Reichsführer?) lose? How many pimply youths and slack-jawed bimbos would be on the dole instead of operating Threat-O-Matic machines, or lying to debtors on the telephone? Perhaps we should not be too surprised that the OFT is now reportedly open to a compromise with the banks over the charges case.

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Well she just had a baby apparantly, i'll leave her alone . Cue Carmina Burana , O Fortuna .


post note : That is the music score to The Omen and also used in only fools an horses whenever Rodney saw baby Damien.


How many pimply youths and slack-jawed bimbos would be on the dole instead of operating Threat-O-Matic machines, or lying to debtors on the telephone?


Or letting them reply to statute barred letters !?


Sending a statute barred letter to a dca trying to collect on an old old ancient 'supposed' account should be the end of it really, shouldn't it ? I am peeved at the ignorance that is on display such that the formality of sending such a letter and consequent admittance and desistance on their part is not the natural order of things. Rather some drawn out torturous route is their preferred way . Do they think they will get one penny from me by this route ? It is a modus operandi for them, in the pressing for alleged debts to and beyond the dictates of law , and futility is not a parameter they overduly concern themselves with .


I wonder at this companies ability to hold a licence to collect debt, let alone give any of them awards.

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  • 2 weeks later...

They have stopped calling me , but that is not the same as writing to admit defeat. The irony of my complaint to them being that the subject of the complaint is hayley felton , she will have to investigate herself .


Think in the letter to hayley felton as complaints manager, I will refer to hayley felton in the 3rd person as regards how they can rectify their mistakes, and ask hayley felton that a certain hayley felton undergo basic law training that would befit her status in replying to statute barred letters as to not make her company look foolish in such correspondence that may end up in court or in the possession of regulatory bodies.

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23rd December 2000, yours and mine must have been in the same batch from HFC Bank! :rolleyes:


Good luck, Dave.


Wonder how came they chased you in 2000/2001 and left me alone till 2007 ?

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Do you know what, I am glad RW are still persuing you for this.


Don't get me wrong, I in no way want anyone to undergo any stress, but as you ahve such a highly developed sense of humour, I'm sure you're laughing it off.


The reason I'm glad is that it's costing them to chase on a debt they have no hope of recovering.


Brings a smile to my face.


Only pity is so many people don't know about this site and probably pay the buggers.

All help is merely my opinion only - please seek legal advice if you need to as I am only qualified in SEN law.

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Only pity is so many people don't know about this site and probably pay the buggers.

Due to the unreasonable and arrogant manner of the RWC phone staff more and more people are googling them to end up here:D

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How stupid are Robinson Way?



They claim I owe them anywhere between £220 and £2500 to Next/Great Universal, they can't decide which and how much but they all have the same reference number.


No CCA for nearly 5 months and they still want payment....AS IF.

All my knowledge has been gained from personal experience and the sharing of advice from fellow members.

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It is ok Tiglet , everytime they harass anybody and it ends up on this forum , it is an experience shared , sometimes something that can learned of their illicit practices,or sometimes it can be a laugh , like it was here for a short while. They have lost the war v rahl and they have slinked off like the foul mortally wounded vampire when shown the cross of the law.

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