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Lloyds TSB collections dept. stepping up harrassment?


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Hi All


as i have been experiencing an increased and agressive tactic, thought i would see if anyone else is experiencing this?


since i have started my action against Lloyds (still havent started thread on progress, keep meaning to but cant get round to it!) in March my personal acct with them went overdrawn.


as i moved my money elsewhere this overdraft has increased, and been moved to Collections in may.


since then they started to chase me for payment, which i refused, as the account is in dispute.


as i wasnt moving on this they sent to SC&M, who i told the same, the account is in dispute. suddenly the "debt" was with their favourite debt collector Buchannen clark and wells!


i wrote them a letter and called them, and told them if they did not send it back to Lloyds, i would sue them as party to the action. promptly sent back to collections.


heard nothing for a while. then the OFT test case was announced, and i got a slight increase in phone calls. told them the usual, dont call me, only want communication in writing.


last week i had to send my AQ to court. suddenly i am getting almost daily phone calls. until sunday i received a call from a gentlemen from the collections dept. this guy was different from the usual dross that call.


despite me telling him the account was in dispute he said wont make a difference, we want our money.


i told him i had written and called and to tell them i only want communication by letter. he said we will not stop calling you until you pay the "debt"


the call was promptly finished by me stating, look mate your not getting any money off me until i get mine, take me to court if you like!


i have since sent registered post the harrassment letter on here (quoting harrasment act etc).


signed for yesterday morning


at 8.50 tonite phone call to house, was not in, and message picked the usual please call Lloyds TSB on an important business matter. i am sure it was the same guy at the beginning asking for Mr RH9999 before the recorded message kicked in....


Sorry for long rant, but need to know if anyone else has had this experience lately?


is this just an increase in pressure for us to stop?

or do they really think they will win, and dont care about what rules they break?


on another note, i have sent an SAR into Lloyds for transcripts of all calls between me and collections for the last 6 months to prove i have verbally requested the calls stop.


does anyone know what the chances of my call from this guy sunday will be on their recording list??


also what can i do to stop the calls? it's pi**ing me off, and my wife is getting a little scared about the whole situation.



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Hiya rh, I had a similar problem with HSBC heres what I did maybe you can edit something similar.


I had a lovely letter today from Auntie Heidi Daniels informing me my account has an overdrawn balance that has not been agreed :shock: and asking me to call her if she can be of any help to me, she’s such a nice considerate girl :rolleyes: so I just had to write her a nice little note back along these lines


Thank you for your letter dated xx/xx/xx regarding the overdraft on my current account of £xxx.xx which I am fully aware.


Unfortunately your legal department, (DG Solicitors) have now succeeded in placing a stay on my current County Court claim against you for £xxx.xx for the return of unlawful penalty charges and interest on those charges due to the pending OFT test case and therefore this sum will remain outstanding until the test case achieves an unopposed judgement, possibly up to six years dependant wholly on the number of appeals you and the other banks involved submit against the inevitable judgement.


In addition to the charges I have included within my claims to date you have charged me a further £xxx.xx in penalty charges and interest. I am sure you can see why when you owe me a total of £xxx.xx I am unwilling to pay you a further £xxx.xx.


Any attempt to recover the outstanding balance through the use of your debt collection department Metropolitan or litigation will be defended on the basis that the balance of the account is subject to ongoing litigation and therefore is in dispute, until that dispute is settled no further progress can be made.


I trust the above is self explanatory


Luv and kisses






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"Luv and kisses"



Obtained Judgement







Confucius say, Man who walk through airport door sideways going to Bangkok.





All advice offered here is my opinion only based on what I would do in a given situation. If you wish to act on it you do so at your own discretion

......................... ......................... ....

I have no legal expertise or qualification, and give advice on the basis of my own experience and nothing else.

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thanks for that Pete


although my case has not been stayed (yet)


AQ is with judge as of today, they tried a stay to "discuss" settlement when i called them to discuss, they said "oh no, we just said that to get some time for us to prepare the stay argument as per the test case.


promptly sent letter to court stating they are abusing the court system to their own ends.


just waiting for response on that.


had another missed call today from them today, so clearly the letter i sent hasnt done the trick, so may try your letter if the stay gets put on mine.


thanks again


any other Lloyds customers getting increased level of calls from collections??

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A friend of mine who I am pursuing charges against TSB is experiencing the exact same thing, in fact he was on the phone just this morning to tell me they'd phoned him again.lol

Just got him back on the phone and he said they identified themselves as a debt collection company (AIC) told him to get back to them and inform them he will sue them as party to the action he has vs TSB.

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Get in touch with the ccs if you are experiencing hardship they will help set up a payment plan to all your creditors, once this in in place you tend to be treated with more respect and the begging letters stopped. In my case one of my creditors even wrote off a debt!! If it gets rid of the upset caused to your wife it will be worth it. I now dont dread what is falling onto the doormat and as the amount to be paid back each month is calculated to be what you can truly afford, its not such a large amount.

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Hi Penfold


tell him to send a recorded delivery letter to the DCA, stating if they do not send it back to Lloyds then you will sue them as well, as the acct is in dispute.


worked for me with BCW. they were quick enough to send back.


thanks for the advice Lady, but hope i am not at that stage yet..

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  • 2 years later...

can someone please tell me what ccs stands for? i am certainly being harrassed by Lloyds TSB - letters (forget about saving the rainforest!) and phone calls galore to my old address, despite writing to them to tell them that I have not lived there for quite some time. I am overdrawn and my loan is in arrears due to lack of work this last year (i'm self-employed) and I've written and asked them if we can come to some agreement, whereby I pay them xxx amount per month until I am able to afford to get back to normal. However, I don't have a fixed address either at the moment either (couch surfing for now - thats how bad its gotten!) so i've asked them to email me or give me a landline number that is not premium rate that i can call them to discuss this. Its a stressful enough time as it is, and i have never been in this situation with Lloyds before and I've been with them over 20 years, and am feeling very much like the big guys are after me.....scary stuff to be in debt like this and its not as if I'm trying to get out of it either. I have told them that I will pay back what i can for the time being......

So, if the ccs is some kind of debt help agency, can anyone give me a link and/or more info please as my letters to the bank seem to be falling on deaf ears - as now they are threatening legal action against me.


thanks - in advance for any advice :(

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Sorry but I just realised that this may not be the right forum page to have posted the above on as I'm not looking to reclaim bank charges (as yet anyways!). if it is the wrong forum page, can anyone please advise me as to where I can post the above to get some help? thanks so much.

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Hello Nimbara.


I think you want the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS). It's a very well known and respected body which has helped many people.


CCCS | Free debt help and debt advice from the UK's leading debt charity


There is an online service and a freephone contact number 0800 138 1111


You can also start your own thread in this forum if you want specific information and assistance regarding LTSB and also to let us know how you get on.





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I think CCS is the Customer Collection Service, Lloydstsb's Naughty person corner, for us peep's who won't be good.

Have been in and out of their hands, over the past few years.

Can I also suggest you sign on with the job centre, ok I know you won't get any money, because of your self employment. but if you sign on fortnightly, as unemployed you will get your stamp paid and you can tell them that you are unemployed and can make a silly £1.00 a week offer for payback if they do take you to court.

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