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    • OK I sent CCA request on Monday 7/6 recorded delivery with a postal order uncrossed with £1 stating on the back that it didn't go towards any alleged debt.   Wednesday 9/6, received the postal order back from Arrow with a cover letter saying they no longer charge a fee and 'we will respond as soon as we can'   Then on Friday 11/6 morning a letter dated the 10th (they said if we didn't hear back from you by the 11th) I got a letter of claim from Drydens saying 'if you do not provide proposals to repay, legal action may be issued in the county court'.  Along with 'you have 30 days to respond'. Attached is a printout of an income and expenditure sheet.
    • Your attachment was viewable in your first post.   Does the issue you mention with the wallpaper/slight stain really constitute a breach ?  Is it significant enough ?   The wallpaper was probably applied before the wall was properly dry.  But the other possibility, is that the tenants did not open windows regularly to ventilate the room.  It is important for windows to be opened or put into a vent position on a regular basis, to ensure that moisture is allowed out.   If the tenant had clothes drying in the house, with baths/showers being used etc, this may have helped cause the wallpaper peeling  and the damp stain.   Today has been a lovely Summer day in many parts of the UK, so the tenants may not be as quick to respond.  Same issue with replies to this site, so you might get other responses later.   The tenant is unlikely to try to pursue you for the matress or health issue they say is caused by a damp issue.  Unlikely to have sufficient evidence and their own actions may be the cause.   They are most likely deciding whether to complete work in the garden or not.   You are within your rights to hold onto the deposit for now, until the reasonable request to return property to pre let condition is completed.    
    • Oh Yorky, I'm so sorry you're still having trouble with your dad's hospital.   I can't believe they are still being so awkward, I sometimes think they (companies in general, not just hospitals) forget that we put ourselves through this stress and worry not because we want to, or even because we have to, but because we want what's best for our loved ones.   Their advice for you to deliver the form in person is at odds with the advice on their own website stating that visits have been suspended due to Covid. I mean, I would understand if someone wanted you to drop off clothes for your dad, but a piece of paper? Which could end up anywhere? That's... crazy.   I don't know if the following link is worth a try or whether you've been down this road, but the hospital website has details of all the consultants Consultants | North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust WWW.NTH.NHS.UK If you want to find out details of our hospital consultants and contact information you can search for them in our A-Z. obviously you'll know your dad's consultant name, but the phone numbers on there, are they ward ones that you've tried before or do they look different?   That said, even if you are more successful with that, definitely still get PALS and as much senior management on board as you can with a formal complaint. You shouldn't have to go to such lengths to get hold of the right people and for the right information, especially at such a stressful time.   You point out that you remember you're doing this for your brother and your dad, which is the best approach. I'm sure they, in their own way, know that you are pushing yourself and pushing the hospital for an outcome as you are is because of them.   I know it's easy for someone on the internet to say "look after yourself", "do this to help with stress" etc, but if you do feel you need extra help with dealing with your stress/worry, please don't be afraid to seek help from a doctor yourself. A "well" you is the best sort of support for your dad and brother.   I wish I could offer more support and I'm sure that if anyone else of the CAG community has any other suggestions, I'm sure they will come here and let you know.  
    • Ok update.  I have spent the last week or two, trying to get help from the Staff Nurses and Matron, regarding the Consultant or someone to have my dads lack of capacity documented, either their own paperwork or me sending COP3. I   they have informed the consultant looking after my dad, who at this moment is sounding very ill, with medical issues on top of delirium and confusion, he is apparently having blood transfusion bag things. not eating and drinking. I have even spoken to the consultants secretary to explain the urgent matter and to have the consultant contact over the last few days WITHOUT SUCCESS, conversion ended today with its a legal form can I take it into hospital personally, er..I dont drive and Im in Northampton, Hospital is Stockton on Tees.    the nurses cant help need to speak to consultant!!!!!!! conversation ended with well I will complain to PALS, GMC secretary of Health or whoever......reply was looks like it then?   I have just compiled a 3 page letter [well e mail one] sent to PALS, I will follow up with a written one and to whoever else I can contact.   I need this medical form before I can do anything else with court or appointee   anyone have any ideas cos Im now at my gasping point, wondering why the hell am I taking on all this stress and worry, then I think of my younger brother, and that reminds me why I am doing it and doing it for.
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Vodafone Default Removal

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Hiya !!


Righty ho, I recently found the guide to getting defaults removed, and sent one off to Vodafone, and NatWest Credit Cards.


So in response to the 1st letter i sent off, I received this:




Re: Billing Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXX


Thankyou for your letter regarding the entry to your credit file recorded by Vodafone.


I would advise that the Vodafone Limited airtime agreement is not a regulated product for the purposes of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Vodafone Limited is therefore not obliged to send you the documents requested. Furthermore, Vodafone Limited will not provide the documents that you are demanding nor are we bound by the timeframes that you have set out.


However, in light of the fact you appear to be concerned about a default placed on your credit reference record as a consequence of information provided to credit reference agencies, we have reviewed this matter and would advise that we consider this default in question to be warranted for the following reasons:


Account Number: XXXXXXXX

Started on: 30th April 2003

Terminated on: 23rd July 2003

This account was connected via Phones 4 U to Vodafone - Mobile 077XXXXXX


Vodafone acquired the operation of Singlepoint who were the parent company of Phones 4 U in early 2005. This involves administration of accounts active or otherwise.


There were various attempts to contact you regarding the outstanding debt, with the final letter being sent on the 23rd September 2003. A copy is enclosed. There was no payment forthcoming at this time and subsequntly a default reorded.


We will therefore not be asking for this default removed from your credit reference record.


should you have any further, specific queries please contact me directly at the above address above or call 01295 818 131


Yours sincrely


Nick Southam

Quality Assurance


Right............. here is a copy of that final letter that was sent to me


Dear customer


Account Number: XXXXXXXXXX Outstanding Balance: £164.20


We have not received a response to our previous letters asking for payment of the outstanding balance on your account, consequently your mobile phone service has been disconnected from the date of this letter.


To avoid further action you must pay the outstanding balance immediately. The line rental for the remainder of your contract will also be due. Please make your cheque payable to "Singlepoint Payment Services LTD" and write your mobile telephone account number on the back.


If we do not receive payment in full ommediately we will pass your account to an external debt collecetion agency who will take action to recover the money on our behalf. If your account remains unpaid, we are obliged to share this information with credit reference agencies. This may affect you ablility to gain credit in the future.


To prevent us from taking this action you must call us immediately on 0870 9000 700 quoting reference "XXX" and settle your account. Even if you think that the information we have is incorrect please call us so that your account can be put on hold to enable us to investigate any problem


Yours sincerely








So there we have it.....


No i think i will be sending a £10 cheque off and getting anything they have under the Data Protection Act, unless anyone knows any other method.


I am just checking my "Checkmyfile.com" which reports:


Accountholder status:Normal

Start date:30th April 2003

End Date:1st September 2003

Account type:Telecommunications supplier

Account status: Default

Last updated:1st September 2003

Current balance:£0

Payment start date:30th April 2003

Account start date:30th April 2003

Account end date:1st September 2003

Number of repayments:12

Repayment frequency:Monthly

Lump payment:£0

Default date:4th September 2003

Original default balance:£421

Term balance:£0

Default satisfied date:1st August 2003

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I'm not sure what your asking - you've just gone the long way round to get to the same position. This sticky covers it:



Since Singlepoint were your service provider, Vodafone only have limited information on these old accounts (especially after 4 years). What is the thrust of your complaint? If it is removal of the default, if the debit was legitimate then that won't happen - but the good news is it'll disappear by 2009 anyway.

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What seems to stand out the most in the Vodafone letter is they seem to be gloating, taking great joy and pleasure that they don't have to send anything and laughing at the customer.


Lets see if they respond to the SAR in the same manner.

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Well, as it wasn't a CCA process, they are certainly entitled to a snigger - it does weaken your case when making demands that are not appropriate. The rest of the letter was fairly factual, so not an issue!

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