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    • @BankFodder the police officer has contacted aviva her response below she has asked  them to hold on the money front      AVIVA have replied and i have requested to put the request for money on hold so fingers crossed this request is accepted.
    • damn!!   start another thread it's war i have an idea what has caused this then   can you copy and paste this text as your 1st post please (was post 1 from the old thread)   ....................................   I am a regular (many years)  P2G user and selected them to use Parcelforce 48 service to send a gazebo I sold on eBay.  Parcelforce 48 have an automatic max £100 compensation for lost items.   Parcelforce lost the item. P2G state the £100 compensation Parcelforce offer within their price, does not get reimbursed to them, so they can't reimburse it to me. However, it would have been reimbursed to me had I used Parcelforce 48 direct, rather than go through P2G.    It seems rather strange that when I pay P2G to buy Parcelforce 48 service on my behalf, they buy a different service which excludes the automatic compensation.   They also lost another £40 parcel (which I did not buy additional insurance for, because it was an excluded item).   They also broke an item prior to delivery (which the addressee rejected as it was clearly a damaged parcel). The thing is, if a parcel is rejected by the addressee, what should they do with the failed delivery?   In this case they threw away the parcel and 'broken' contents rather than return to sender and refuse to compensate me because I (again) did not buy the additional insurance.   I have escalated the rejected claims and they agreed as a gesture of goodwill to reimburse the postage costs for all three items. (I would have expected this as a matter of course) .    Clearly many will consider I should have bought the extra insurance. I often do, but feel the extra costs involved would be greater than the odd loss ( having never had a loss in a couple hundred sendings), I only pay extra on certain items.   I feel a summons coming on, so would be happy to receive any ideas. Even if P2G have a rock solid defence regarding my lack of buying insurance, I still fancy testing their resolve and seeing if they fancy a hearing.      After escalating my claims, they agreed to refund the postage costs only.   I have therefore issue a Notice Before Action for the value of the lost items £180.   Notice Before Action Dear Sir/madam You have lost the following items. 1)      1 2)      2 3)      3   I understand you eventually accepted liability for these lost items and have agreed to reimburse the postage costs but not the values.   You suggest this is due to my failing to take out additional insurance.   I am not prepared to accept your position and shall be issuing a summons on 18th August for £180, should you choose not to reimburse the values allocated to the items you have lost.   In particular: Item 1) This parcel was damaged by your courier and rejected by the addressee. It appears rather than return the parcel and contents to me, your courier decided to throw the item away. Thus the item has become lost, and therefore (due to my not paying extra for insurance against loss), you have chosen not to compensate. Do you seriously expect to ‘lose’ an item on purpose by throwing it away, and then claim it has been lost and therefore not covered?   Item 2) This parcel was lost and I made a claim. During the period of claim, the parcel was found and began to track. Ultimately being delivered (according to an email to the addressee, at 1.41 am 19 July 2020). Clearly the parcel was not delivered at such a time.   You have subsequently suggested delivery was at a different time. Despite these suggestions of proper delivery, you have been unable to prove delivery at all, the addressee has confirmed he has not received the item and you have accepted the item is lost.  I do not accept you can be so careless as to lose an item twice.   When I purchased this sending through P2G, I selected Parcelforce 48 as the courier. This service has a compensation value of up to £100 for loss. This is why I selected them.   It appears however, you chose not to purchase this service from Parcelforce, but an alternative service purporting to be Parcelforce 48, but excluding the standard compensation.  This is not what I had purchased. I do not accept your claim that I should have paid extra for insurance for you to insure, when I had already purchased a service which carried automatic insurance.   Further, the service was supposed to be a 48 hour service. The parcel was not collected within the 48 hour period, let alone delivered within it.  I consider the delays in ensuring delivery within the expected timeframe would have contributed to the loss of this item. I hold you responsible for the loss.   Item 3) This item was also subject to a claim for loss. During your investigations, this item was also found and started to track. Messages advising  "Enquiry resolved", "INT Hold" and "Out for delivery”, suggest the item had eventually been found.   I do not accept you can be so careless as to find a lost item and subsequently lose it again, regardless of whether I had purchased additional insured.   Indeed, the option to purchase such insurance was not available as the item appears to have been excluded from such insurance.   Yours faithfully      
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    • posts copied over  try posting here now it's war.   dx  
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Orange and phone numbers

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My partner brought a new Orange Samsung phone last year, with a new number. Within a couple of days of having it he started to receive text messages from an unknown company. Upon contacting Orange they said ' he had signed up for a premium rate service, by calling a 090 number'. Hilarious really, he was on a text-only tariff and couldn't make any phone calls, except for 999 calls! After a further 3 months the bills for this service had reached a staggering £170, and Orange still refused to assist in the matter. To make matters worse they then said they were going to cut him off unless he paid this bill, now approaching £200. At this point he was taken ill with meningitis and lay in a coma for 2 days. Orange cut the phone off and wouldn't reinstate him unless they had his permission, even though they were infomred in writing he was criticial in hospital. After several more weeks of calls and complaints we contacted the OFCOM office and they gave us some advice. and Orange and the third party company refunded the money. The issue lied in the fact that Orange had not quarantined the number for long enough - it has to be a minimum of six months. Orange admitted in a phone call they had broken their terms and conditions themselves, but then wanted to charge us to end the contract. Upon taking legal advice, Orange stated they had 'no record of the phone call'. We would never use Orange again and would warn all customers to be very wary of Orange. Their customer service is absoutel shocking.

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You have been one of many thousands of victims of the [problem] Unsolicited Reverse Bill Texts, though in your case it was worse as the network should have 'cleaned' the number before re-issuing it, more important as it was well before the 6 month min quarentine period.

The unhelpful treatment you have received from Orange is no different to what you would have received from any of the networks, as I have found being a victim of this [problem]. All the networks deny that this problem exsists and blame the customer, sadly as you will have experienced.

Google or do a search for 'Unsolicited Reverse Bill Texts/SMS' and you will see the extent of the problem.

I am pleased to read that you have been refunded the cash that had been debited to your account, I hope by now that your partner is well on the road to recovery and this agro is put behind you.

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