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    • I'm afraid that you are dealing with an on-premises contract and so you are not entitled to any cooling off period. The only way to deal with this will be as I have already suggested, to assert your right to rejection under the 30 day rule contained in the consumer rights act. So write the letter now. Which dealer are you talking about? What is the car – make, model, price, mileage? Of course with your letter you don't need to go in mob handed. You can start off very gently but make sure that the letter does assert your rights. You never know, you might be dealing with that very rare creature – a second-hand car dealer who is proud of what they do and of the service they give. By the way why do you tell us about your earlier car because it sounds to me as if you might have some recoverable damages there. Start a new thread for that one. Just because you have got rid of it doesn't necessarily mean that you have no opportunity to get some of your repairs money back if you tell us all about it.   While you are dealing with this problem, you will acquire some transferable skills which will allow you to sue other people with greater confidence so you may as well start applying them immediately. It's all about economies of scale – if you get what I mean.
    • thanks dx makes complete sense now for point 2 all I have is chase letters from lowell nothing really to prove the debt. surely I get the case set aside and it starts the whole process again they have to provide paperwork to prove the debt or at my worst contest the interest.  then normally lowell when contested they cant provide any proof? worst case I'm hoping to get case set aside and then lowell make me an offer or something for 50% off? I reckon  that's worth a shot? 
    • Not much I can do for the next week or 2 until all the payments have returned to PayPal then obviously wait for the phone calls. I’m going to ignore any calls, letters and emails from DCAs. I’ll ask PayPal to only partially freeze my account so I can make payments from my old bank account to gradually pay it off. I’m hoping if they see I’m making regular payments (whatever I can afford) on a weekly basis that this will keep them from taking it to court even though I’ve been told numerous times that they won’t and can’t go to court anyway.  I’m hoping that the light at the end of a very very long tunnel shows it’s face soon because this is making me ill. 
    • Another victim of an industry that shouldn't exist, just hope he hasn't binned everything as usually there is something where the fleeces shoot themselves in the foot, making any claim doomed if defended.
    • Probably about, 4 to 6 months before it goes to Debt Collection.   It it were me with such a debt, I would contact Paypal advising of the gambling addiction and advise that I would pay £10 per week or whatever was affordable.  Don't send them any budgeting information if they ask for it, as you would be correct to withold it on grounds of your data protection confidentiality.   Ignore Paypal refusal of payment amount or request for higher amount. Simply state affordable amount is £x per week and just keep paying them the amount, until they stop accepting it. Then record any rejection of payment. Ignore any Debt Collection letters and advise that you will only deal with Paypal.    
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Kris b

Lloyds pay but post default against me

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Can anyone help me. My claim for bank charges has been paid in full by Lloyds TSB, but now they have made an entry against my credit file saying I mis-used my overdraft facility. I was only over my limit due to their previous account charges. I have since been refused a mortgage. I have tried to explain the situation to Lloyds but they are refusing to remove the entry. What should I do now? Kris b

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i think they cant do that Kris - did you send out the template letters with the wording (remove default from my credit file)?

I would call the credit checking company and ask for it to be removed


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try contacting .rory32 user_online.gif he may perhaps be able to help






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