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    • Will this work?   I disupte this debt because, Firstly i only ever used my phone via wifi, there was never a notification regarding usage and data. The rules regarding roaming usage has changed,  the default was illegal and was disputed. This matter is between O2 and myself.   The debt purchaser has yet to provide any or all of the required documentation.
    • Hi all   Wow, do I have a situation to contend with now! I shall include as many important facts as needed.   I have received a solicitors letter today, by instruction of MY PARENTS claiming they are beneficially entitled to a property I purchased in 1999.   This property belonged to my Grandad who sadly passed away in 1993. He had hand written a will, not witnessed by anyone, leaving the property to my Mother and not his Son. Of course my Mothers Brother wasn’t happy with this and contested it which ended up in court. This dragged on for a long time, it could have been years? Until it was decided the house be sold and money divided equally. From memory I think the legal feels were around £30k ish.   At this time my parents didn’t have jobs and I was able to obtain a mortgage in 1999 and after going on the market purchased the house for £50k as it needed a lot of work. At the time I was very close to my parents and it felt a good thing to keep the house in the family circle as such (like cars sometimes) but was obviously in my name as the owner. I paid the mortgage and utilities on it and it sat empty for ten years whilst deciding what to do, more my Mother not wanting anyone to touch it and change memories.   The council kept writing to me until eventually said it would be a forced sale if nothing done with it. I then obtained additional borrowing to fund the complete renovation and then rented it out with the idea if it reducing the mortgage. Around the same time and during the crash I manged to buy another house needing work, by using equity on first as a deposit and a mortgage on the new house.   My parents would always refer to the 1999 as my house although this felt awkward. A few years along the way (2010/1/2) my Dad purchased their council house at a reduced rate.   I moved out of my parents home in 2014 and into the second house once it was all modernised, which since the relationship with parents has just deteriorated a lot. Arguing about lots and them saying I need to ‘sign the house back over to them’ on more than one occasion.   To fast forward, the tenants moved out of the property recently and my parents found because as creepy as it sounds, I think they used to drive by or watch them. The signing back over has been demanded recently to which I said was ridiculous etc…   Today I get this letter with 29 paragraphs and crux of which being to transfer to property, with vacant possession and mortgage free, to them and in addition any surplus rent from the previous ten years!   The letter is full of lies my parents have told the solicitor such as:   I lived with them rent free in lieu of paying the mortgage They paid all the utility bills and council tax They paid for and carried out most of the work back on the house in between purchase and 2008 when renovated My Father dealt with the letting agents recently and I ‘merely’ signed the tenancy agreement   There was a time, as my parents have always been high maintenance, I had written something for my Mum to say although I own the house, morally it belongs to her as probably thought it would help the relationship. A copy of this has been included, although I think looks slightly different to what I had printed and also says…about asking their permission to sell it and they could move in if they ever wanted, I really do not recall saying that! This piece of paper I refer to has no date or signature.   My goodness, this has completely knocked me for six. Its like history repeating itself!   I have checked with Eon, Council tax etc… so far and all have been in my name and paid for by me.   The letter also says ‘the facts of this case are familiar to you and you ought not to require any further enquiry’ which almost is like the solicitor knows this is all hearsay/BS and no proof? Also that I should respond to the claim within 28 days. The letter was also not recorded in case it makes a difference.   Another paragraph says advises my parents 'have a strong claim that I am holding the property on trust for them absolutely by way of constrictive trust and/or proprietary estoppel' I have no idea what this means!   One thing I should point out, I used to be very much in my parents bubble, asking them for advice, wanting their approval, very much lacking confidence in awareness of my own abilities. It is since I have started thinking for myself they don't have the hold on me their behavior  have become worse.   What are your thoughts please? I really have no idea what to think!   Many thanks in advance as always   E!
    • So I got a phone call on Saturday on my private mobile phone. This call was from Moriarty law ...I had sent my PAP docs back with no e mail address or phone number ...they said they had used a tracing company to find my details ....I have since called them and put in a complaint that they have breached GDPR regs ..they have now suspended any action pending a full investigation. The agent who called me was not very bright to say the least ..he wanted me to make an offer of payment even though as I told him it was only an allegation that I owed the money as ADCB had not sent the original paperwork back..... he then told me that they could take me to court even if I had not got a copy of my signed credit agreement ....I basically told him to jog on ...I'll let you all know the outcome of Moriartys GDPR breach investigation .
    • or should I sent a copy of Ericsbrother's template  ?    Please help!     Unfortunately for you, I was not born yesterday so I will not be paying the demand as there is no liability in this matter because the signage is prohibitive and not an offer of a contract so none has been breached and anyway the POFA limits any charge to the specified sum so your demand for £160.00 is nonsense. As VCS (Vehicle Control Services Ltd) has been spanked at court on this very same thing several times before I suggest that you discontinue this foolishness. Should VCS decide to continue then I shall be asking for a full costs recovery order for unreasonable behaviour and then seek damages for the breach of the DPA/ GDPR as per VCS V Philip, Liverpool CC Dec 2016. Even Will and John, the parking world’s worst solicitors seem to have got fed up with Simple Simon’s stupidity and greed and presumably that it why you are wasting your ink on his behalf.
    • What about?   Dear Sir / Madam I dispute your ' parking charge'. I deny any liability or contractual agreement and I will be making a formal complaint about your predatory conduct to my MP.   You are no doubt aware that Southend airport is subject to byelaws 1997. This is not and cannot be a civil debt. Should you proceed with a civil case an application will be made to strike it out as the civil court lacks jurisdiction to hear such cases.   Having been warned that such an application will be made I will hold you fully responsible for all and any fees associated with this and apply for all costs due to your unreasonable behaviour.   Yours faithfully
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Find out here if your local court is staying claims

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My case against National Westminster Bank was stayed earlier this week in the Altrincham County Court.

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Just phoned Luton court, and they said that they are staying all cases on their own initiative without any application from the bank, apparently I will be getting a letter to confirm this.



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It would be very useful if you could post what your local court has told you regarding stay on claims due to the OFT report. We dont need to know what the banks said, we all know they will just tell us that they have a stay and that is that.

I am Hoping that this list will help in our argument to have stays set aside, by demonstrating to judges that (at the moment) the majority of courts are continuing with claims on a case by case basis, which is a fair and just way to continue.

I also hope to raise the awareness a bit, it may give us all a bit of hope if anyone was fearing the banks letters were right saying all cases were stayed when in fact they werent.


All the below seem to be playing by a case by case basis and appear to be all proceeding as normal:


Aldershot & Farnham County Court,

Blackpool County Court,

Bow County Court,

Bristol County Court,

Caernarfon County Court,

Chester County Court,

Chichester County Court,

Gateshead County Court,

Guildford County Court,

Hitchin County Court,

Hull County Court,

Kettering County Court,

Lancaster County Court,

Medway County Court,

Newcastle County Court,

Northampton County Court,

North Shields County Court,

Norwich County Court,

Nottingham County Court,

Oldham County Court,

Peterborough Combined Court Centre,

Rotherham County Court,

Salford County Court,

Scarborough County Court,

Scun.thorpe County Court,

Slough County Court,

St.Helens County Court Merseyside

Sunderland County Court,

Thanet County Court,

Watford County Court,

Wellingborough County Court,

Winchester Combined Court,

Woolwich County Court,

Worcester County Court,

Wrexham Count Court,

Croydon County Court,


All the below courts have said SOME cases will be stayed whilst the outcome of the test case is decided:


Altrincham County Court,

Sheffield Laws Courts,



All the below courts have said ALL cases will be stayed whilst the outcome of the test case is decided:


Bradford County Court,

Halifax County Court,

Luton County Court,

Southend County Court,


The situation at the below is still unclear:


Aberdare County Court,

Aberysthwyth County Court,

Accrington County Court,

Ashford County Court,

Aylesbury County Court,

Banbury County Court,

Barnet Civil and Family Courts Centre,

Barnsley County Court,

Barnstaple County Court,

Barrow-in-Furness County Court,

Basildon Combined Court,

Basingstoke County Court,

Bath County Court,

Bedford County Court,

Birkenhead County Court,

Birmingham Civil Justice Centre,

Bishop Auckland County Court,

Blackburn County Court,

Blackwood County Court,

Bodmin County Court,

Bolton Combined Court Centre,

Boston County Court,

Bournemouth County Court,

Brecon Law Courts,

Brentford County Court,

Bridgend Law Courts,

Brighton County Court,

Bromley County Court,

Burnley Combined Court Centre,

Burton-upon-tweed County Court,

Bury County Court,

Bury St Edmonds County Court,

Buxton County Court,

Cambridge County Court,

Canterbury Combined Court Centre,

Cardiff Civil Justice Centre,

Carlisle Combined Court Centre,

Carmarthen County Court,

Central London County Court,

Chelmsford County Court,

Cheltenham County Court,

Chesterfield County Court,

Chorley County Court,

Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court,

Colchester County Court,

Consett County Court,

Conwy and Colwyn County Court,

Coventry Combined Court Centre,

Crewe County Court,

Croyden County Court,

Darlington County Court,

Dartford County Court,

Derby Combined Court Centre,

Dewsbury County Court,

Doncaster County Court,

Dudley County Court,

Durham County Court,

Eastbourne County Court,

Edmonton County Court,

Epsom County Court,

Evesham County Court,

Exeter Combined County Centre,

Gloucestershire Family and Civil Courts,

Grantham County Court,

Gravesend County Court,

Great Grimsby Combined Court Centre,

Harlow County Court,

Harrogate County Court,

Hartlepool County Court,

Hastings County Court,

Haverfordwest County Court,

Haywards Heath County Court,

Hereford County Court,

High Wycombe County Court,

Horsham County Court,

Huddersfield County Court,

Huntingdon County Court,

Ilford County Court,

Ipswich County Court,

Keighley County Court,

Kendall County Court,

Kidderminster County Court,

Kings Lynne County Court,

Kingston-upon-Thames County Court,

Lambeth County Court,

Leeds Combined Court Centre,

Leicester County Court,

Leigh County Court,

Lewes Combined Court Centre,

Lincoln County Court,

Liverpool Civil and Family Court,

Llanelli County Court,

Llangefni County Court,

Lowestoft County Court,

Ludlow County Court,


Macclesfield County Court,

Maidstone Combined Court Centre,

Manchester County Court (Crown Square)

Manchester County Court (Deansgate)

Mansfield County Court,

Melton Moybray County Court,

Merthyr Tydfil Combined Court Centre,

Middlesbrough County Court,

Milton Keynes County Court,

Mold County Court,

Morpeth and Berwick County Court,

Neath and Port Talbot County Court,

Nelson County Court,

Newark County Court,

Newbury County Court,

Newport (Gwent) County Court,

Newport (Isle of Wight) County Court,

Northwich Magistrates and County Court,

Nuneaton County Court,

Oswestry County Court,

Oxford Combined Court Centre,

Penrith County Court,

Penzance County Court,

Plymouth Combined Court,

Pontefract County Court,

Pontypool County Court,

Pontypridd County Court,

Poole County Court,

Portsmouth Combined Court Centre,

Preston Combined Court Centre,

Rawenstall County Court,

Reading County Court,

Redditch County Court,

Reigate County Court,

Rhyl County Court,

Romford County Court,

Rugby County Court,

Salisbury Crown and County Court,

Shrewsbury County Court,

Skegness County Court,

Skipton County Court,

South Sheilds County Court,

Southampton Combined Court Centre,

Southend County Court,

Southport County Court,

Southwark County Court,

St Albans County Court,

Stafford Combined Court Centre,

Staines County Court,

Stockport County Court,

Stoke-on-Trent Combined Court,

Stourbridge County Court,

Stratford-upon-Avon County Court,

Swansea Civil Justice Centre,

Swindon Combined Court,

Tameside County Court,

Tamworth County Court,

Taunton County Court,

Teesside Combined Court Centre,

Telford County Court,

Torquay and Newton Abbot County Court,

Trowbridge County Court,

Truro County Court,

Tunbridge Wells County Court,

Uxbridge County Court,

Wakefield County Court,

Walsall Hearing Centre - County Court,

Wandsworth County Court,

Warrington and Runcorn County Courts,

Warwick Combined Court Centre,

Welshpool and Newton County Court,

West London County Court,

Weston-Super-Mare County Court,

Weymouth and Dorchester Combined Court Centre,

Whitehaven County Court,

Wigan County Court,

Willesden County Court,

Wolverhampton Combined Court Centre,

Workshop County Court,

Worthing County Court,

Yeovil County Court,

York County Court




Blackpool county court are staying claims automatically and NOT carrying on as normal

TOTALLY debt free as of 2007, Fantastic,

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case stayed



Please note I am not an expert - I am not offering opinions or legal help - Please use all the information provided on the site in FAQ- step by step instructions and library- thanks Jansus:)


offer from A&L 24/8/07 - after case stayed


"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well." - Antione de Saint Exupery




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Blackburn are carrying on as normal.

Please note that I am not a legal expert and all advice given is without prejudice and is purely my opinion only.


** Nationwide - £1821.15-PAID IN FULL - Aug 06 **

** Halifax Mortgage -£390 - PAID IN FULL - Nov 06 **

Lloyds TSB - MCOL issued 09/03/07 - £2953 + costs - ON HOLD....




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List updated next page


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Excellent idea for a thread ICY don't envy you having to manage it though - good luck

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Hartlepool stayed my credit card claim with citicards on wednesday

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Hi there - Oxford County Court are saying business as usual and they have had no instructions to treat claims for Bank charges any differently from before the OFT announcement.


Luckily for me as I won yesterday - Post OFT and the Judge refused Natwest a stay! Good luck to all as I know it is a bit of a lottery at the moment.

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List updated



Hartlepool stayed my credit card claim with citicards on wednesday

For what reason, was it to allow settlement or due to the OFT announcement, if it is the latter then you need to apply to have it set aside as the OFT case is not about credit card claims


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List updated




For what reason, was it to allow settlement or due to the OFT announcement, if it is the latter then you need to apply to have it set aside as the OFT case is not about credit card claims


Hi yes the DJ stayed my claim while awaiting the OFTs announcement, I told him that the OFT were ruling on bank accounts and not credit card claims but he was having none of it, citi had failed to comply for full disclosure so their defence should have been struck out, ive poosted the details on my thread groovycaz v citicards..Gc

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Lady at Ashford County Court told me she thought their DJ was going to stay all claims. I haven't had definite confirmation yet though - I'm waiting to hear something on two claims.

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Case stayed by Plymouth Courts, it appears that they are staying all cases until outcome of of OFT case



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List updated


Theres a trend appearing here which doesnt look good


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To any MODS, this thread must be important enough to warrant becoming a sticky.

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I agree - this ought to be a Sticky now.


Also, could Baconbuttyman's post (#4 above) now be edited so it doesn't show the original list? When scrolling quickly through the thread to look for the list it's easy to confuse that list with ICY's updated one.

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Poppynurse :)


If my comments have been helpful please click my scales!!!!

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Have spoken to IPSWICH County Court this morning regarding this claim -




They have informed me that they have NO directions, from their Circuit Judge or higher, to stay bank charge claims so ALL claims and hearings are proceeding, as previously, and they are NOT automatically staying claims.


They have, however, recieved many requests from banks to stay claims (though NOT yet in my case!) and are dealing with these on an individual basis, again as previously.


Basically then, business as normal at Ipswich County Court.


Many thanks for this thread, ICY, and hope this info helps - Adam

I do my best to be helpful, but at the end of the day I'm not a professional - please seek further advice if you're not sure. On the other hand, if I have helped, please click my scales - thanks ;)


Current Claims (all for friends!) -


Abbey - over £4k - Court claim issued & AQ filed ('Tish vs Abbey'). Alloc'n Hearing 21 Sept - Claim stayed 29/8/07.

Cap One - just under £2k - WON (just over 2k!)('Tish vs Cap One')

Cap One - just under £1000 - WON (just over £1k) Nov 07 (JimmyBoy vs Cap One)

Lloyds TSB - £3.5k - Court claim issued, defence rec'd and AQ filed; Alloc'n hearing 7th Sept Claim stayed 29/8/07! (JimmyBoy vs Lloyds')

MBNA - over £1k for mis-sold PPI - WON - approx £1500(IpswichWitch vs MBNA . . .)

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Bad news for me, Oldham are staying all


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List updated below

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