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    • Please notice that I have had to restructure your text and introduce spacing to make it readable – especially for people using the small screen. Please will you make sure that your posts and future are properly spaced and punctuated. Thank you. It's a complicated story – but it certainly seems that Hermes managed to lose your laptop while it was in their care and so you will be able to get the value of your laptop back. We have lots of Hermes stories on this forum and so please will you start reading them up – probably at least six or seven of them. Take your time and understand the principles. Also, at the top of the forum you will find a sticky thread which is about the enforceability of insurance. It is important that you read this because you quite rightly did not take up their insurance offer – but when you sue Hermes – which you will certainly have to do, they will defend mainly on the basis that you didn't take out any insurance. You will have to have these arguments ready in order to knock them back. You will certainly be able to recover the value of your laptop and the delivery fee and court costs. You will understand the whole claims journey when you read the other stories. However, I don't think that the refund that you are hoping to get is recoverable. Can you tell us the basis on which you claimed the refund? Who did you purchase it from?
    • Start off by sending every party involved in this – insurers, doctors et cetera a subject access request. Do this straightaway. No harm at all in gathering as much information as possible. Secondly, people who have asked you for this money and ask them for a detailed account as to the basis on which they believe they are entitled to claim any money from you. Make sure that the letter begins by stating categorically that you do not agree that you owe them anything and that at no time have you provided any misleading information – you want a full detailed report on how they think you have misled them and the justification for the amount of money they are claiming. This is all about information gathering. Send a copy of the above letter to your insurer. It's a saying that you have been taken in by a bunch of ambulance chasers. They are out to rip you off and frankly they don't care how they make their money. Come back here when you have some answers
    • Being accused of misleading a solicitors in a personal injury claim and being asked for substantial payment after 2 years of no correspondence from them.   Accident 30th January 2019   Hit and run, luckily I got the registration and reported it to the Police and Insurance Company (One Call)   One Call took details from myself and Police regarding damage to the car, they collected it and fixed with no problem, no excess to me as originally  I was told the other driver was uninsured, then it came to light that her insurance company had updated registration incorrectly.. they honoured her insurance.   A couple of days later I had a phone call asking me many questions about my injuries, stresses and checking that I was adhering to my insurance ie belt on etc. Once I had finished these questions, the rep said that I was eligible for a personal injury claim, I hesitated, to be honest I was a bit overwhelmed, had terrible migraines brought on by stress and couldn't be bothered with the calls and paperwork that needed to be done... I gave in and said let's go ahead afterall with the pain I had I may well need treatment which could be costly.   I filled in the relevant forms and paid an upfront fee of £150 incase it went to court.   I was referred to OCL Solicitors who deal with the claims on behalf of One Call, they asked the question again, ones I had answered numerous time.    They organised for me to have an assessment with a physiotherapist in Salisbury, quite a distance from where I live in Andover, I was expected to drive there and back 12 times, costing me just under £500 for petrol and parking. The physiotherapist asked for this amount of sessions due to my neck, back and head injuries.   They then request that I attend a Doctor's assessment, I was faced with a rude and bolshy man, looked at me as though I was putting him out for being there, he asked me questions but wasn't really listening, he was tapping away on his laptop whilst I was speaking, he contradicted me when I told him about my injuries and medication etc. Quite sometime later the Doctor filed his report and the company said that he had found my injuries were not condusive with the accident.... I was walking dogs without injury the day before my accident on the school run. I requested a second opinion.... every communication via email took weeks, I had to chase constantly and then without any emails or letters the file handler said I would not get a second opinion. She asked if I had filled in a form on my arrival and I advised with my husband's agreement that I had not.... I never heard from them again and that was 2 years ago.   Yesterday afternoon I received an email stating that I need to pay for the doctor, Physio and Legal costs as I had breached contract by misleading them...   I did not mislead them, I had genuine injuries which the physio worked on quite intensely, surely they have breached the contract themselves by not keeping correspondence with me as stated in their terms and conditions. They are after over £2500, they have suggested a monthly payment of 24 instalments.   I have not done anything wrong, if I pay it that is admitting I have lied/misled them.   Can you assist me please???   Rgds          
    • Hi lookinforinfo,   No problem, regarding the 'Pay on Foot car park' sign there are two, one on the inside at the front of the carpark approximately 5-10 meters from the entrance and another one on the inside at the back of the car park roughly in the middle.  There isn't one at the main entrance to the car park.  Both are situated inside the car park front and back.
    • I wanted to send a laptop back for a refund and chose to go through Hermes as they offered the best rate for the size of the parcel.   I chose not to get it insured as I'd heard about it not being enforceable and a waste of money, especially as it only covered up to £300. After sending it off I was contacted by the laptop company saying that I need to get it back as the address they had listed on their website is no longer where they are based. I got in contact with Hermes straight away (same day) to try to resolve this. Parcel was sent off on the 24th of June, it was out for delivery on the 28th or 29th so I called Hermes and they were able to contact the courier to stop him delivering it, I was assured my parcel would be with me within a week. I checked the tracking on the 2nd and it said the parcel had been delivered to the neighbour of the address on the parcel, I called them as soon as I saw it and they raised it with depo for someone to collect the parcel and send it back to me, I have confirmation that it was retrieved and returned to depo on the 6th. I then checked tracking again and it had been redelivered to the same address on the 8th so I contacted them as soon as I found out, and they had to raise it with the depo once again. I didn't hear anything from them for a few days so I called on the 20th and they told me they had lost it and would send me a claims form and that I would get the value of my parcel as well as postage costs returned to me. My claim has been approved today but they are only offering me £20 for the laptop, plus the £6.80 postage fee. I needed to have this parcel sent off to the retailer by the 16th as that was my last day of being eligible for a refund, and because of Hermes's series of mess ups I wasn't able to meet this deadline and have now lost out on £408.99. Is there anything I can do to get the rest of the money back?  
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A little advice

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Hi all


Im just looking for a bit of advice as to the best course of action.


A bit of background.


I was successful in reclaiming approx £1300 in charges plus interest last year from the Bank of Scotland. However at the start of this year I slipped over my overdraft limit again and piled up over £100 in charges. I telephoned to try and get them to reverse them with no success. Wrote to them threatening to take it to court but they replied that they had said "they wouldnt repay any more charges" when they settled the last time so werent going to play ball. I just hadnt got round to raising the court claim.


I had also been nagging my gf to get claiming and she has finally got her statements and has approx £2000 in charges to reclaim.


My questions are what bearing does the OFT test case have in Scotland?

Should I go ahead and raise my small claim for my £100, or will it not be "heard" until after the test case finishes?

Should my gf write claiming her charges back just now or will it have to wait for the test case result (does it have any effect on Scottish law anyway?) - Note all her charges are 4 years old or less.


Any advice is much appreciated as I am confused easily! (Sorry if I waffled on a bit) :)

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lol @ bumped :p



:lol: we need to laugh.:cool:

usually, because my knowledge on these matters is not exactly, what shall we say, "high-end info" + there's a desire to help.

i simply "BUMP" to catch the eye of someone with KNOW-HOW!:grin:

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]if my response has been of help to you, please click on my scales. thank you:)

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hi bert as deadlykiss and jontah have both said its business as usaul carry on claiming have a read in this link

***please Read***



A-Z Index








HOW NOT TO CLAIM...Click here!




.please remember that any advice i give is purely my own experience or opinion thankyou

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hi bert as deadlykiss and jontah have both said its business as usaul carry on claiming have a read in this link


***please Read***

this site really is lovely.


it is fun + jolly helpful.


hi ms trotter!!:grin: :lol: ;-)

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]if my response has been of help to you, please click on my scales. thank you:)

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