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Hi all


I'm new to this site so hoping I've posted this on the right forum. I sent my LBA to HSBC on May 31st which they received on the 1st June. The 14 day period expired today and I sent an e-mail to HSBC yeterday just to check they had received my letter and they were dealing with it. I've had an e-mail back today saying they did receive the letter on the 1st June and they are looking into it but as they are looking into each charge seperatly they need more time.

As it says in all the forums we set the timetable and not the banks, so do I now go ahead and start proceedings on MCOL? Is it likely that at some point HSBC will make an offer, even if it's halved?

Also, can anybody tell me what the costs are for registering with MCOL and how I pay etc...




Simone :)

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Costs range from £30 - £250 depending on the amount claimed (without interest). You can pay with any card except Electron. If you're not happy with the pace HSBC set, then go ahead and file. Once you file, you can claim the 8% interest plus court fees in any case. I believe an offer will be made, but if you can't wait for your money, expect one in 8 weeks plus. Other than that about 3 months plus looking at the claims on here :D


Whatever you decide - Good luck. It'll be all right in the end.

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I sent my LBA then due to personal cicumstances didnt get round to proceeding MCOL. After 8 weeks,I rang HSBC to see what was happening and was told I'd been sent an offer. Got it after about a week - £2407.20 on a £2600 claim. I accepted - seemed easier and was a good offer.

Good luck

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I sent my LBA then due to personal cicumstances didnt get round to proceeding MCOL. After 8 weeks,I rang HSBC to see what was happening and was told I'd been sent an offer. Got it after about a week - £2407.20 on a £2600 claim. I accepted - seemed easier and was a good offer.

Good luck


Well I'm hoping for an offer, I don't really want it to get to court proceedings etc..I'm going to start my claim tonight on MCOL and hopefully in the meantime I'll get an offer. I don't really care on the length of time as long as I get back what's lawfully mine even if it's a little less.

Thanks for the advice

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I'm just trying to gather all my letters, bank statements together and put them into a folder so I can keep on top of it all as I'm just starting my claim on MCOL.

Does anybody know if I need to get a copy of my Terms and Conditions from my bank?

Also, next question I've not claimed the intrest back from HSBC I just wanted my charges back, was I ok to do that?

Finally last question, I promise once I have done my claim on MCOL I keep reading on the threads that I need to send copies of letters off and I'm getting confused (which isn't hard) can anyone tell me what and who I actually need to send a letter to?


Thanks all

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well, i'm wondering where you got your particulars of claim from - if you copied them from here and included everything it told you to put in then you maybe have asked for the 8% interest anyway. which would be good as it's simply a charge for them to have been using your money.

did you never put your charges on a spreadsheet?

it would serve you well to go ahead and put them on a spreadsheet - a simply one:England - Simple - Excel

England - Simple - Works

England - Simple - OpenOffice

you just put oldest charge first, by date, name as it a ppears on the statement, and amount. you will come out with a lovely spreadsheet which we keep calling a breakdown. it will add the charges plus tell you what 8% interest is from the date of each charge - then it will add them all up.


it is this breakdown that we send to the court once you've filed your claim - along with your reference number (also, be sure your account number and sort code are at the top of it) and ask that it be attached to your claim.


then when you receive a notice of acknowledgment - you send a copy of your breakdown to dg solicitors with your claim number on it and ask that it be attached to your claim.


it's good to keep copies of all your work.


you won't need a copy of terms and conditions until much later and if you don't have it, you can get copies on here.


so, before we get too far - let's clear up where you got your particulars of claim from - and did you include your account number -


it's up to the court whether you get the 8% but it is a reasonable amount and dg will pay 8% on top of your charges -

if you followed the template particulars fromthe library - you have asked for interest even if not in so many words. the s.69 part takes care of it.


let us know about your particulars.

i should say - why i'm so inquisitive. some people file their claims by just putting things like "i want my charges back" or "the bank took this money from me" - it really needs to be very specific following the template and if it's not - we will need to know sooner rather than later as it will mucky up your claim if it's not correct.

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I got my particulars of claim from the Money Matters website so I used their letters it was only recently I found this site. I attached a copy of my bank charges also with each letter which I have kept and I put my account number on the letter, but when I sent off for my charges back their were two different letters one asking for the money including intrest and one without and I went for the one without. Was it Ok to do that?


Following your advise I have now put all my charges with the earliest date first onto your spreadsheet which has now calculated my 8% which is good.


When I start my claim on MCOL can I save it and come back to it at a later date etc...


Have I done it ok then overall? Thanks for your help it's been really useful:)

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Address to Serve Court Papers






E14 5HQ



yes you can register on the site & go in & out filling in the forms, getting them exactly right before you are ready to submit.


use this to get the POC right Money Claim On-Line (MCOL) Particulars of Claim

5. Money Claim On-Line (MCOL) Particulars of Claim

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i wouldn't - there is no back up for e-mail - later if you need it for court.

i'd just send the lba - and if nothing is forthcoming in 14 days - then file your claim.

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Me Again!


I'm just getting together my particulars on MCOL and I've just checked through my schedule of charges and I just wanted to know if anyone had an explanation as to what the following charges are:-

  • Notified fees/charges?
  • Unpaid item charge?
  • Excess overdraft fee?
  • overdraft fee?
  • Account fee?

Also, I've claimed for Temp Overdraft limit and looking back now I probably shouldn't have. Does it matter? Can I still include it on my particulars otherwise my figures the bank has on my schedule of charges will differ to my MCOL claim!


Thanks for all your help

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  • 2 weeks later...

My total claim to HSBC was £4157.59 and they offered me last week in an e-mail and backed up by a letter £3500.00 which I have accepted.

I have returned the declaration on Monday accepting the offer and I'm now just waiting for the funds to go into my account.:) :) :) :) :)


Do I need to post this somewhere does anyone know?


Thanks for everyone's help?


How do I go about donating some money towards the site?

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Congratulations on your win. You will need to send a private message to a Moderator and they will change your thread to a win thread. As for donating - if you click on the "consumer action group" logo (top right of this page) it will take you to the welcome page. Somewhere on the right hand side is a donate button if you want to donate via paypal.

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]If you think my post was helpful, please feel free to click my scales



A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.



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congrats simone!! :-)


I have asked a mod for a won on your title!



Welcome to the Consumer Forums

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You will soon discover what a friendly place this is and get lots of hints about standing up to consumer bullies or dealing with other consumer rights.


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Help the CAG!!

Make a donation




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Forum rules. Please read these before posting



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congratulations! :-D


many thanks for the donation.


Crusher :-D



HSBC WON three times!!!!! Read about my continuing battle (claim FOUR!) Link HERE

Capital One WON Link


GE capital (5 accounts) WON link HERE

Lloyds bank account WON second claim starting! link HERE

Budget insurance cough up WON link HERE

Principles WON link HERE

A&L (Mrs Crusher's account) claim link HERE

Barclays claim link HERE


Any advice given is on an informal basis only and without prejudice or liability. In in any doubt, consult a qualified lawyer.


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Thread moved to success forum.






I am not a legal expert my advice is given without prejudice and is purely my opinion only. If you are in doubt please seek professional advice.

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