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Well to say iam supprised is an understatement.


was still waiting for northampton to allocate to my local court, not AQ or court bundle yet.


emailed inga on 3rd june with up to date statement of charges(CLAIM FOR 2300).


She offered my £1850 straight away, i emailed on 6th stateing iam only charging her 8% interest and not 16.39 so i want the full amount.


She has settled today for £2300.


Now being sceptical i asked for scan of cheque to be sent and it arrived today.


So i've won, no court no aq no hassle.


Have another claim ready to send off for charges added since, i don't think this will be as easy though.


Thanks everybody for your help, donation on way as soon as cheque is cleared. excellent web site

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Well done,:D


As Sutherm says, why oh why cant they do this for everyone.


I am submitting my N1 next friday, then after about 2wks I will email Inga and offer her a settlement amount.

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congrats on winning..... Woooo Hoooooo


I think Abbey are paying out to claw back some of the backlog, Inga just mailed me with


"We have no record of any court order requiring the service of documents. Would you please be so kind as to provide me with a copy of any order you retain."


i just replied that the case was heard yesterday and the court will be in touch. I first requested for the charges to be refunded in may so you had every opportunity to resolve this matter.


If thats not p[roof of how inundated they are i dont know what it....lets hope they settle loads more this week :)

[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue]Reka [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue][URL]http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/93120-reka-abbey-court.html[/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [URL]http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/101308-t-cs-nov-1998-a.html[/URL] [FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=4]Abbey *WON IN COURT* £2775[/SIZE][SIZE=1](awaiting payment) [/SIZE][/FONT] [B][FONT=Tahoma]Warrant of Execution filed 22/06/07[/FONT][/B] [B][FONT=Tahoma]***Warrant Issued 22nd June 2007***[/FONT][/B] [B][FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=red]PAID IN FULL [/COLOR][/FONT][/B] [URL]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcAaoRr8H5c[/URL]

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well done ! this is great news. can i ask paperwhat the date was when the papers were served.im just waitin for abbeys defence but think ill try the same tactic.

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Nat West Settled 2 acct's before action:


£2194.77 settled £1904.00 08/01/2007 less interest

£650.93 Settled overpaid GOGW £850.00 02/01/2007


Applied Abbey statements -40 day up 24/04/06(arrived 30/06/06)

Prem 04/01/2007 - reply rcvd 22nd Jan advising not paying

LBA 22/01/07


14/02/07 N1 filed @ local court

21/02/07 issued claim

23/02/07 deemed served

25/02/07 Abbey acknowledgement defend in full.

19/03/07 defence + 50% GOGW

13/04/07 AQ final day for submission


01/05/07 Judgement order

8/05/07 Warrant of Execution requested



Media coverage :D







If you find my post helpfull then please click my scales:)

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well done ! this is great news. can i ask paperwhat the date was when the papers were served.im just waitin for abbeys defence but think ill try the same tactic.



Course you can, abbey acknowledged my mcol claim on 27th april and defended on 24th May, Emailed inga on 3rd june thought it was worth a shot and it paid off, i would do the same again!!


In fact i have a second claim for £795 for charges applied since i started my claim, so when this cheque has cleared i will send a LBA BY RECORDED post and also email inga, you never know.


Who knows how these banks work.


Good luck



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Hello to all


After a couple of years away I am back again with Abbey, on to the third claim for an account that was not claimed for when I issued proceedings on the last two.


This time though i am going back as far as I can (just waiting on statements), I want to fight for the lot !!! ha ha .


I am curious, is anybody aware if you can claim on credit cards and loans that have been paid off and accounts closed, I remember my credit cards had loads of charges in early 2002 at £30 per go, (am aware that as of 2006 was set at £12) or even better see if the agreements where actually enforcable at all.



As always thanks so much for the advise

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