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    • Morning dx, Doc1.pdfStarted early to scan, the first 18 pages I have scanned which is covering letter and witness statement MK1.   Have a nice day. Regards  
    • We all saw this coming. The start of curbs on the Electoral Commission for daring to investigate Johnson's financing of the Downing Street flat refurb and Vote Leave's referendum spending.   https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/electoral-commission-boris-johnson-flat-b1868407.html  
    • Here's Chris Grey's blog on Brexit for June, with thoughts on matters beyond the headlines and bluster.   Brexit & Beyond: Johnson and, um, integrity CHRISGREYBREXITBLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM In my previous post , I argued that I did not think that Joe Biden’s intervention, for all that it was reported to be diplomatically forcefu...  
    • thanks Dx. Yes I am having a look at other threads as well.  
    • You say that you had some communication with Blue Motor Finance. Did you do this on the telephone or in writing? You should read our customer services guide. It's extremely important. You should try to do everything in writing but if you have to do things on the telephone then you should make sure that you make detailed notes of your call and then confirm them in writing. So for instance if your discussion with Blue Motor Finance was on the phone, you should make a note of everything that was said – including the fact that they said that the matter would have to be investigated because the dealer was prepared to carry out repair – and you should send this to be motor Finance with a note confirming that this was the conversation they had with you. It is very important to develop a paper trail. Otherwise everything becomes deniable. The situation is that if a defect occurs within the first 30 days of ownership of the vehicle then you are entitled to reject the vehicle under the Consumer Rights Act. You have to assert this right by contacting the dealer – and in this case Blue Motor Finance – in writing and point out that you are asserting a right under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and you are rejecting the vehicle. Tell them that you want arrangements to be made to give you a refund of all costs including any costs or interest which has been levied by the finance company. Be tough with the finance company. Don't act as if they are do you a favour. Make sure they understand that you are not in the mood to muck around and you won't wait very long either. Don't forget that in this case because you have purchased the vehicle through hire purchase, it is Blue Motor Finance which is the responsible party. That is going to be helpful because if you had had to deal only with Chobham, you would have had very serious difficulties. In addition to writing to Blue Motor Finance to assert your rights, I suggest that you send them a copy of the article from the daily mail which has been linked above and you can draw their attention in your letter to the fact that this is the company that they are dealing with. You can send these messages to Blue Motor Finance by email. You should do this urgently. This weekend. You should also tell Blue Motor Finance that you have now taken advice and that you now understand that their initial statement that the matter needed investigation and that the dealer was going to carry out repair, is unacceptable and actually unlawful and contrary to the short-term right to reject contained in the Consumer Rights Act. Tell Blue Motor Finance that if they will not cooperate immediately in returning all of your money and cancelling the finance agreement that you will consider legal action against them for breach of contract and also for treating you unfairly country to their statutory duty under regulations developed by the Financial Conduct Authority. You should stop driving the car immediately. How far away from you is the dealer? Frankly you want to get rid of the car as quickly as possible. If you had not had finance in place then we would have cautioned you about this because you could end up losing possession of the car and also not having your refund. However, as you are dealing with a regulated finance company, and of course as the money has been loaned to you and you have not paid a great deal of it back it, your best interests would be in getting rid of the car so that it is no longer your responsibility to maintain, to insure or to generally worry about.   In addition to the hire purchase loan, did you pay anything on deposit? How did you pay? Did you pay by cash or by debit card or credit card? If you're confident then you should drive the car carefully to the dealer and leave it with them on their forecourt. Do not leave in the streets. You should photograph the car inside and out so that there is no argument later on as to the condition of the car when you returned it. If you are worried about driving the car then you should tell Blue Motor Finance that you want them to make immediate arrangements for the removal of the vehicle. Tell them that you are giving them seven days to organise this at the end of which you will charge in storage at £10 per day. This is assuming that you are keeping the vehicle on your own property and not on the road. As soon as you have got rid of the car, you should take immediate steps to inform the authorities that you are not the owner of the vehicle. Make sure that when you return the car it is returned with all its paperwork but you should use whatever portion of the V5 is necessary to transfer ownership away from you. Take copies of all the documentation before you hand them back. If you fail to do this and if the dealer does not change the ownership – then you are at risk of some other person driving it in your name and incurring penalties for road traffic offences or parking offences. That will then give you more complicated problems to deal with as you have to try and convince people that you are not the owner and not the driver of the car at the time. You should calculate exactly what this whole thing has cost you. This means all of your out-of-pocket expenses including the cost of going to see the car, going to fetch it, driving it back, any expense of insuring it or anything else because later on we will help you claim all of this back. Of course you will claim all expenses and fees et cetera associated with the finance agreement. As a matter of interest, how recent is the MOT on this vehicle? Who MOT'd it?  
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NDR re Littlewoods catalogue

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hello everyone


i have n.d.r on my case for a catalogue debt of £327.03 i cca,e them and they recieved it on 10.4.07 i never heard anything so they defaulted then on 25.4.07 i had a "notification of instruction to proceed" letter as i said they defaulted on the cca they credited my £1 for cca off the balance and just ignored the request


can someone point me the right direction of what letter i should send them now?


much appreciated thank you:)

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hi all


started to recieve phone calls from these now told the "lady" this morning i would not talk on the phone with them she said "but we are littlewoods not ndr" i never mentioned ndr so big mistake on her part i hung up i am going to fire off a telephone harrassment letter today i am pretty sure i have already sent them one but they obviously don,t understand it


they ignored my cca request and they don,t have long left before they commit a criminal offence i think they know that which is why the phone calls have started



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Hello Meg&Mog! I've recently CCA'd NDR re Littlewoods catalogue. Did you send a CCA or S.A.R to Littlewoods as well?


I sent my CCA a week ago but there isn't a record of it being signed for on the RM website. Do you think i should resend it by special delivery (RM more reliable with this)? Or just sit it out until they contact me?


I wonder if they'll acknowledge your complaint re 'phone calls? I have found these people to be very good at ignoring letters. Let me know how you get on with whole 'project'!!:)

I'm midway through the tunnel, but getting closer to the light.




Please be aware that i am not an expert in anything!

I may offer an opinion, but the final decision is yours.

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hi hopeful:-)


no i have,nt s.a.r.,ed littlewoods because they defaulted on the cca they know that they are running out of time i think


you could try ringing royal mail the number on the back of your orange slip sometimes they can tell you when and if they have recieved it


i am not sure about wether you should send it again i think as long as you have proof you posted it its up to them now but someone with more knowledge i am sure will be along to tell you what to do there


i doubt wether they will acknowledge my letter about phone calls she said "i had ignored there letters i supplied a phone number what choice do they have but to ring me" which is rubbish because they know they have,nt wrote to me


i will deffo let you know how i get on if you have a thread let me know what it is and i will watch yours too if not and you are unsure what to do start one some great ppl on here with great advice


good luck:-)

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Thank you for that info. I have got a general thread going in this forum "Can anyone help me with letter to solicitor?" You're right tho' if i get stuck i'll start a seperate thread.


It's great having access to so much valuable support isn't it? :)


I'll look forward to your next update :rolleyes:

I'm midway through the tunnel, but getting closer to the light.




Please be aware that i am not an expert in anything!

I may offer an opinion, but the final decision is yours.

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Hi all




I have recieved a Default Notice from these this morning


as i said in earlier posts they never sent a cca never acknowledged that i asked for one they did cash the £1 cheque and i have proof they applied it to the account


i have sent them a harrasment by phone letter and a "you did,nt send me a cca yet you continue to harrass me" letter they recieved my request for the cca on 10.4.07 i have worked out that they are over there 12+2+30 days(can someone confirm that for me) my question is what do i do now?


do i report them? and who too? i always get confused with the oft ts and all that also should i send them a letter if so does anyone know of another thread where a similar one has been sent


thank you all so much :)

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