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Barclays paid up without a fight

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Hi all


Great site, love seeing the money relaimed going up and up.


I have started to reclaim charges from barclays for £1395, they have offered £715.


I am unhappy about the amount offered, has anyone any experience of nagotiating for more or do I need to go to court.





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There is a letter in the templates library to adapt. You should accept the offer as part payment in your claim, but let them know you will take them to court if need be. Go for it all as it is your money. Can you post in the bank forum under Barclays.Your questions in the future will be answered quickly.



Some useful links.


Making Posts

Letter Template Library

Bank Contact Details

AQ Guide to Completion

Court Fees

Data Protection non Compliance

Witness Statements for Court Bundle

Banking Code Website

Limitations Act

Fast Track Costs

A-Z Index

Mis-Claim Tutorial

Step By Step Instructions


Remember: The Ark was built by amateurs-The Titanic by professionals.


Please click my scales if you find my advice helpful !


If your claim is successful, please donate 5% so that it can continue to help others.


Your decisions and actions are your own, and should you be in any doubt, please seek qualified professional legal Help.



Please be aware of acting on advice given by PM .Anyone can make mistakes and if advice is given on the main forum people can see it to correct it ,if given privately then no one can see it to correct it. Please also be aware of giving your personal details to strangers





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Elo peeps


I have just joined, but finding navigation around site a bit difficult.


I am trying to locate the barclays users forum ?


I have already contacted barclays for a refund of £1395, but got an offer of £715, I need some advice or others experience in this situation.




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Yes, it is a bit like Hampton Court maze at first, Barclays forum is here:

http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o....barclays-bank/


Before you start please have a thorough read of the FAQs (there’s a Step by Step guide here too). You should print both of these out to refer to, so as to avoid having to ask basic questions later.


Then look at other threads in your bank’s forum, so as you know what you can expect to happen


You need to spend 2 or 3 days gradually getting your head round everything. If you find a forum/thread/post of interest, save it in your Favourites, so as you can always find it easily. Here’s one to start with, which you should find useful later:



There’s a lot to take in, but it’s time well spent and will ensure that you succeed in your claim without problems. Remember it’s not a race, don’t rush, just follow the guidelines one step at a time


This is a self-help forum and you must be prepared to put in time and effort. It is your claim, your money and you cannot expect others to do all the work for you.


When you feel confident that you understand the process and the various stages involved, start a new thread in your bank’s forum and post your progress and any questions there and you’ll get plenty of help


All the info to get you started is here:



Finally the Moderators and Site Helpers are having to spend far too much time dealing with unnecessary and avoidable errors in claims caused by impatience, ignorance or just plain laziness. If you don’t know what to do next, ask. If you don’t understand something, ask. It might be a dumb question, but it’s a lot easier to sort out than a dumb mistake.


Good luck

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I have received an partial offer from Barclays of £715 for a claim of £1395, which I am rejecting.


Does anyone have any information about going to court in Scotland to recaim the money and is there a legal bundle for Scottish Law.




Steve h3

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After refusing an offer for £715 for a claim of F1395, I've recieved a letter stating they would not increase the offer.


I must now start court proceedings, a bit frightening.


I have downloaded the court bundle, but I now live in Scotland and I think thereis a difference in the Law.


Does someone know the differences and how they could effect my case.





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There are restrictions for the limit you can claim in small claims 750.00 a time.

Have a read in the Scottish section there you will find more info.



Have a happy and prosperous 2013 by avoiiding Payday loans. If you are sent a private message directing you for advice or support with your issues to another website,this is your choice.Before you decide,consider the users here who have already offered help and support.

Advice offered by Martin3030 is not supported by any legal training or qualification.Members are advised to use the services of fully insured legal professionals when needed.



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Thanks for the help Martin3030.


This is not god news for me as I am trying to claim back £1395, do you know of any other method of making a claim for the full amount or can I make two seperate claims.





Steve Haggerty

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Hi all

I need some advice from anyone who has made a claim in a Scottish court.

Is it true that the max claim that can be made in Scottish small claims is £750, if this is true it is very worrying forme, as I am trying to claim back £1395.


any advice would be appreciated.





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Hello all


Barclays have refused to pay back in full, so I am about to start court proceedings.


Here in scotland the max I can claim back in the small claims court is £750, which means I will be taking barclays to court twice, what fun.


I will let you all know of my progress and if successful make a payment to this great site.





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  • 4 weeks later...

Getting sorted to go to court, if I add the standard interest and my expenses I go over the £750 max.

Is this correct or must the total claim be below £750.


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Hi all good people:)

I have a claim for £1080 from barclays.

I have made the claim for refund.

I have recieved an offer of £715.

I have sent the LBA and they would not offer anymore.

I am about to apply to the small claims court.

Has anyone any experience dealing with Barclays through Scottish courts. I am raising two claims. 1, £740+176.85 interest, 2, £340+134.82.

The 1st claim is under the max claim allowed, but when the interest is added it is higher than the max, am i doing the right thing.

Any help would be great.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi guys

I really could do with some help, could someone look at this claim and tell me if its valid.




ENTER YOUR BANK'S FULL NAME HERESORT CODE:ACCOUNT NUMBER:SCHEDULE OF CLAIM FOR CHARGESPERIOD: [DATE FROM] TO [DATE TO]In Respect of:AmountDate IncurredDays since offenceInterestUNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0031/03/20031446£3.17The first interest rate is for interest on unlawfully deducted items up to the date of service. You can use almost any rate you see fit, or are brave enough to claim, i.e. 2% above base rate, 8%, contractual rate, etc. Obviously you may have to justify the rate you use in court.UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0003/03/20031474£3.23UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0001/05/20031415£3.10UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0001/05/20031415£3.10UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0031/03/20041080£2.37UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0031/03/20041080£2.37CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/05/20041049£2.30CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/05/20041049£2.30CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/05/20041049£2.30CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/05/20041049£2.30Enter rate used here:8%UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0001/05/20041049£2.30CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/05/20041019£2.23The second interest rate is for interest on the total claimed at the date of service. You must use the judicial interest rate which currently is 8%.CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/05/20041019£2.23CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/05/20041019£2.23CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/05/20041019£2.23UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0031/05/20041019£2.23UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0031/05/20041019£2.23UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0031/05/20041019£2.23Enter date of service here as text:16/03/2007CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/07/2004988£2.17CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/07/2004988£2.17CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/07/2004988£2.17CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/07/2004988£2.17CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/07/2004988£2.17CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/07/2004988£2.17CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/07/2004988£2.17CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/07/2004988£2.17CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/07/2004958£2.10CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/07/2004958£2.10CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/07/2004958£2.10CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/07/2004958£2.10CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/07/2004958£2.10CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/07/2004958£2.10CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/07/2004958£2.10CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/07/2004958£2.10UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0031/07/2004958£2.10UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0031/07/2004958£2.10CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2004927£2.03CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/10/2004896£1.96CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/10/2004896£1.96CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/10/2004896£1.96CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/10/2004896£1.96CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/10/2004896£1.96UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0001/10/2004896£1.96UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0001/10/2004896£1.96UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0031/10/2004866£1.90UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0031/10/2004866£1.90UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0031/10/2004866£1.90UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0031/10/2004866£1.90CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/10/2004866£1.90CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/10/2004866£1.90CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/10/2004866£1.90CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/10/2004866£1.90UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0001/12/2004835£1.83CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/12/2004835£1.83CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/12/2004835£1.83CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/12/2004835£1.83UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0001/12/2004835£1.83UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0001/12/2004835£1.83CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/12/2004805£1.76CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/12/2004805£1.76UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0031/12/2004805£1.76CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/12/2004805£1.76CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/12/2004805£1.76CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/01/2005774£1.70CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/01/2005774£1.70CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/01/2005774£1.70CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/01/2005774£1.70CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/01/2005774£1.70CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63UNPAID CHQ CHARGE£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0003/03/2005743£1.63CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/04/2005714£1.56CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/04/2005714£1.56CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/04/2005714£1.56CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/04/2005714£1.56CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/05/2005684£1.50CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/05/2005684£1.50CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/05/2005684£1.50CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/05/2005684£1.50CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/05/2005684£1.50CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/05/2005654£1.43UNPAID DD CHARGE£10.0031/08/2005562£1.23CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2005562£1.23CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0031/08/2005562£1.23CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/10/2005531£1.16CLEARED TRANSACTION£10.0001/10/2005531£1.16CLEARED TRANSACTION CHARGE£10.0001/10/2005531£1.16£1,080.00£207.93TOTAL CLAIMED AT DATE OF SERVICE:£1,287.93JUDICIAL INTEREST AT CURRENT RATE OF 8%£0.00TOTAL CLAIMED AT DATE OF JUDGEMENT OR PAYMENT£1,287.93

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Ok have you sent a prelim letter ?


Or are you asking whether you have calculated the penatly fees correctly.


UNPAID DD CHARGE you can claim

UNPAID CHQ CHARGE - I am not sure you can claim ( anyone else have any idea )

Unpiad Outs you can claim

Paid Referals you can claim



Not entirely sure what cleared transaction would be £10, perhaps some once else could clarify

If I have been of any use to you in my response please click my scales. :oops:


MBNA WON 16/3/07 £1700 :p

Barlcays N1 fileld in and awaiting funds to take them to court.


If you want to spend some of your money from your new spending saving scheme why not buy a flybook laptop. http://www.everythingflybook.com. I can highly recommend them.

Currently in Litagation with Barclays 11/5/7 ( Awaiting Court Date )

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  • 1 month later...


I have a date for the court 11/04/07, I contacted the court officer who said that barclays have contacted them and say they will contest my claim.

This has made me a bit nervous, is this normal barclays behaviour, or am I in trouble.

Steve H

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I'm assuming that the 11/4 is the date you filed the claim online? If it is then there's nothing to worry about, this is just standard practice for the banks, normally they'll settle a few days before the actual court date.

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici - By the power of truth I, while living, have conqured the universe.


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? - Who Watches The Watchers?

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Hi Squall


No I didn't claim on line I started the claim over a month ago.


I don't know the procedure do i recieve anything from the court or barclays before the court appearence.


Thanks for your help




Steve H

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  • 2 weeks later...


Court date was this friday, got a letter from Barclays monday paid in full.

It was so easy they said it was relatively small (£1485) and not cost effective for either party to take the matter to trial.

Ha it may be a small amount to them but not to me.

go on everyone it feels great to beat the B******ds.

Now how do I donate to this site.

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First, can you please fill in the SURVEY to encourage others?


As for the other, DONATIONS , and thank you very much in advance.


May I ask you if we have your litigation details? If not, could you let us know:


Name of Bank

Claim Number


Sum Claimed


Concluded (Y or N)



in that format (to help us keep track more accurately, especially as reference for future claims!)


Well done again. :-D

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