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Dire customer service


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Sorry for the long post, but this is an email I sent to Currys earlier:


Dear Sirs


This email is in reference to a complaint about my 3rd Faulty Plasma TV from Currys but as this latest one falls 12 days over the 12 month manufacturers warranty you were not willing to do anything about it.


At first I was deliberately misled in the Store saying I had no rights to a repair or replacement so I produced the Sale of Goods Act and highlighted where, under law I was entitled to some assistance. The store manager (Andy Bolsover) disputed this but at each encounter he conceded a little which only proved to me I was correct.


After seeking advice from Trading Standards and writing to you, Currys seemed to be still confident that they didn't have to follow the law and of course customer service didn't matter as you already had my £2,000 from the purchase of the TV.


During all 3 incidents, I was never offered any compensation for the inconvenience or a replacement TV for the duration - the first incident involved Mastercare holding my TV for in excess of a month without even looking at it which broke your own terms. I also had to call your high rate 0870 number everyday to find out what was going on (again receiving no compensation) despite being told I would be called. The second incident was also handled badly - I now know that by law I was entitled to a refund at that point. I did ask but was declined but as I didn't know better I foolishly believed your staff. That resulted in me having to pay an extra £500 for the Panasonic TH42PX60 which has now failed.


One of the main issues here has been either your staff lack of knowledge of the law, in particular the Sale of Goods Act or their choice to deliberately ignore it, but to tell me to my face that what I was saying was irrelevant or completely wrong was extremely frustrating.


I had a similar incident with an Xbox 360 console which failed after the 12 months manufacturers warranty but the retailer in question replaced the item for me under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act. In this case with my TV, Panasonic have being extremely helpful and have agreed to send an engineer out and fix my TV free of charge as a goodwill gesture as they are very big on customer support.


I really would like to follow this through with Currys but I fear I will get nowhere and at expense to myself despite the law being on my side, at least that is the impression I have received whilst researching my problems with yourselves using the internet. There are countless people out there just as frustrated as me because Dsgi Plc companies are misleading their customers and telling them they have no rights when they clearly do.


Another issue I had when complaining about your customer service was when I called your head office. I asked to speak to Peter Keenan's PA to try and highlight the failings I had seen at various levels of the organisation. I was put through to the Customer Services call centre. I called back and said I didn't want to be put through to the call centre, I don't want to speak to them - she did it again. I called a third time but that time she hung up on me straight away. I called again (withholding my number) and ask why she hung up on me, which she denied! I'm sorry but I didn't imagine it so I didn't appreciate being lied to by the receptionist at head office, but at least your staff are consistent with their attitude towards customers.


I will take Panasonic up on their offer of a free repair as I can not afford the engineers fee you want to charge me of £120. I appreciate it that it is small percentage of the price I paid for the TV but due to my personal circumstances I simply can not afford it. Also, Trading Standards have advised me on 4 occasions that "Currys should inspect the TV for free, the consumer should not have to suffer any significant inconvenience and never suffer any consequential costs or losses due to premature failure of parts". Given that Panasonic say the TV should last for 60,000 hours continuous use (roughly 7 years) and mine has failed after just over one year of intermittent use, it does appear to be a premature failure of parts. I am upset I can't pursue it with yourselves but I feel forced into going elsewhere due to the costs involved.


The purpose of this email is to show you the shocking experience I have had with all 3 TVs I purchased from yourselves. I hope to receive a reply to this email that addresses my concerns with your company and it's flaunting of the law and absolutely appalling customer service.


Panasonic aren't coming out until Monday and I'm thinking of telling them not to at the moment. I really want my TV to be fixed but am worried about taking it further due to costs etc as I am unemployed at the moment and am finding it hard to justify paying anything when Panasonic say they'll do it free but I really want Currys to be on the receiving end of some kind of justice.


What advice can you offer me?


Trading Standards keep saying that I shouldn't have to pay for an engineer but Currys keep insisting on it.

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Guest yourbestfriend

i agree with you on everything but some things need to be clarified.


The XBOX360 has a known issue where when it gets hot the solder inside melts and this causes it to fail and show a red light instead of standard green.


this is a known issue so there is no denying it as faulty after the primary 6 month period of SOGA.


But TV's are different if there are no known issues with the manufacturer tests, other consumer reports or even experiences of other TV's in this range then at 12 months it is slightly less likely that it is fault from manufacturing.


unless the fault occurred in the first 6 months you have to prove you did not cause it.


with plasma's because of the liquid inside just laying it flat can cause it to damage. showing things to bright. lightening or even beer when the football was on last year can cause damage. but you have to prove it was no your own doing that caused it.


the 60,000 hours is a UPTO amount and that is just a guess and under prime conditions.


trust me the manufacturer did not have a model of your TV on a bench for 7 years just to time it.


going into store would get you know where. they dont have technicians or the authority to just allow a replacement without it being tested.


if you called techguys they should have got an engineer to your house to test it. or for the manufacturer who are the only repairers trained to deal with the TV directly.


you obviously got a engineer/courier to get the TV to mastercare as you said they had it for over a month without looking at it. After the 28 days from notification of fault you are right you should have asked for a refund for this.


sorry but no one is entitled to a loan TV while a repair is in progress. unless this is a special extra customer service thing the retailer offers.


and compensation for inconvenience and phone bills are also hard to achieve unless you want to go to court to claim back those 7p a minute.


even if you are on the phone at peak time (7p) for 40 minutes a day each day for thirty days its only £84


a court case is not worth that...apart from the mental satisfaction of beating a multinational company which might be worth it.


also your email is very confusing to me. so without you ptting your name address, receipt details of the three purchases in the email the recipient would also find it hard.


ok u said there were 3 tv's

TV: you went to the store and they said they wont deal with it.

kind of true as they dont have the engineers to do it. but they

should have passed you onto mastercare. who can deal with it.

was it TV 1 or 2 that went to mastercare?


and what is the situation with TV 3 now..


when i send emails to manufacturers etc i write it like this.


purchased product TVONE - receipt 100500 - date 01/04/06

it is 12 months since purchase but this tv has gone faulty.

12/04/07 your staff instore told me they will do nothing to fix error

13/04/07 spoke to your repair line they also told me to go away.

15/04/07 gave up trying and due unsuccess of rectifying old TV i purchased new TV


purchased product TVTWO - receipt 010000 - date 17/04/07

25/09/07 TVTWO now faulty, called mastercare arrang booking

27/09/07 Mastercare took TV

28/10/07 it has been a month since mastercare took TV. called them and

they have not looked at it yet.

01/11/07 they quoted me £120 for repairs


and so on.. include dates and receipts if not full date then atleast a partial such as a month.


one last thing never ever tell a company who have broken the law that you have special circumstances where you cannot afford the repair. just say "you refuse to pay without legal advice".



1)if they know you cant afford £120 then they know you cant afford a court case against them. no matter your circumstances ask why it is going to cost you and state under SOGA the bit about without cost to buyer. but dont say you cant afford it.

2)normally they go "oh **** he getting legals in.. hmm lets save face and just replace it"


DSGi normally have a good policy, but it is not expressed or understood by their under trained staff or by customers. probably both. but there are other companies that would say

hmm he cant afford £120.. well then he aint obviously gonna be able to buy anything from me in the future so lets forget customer loyalty as he wont be back even if we bend over backwards and offer him a place to park his bike.

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Thanks for the detailed reply, I appreciate some parts of my email won't flow well as that was the 3rd or 4th email I sent so they already had my details and knew what was going on.


And you are right of course about the 360 - I never had to get a report or anything though so thought I'd mention it.


I only mentioned the compensation / replacement as advised by Trading Standards, something to do with not being significantly inconvenienced.


I've never had to go this far before so that email I have posted here is just more of a rant as it basically summarises what has happened and yes, I shouldn't have said "I can't afford it" but it was the truth.


Not to worry though, life lesson learnt I guess.

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krypt, ignore the £84 not being worth it. Nobody can tell youwhat sum of money is worth whatever to you and there has been far smaller amounts of money claimed in the small claims court.


If you stick to your guns and let nobody else but Currys deal with your TV then you will be covered by the SoGA. Whilst you may have to prove that you have not damaged the TV after 6 months this shouldn't be a problem as long as there are no physical marks or signs of water intrusion etc.


Your first port of call should be to write to Currys (not email) stating that you want a repair or replacement as you are entitled to under the SoGA 1979 (as ammended). Also mention to them their reoccurring refusal to follow said act. Point out that you will give them 14 days to acknowledge your claim and to set in motion repairs. If they do not respond or start repairs within 14 days you will send 1 final letter warning them they have 14 days to act and if no further correspondance or action is taken you will begin legal proceedings without further warning.


Good luck, feel free to post letters up to be checked and ask for advice etc.

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Thanks for your reply too.


I had written to them and gave them 14 days but they were not willing to do anything really.


Currys have categorically said they will not replace the TV and that they will only offer a repair and to be frank, I'd rather my cat had a stab at it that their engineers.


Panasonic said they will repair it free of charge and will so again in the future in anything happens.


Currys have said (and written to me) saying that if Panasonic fix it, it will not affect my rights under the SoGA in the future but I have no intention of going to or shopping with them every again.


Now, I best get to work on http://www.dontshopatcurrys.com ;)

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they may fix it in the future, but will they hold their hands up and help you in 3 years time? And I wouldn't believe Currys saying it won't affect you (not like they are following the SoGA now) unless you get it in writing.


You have to accept a repair unfortunately, unless they have already repaired the same fault.

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