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Multiple listings with Experian....help!!


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I have a loan with EGG. The loan and PPI were mis-sold. On my credit report with experian, EGG have listed 3 loans all starting on the same day in 2003. The one i signed the loan agreement for is listed as settled.

Another starts and stops the same day, with different loan amount, payments and term. The third is for £5 a month for 147 months.

The question is:-

If EGG have listed the original loan as settled and do not have agreements for the other 2 loans, can they enforce them??

They say that all 3 are the same agreement. Can they register the information like this with experian?

Can I use this to my advantage and ask for the money back for the loan they say is settled if they cannot provide a CCA for it?

Any idea's how to use this mess to help me fight them??

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If you only signed for one loan then you should only have one agreement. Trouble is sometimes they set the ppi on a separate agreement. Is the ppi settled too? If all are settled then no problem eh! What do you want to fight them for? Mis-selling?

If so you may well have a case with the ppi but as for the loan if you applied for it and spent it, whats the mis-sell there?





I am not legally trained or qualified, any advice i offer is gleaned from experience and general knowledge, if you are still unsure after receiving advice please seek legal advice.




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I took out the loan and PPI on the advice of the EGG representative over the phone. They promised the PPI would cover me even though I was already off work ill....

The sales person gave an example, that should my diagnosis change EGG would pay the loan until I am well enough to return to work....

I had been diagnosed as having a blood infection from a holiday. I was then re-diagnosed with cluster headaches, SUNA headaches and another type....a few months later!

When I tried to claim they used pre-existing condition to refuse to pay!

I complained, EGG put the payments I had already paid back into my bank. They sent me a letter saying , gesture of goodwill.

I complained again, that If they hadn't have lied to me when they sold the PPI and Loan......I would never have taken the loan in the first place!

I used the loan to pay my EGG credit card off and my overdraft!

I have a copy of the whole conversation on CD, that EGG sent me...

You can even hear the girl lying.....

I paid the full amount for over 1 year, getting deeper and deeper into debt. Eventually I couldn't pay, so I made an offer through CCCS.

They accepted, then got Moorcroft chasing and threatening me.....

I want to pay what I owe them, But they are being so Viscious!

Now I find that they have registered 3 loans on the day I took 1 out!

1 still active and 2 settled....

I only signed 1 contract, so how can they get experian to list 3 seperate loans??

If they all refer to the same loan, then why not amend one, not create 3???

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Ok this isnt a complicated as it first appears. Without actually seeing the paperwork I am only guessing of course.


What it looks like is that the loan and PPI have been recorded on the CRA as seperate agreements, I have no idea why they should do that. My guess is the third loan is the original credit card debt.


The credit card has of course been settled now and so has the PPI after you complained.


Have you done a sec 77/78 request for copies of the agreements yet or an SAR ?


The first thing to do is an SAR and get all the data back which should help unravel this. I would then do a sec 77/78 request after copies of the agreements and make sure firstly that they actually exist and secondly that the agreements tally with the sar and CRA records.


I would also write to moorcroft telling them nicely to keep their noses out of it as the entire matter is now in dispute. I tend to ignore a DCA as I am usually up to my neck pushing the original creditor against a brick wall ;)


Until you get the data and agreements back its not going to be easy working out why they have recorded things in the manner they have.

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Thanks tamadus...

The only CCA they say that they can supply is the original for the loan that is settled on experian.

The other 2 listed with experian, EGG say they are all the same loan!

But they have listed it 3 times with different amounts and terms. But they haven't discussed any changes with me. They just altered the details and did what they wanted. If they have listed the original loan agreement as settled, surely that means the agreement is now ended and they can't just start another one??

I just got a copy of an agreement from moorcroft today, but still waiting for EGG to send the original. The one sent has signature on 1 page and date, but amount and length of loan on the other page. I thought the CCA agreements had to have all the detail and signature on the one agreement?

The 2 seperate pieces of paper have nothing on them tying them together. They even have different dates on them!

As well as experian list the start date as 28th October 2003, but the agreement wasn't even signed by me until 4th November 2003, according to what they sent me!

It all looks a bit dodgey as the agreement number is different to the loan number....??

Moorcroft didn't send the deed of assignment either!

If the agreement comes from moorcroft and not EGG, is that still deemed as supplied to me under my request??

It wasn't even sent recorded delivery, so how they expect to prove they supplied it, I don't know!


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Guest strangewayofsavin

Firstly phone Egg and tell them they are duplicate, tell them you want the duplicates removed as the duplicates are a defemation of your character, as the duplicates will count a 3 instead of 1, if they tell you to phone the Registry trust, tell them they will have to fax registry trust as they have entered the info, if they refuse Pm me and I will give you guidance of how to file a defemation of character charge.

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