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Newman & Non Compliance of CITI debt CCA request

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I agree flyguy and the OFT have my agreement to further the complaint. On the "Rameses" matter, did he take his pseudonym from the egyptian king? He was a Pharaoh who's principles were to get people to sacrifice their goals & dreams to help towards acheiving his goals, dreams, wealth etc then the richer his life will be! Must be working for a dca!!!!

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On the "Rameses" matter, did he take his pseudonym from the egyptian king? He was a Pharaoh who's principles were to get people to sacrifice their goals & dreams to help towards acheiving his goals, dreams, wealth etc then the richer his life will be! Must be working for a dca!!!!


One assumes so, corruption and immorality were rife in his time - interestingly he only led a short life, and was far from succesful as Pharoah.

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icon1.gif Re: A View From The Inside - The Whitleblower Thread

I thought it would be a good idea for anyone who currently or has previously had dealings with a debtor to have a space to help anyone else out. I know that there are some here who are debtors, or at least were. Here is your opportunity to right your wrongs and provide any hints, tips or general information. If you still are a debtor do not identify yourself and be careful to cover your tracks.



Debtors have a horrendous sense of self-importance, a superiority complex, and consider themselves very knowledgeable about debt. What they often fail to distinguish is that their knowledge is from forum postings written by those without true knowledge of the law. They are not solicitors. Their knowledge is frequently minimal.


Phone Calls

Debtors are nothing more than borrowers. Their own income rests on how much money they can borrow without paying it back. Ignorance of the law and the inability to take any notice of what they agreed and signed to means many will knowingly pressure creditors and DCA's into allowing them to pay whatever they are offered. The general consensus among debtors is that those in debt collection are stupid, and unintelligent. Ironically, in reality it is usually the debtor who is the less intelligent one; I was unfortunate enough to work with some utter moronic debtors who often just go from creditor to another bullying their way through phone calls. They rarely express an ounce of guilt or demonstrate any sort of conscience - on the contrary, the nastier they are, the greater the boast to their fellow debtors. A debtor on the phone rarely has the authority to insist you agree anything. The worst they can do is send it to their 3rd party representative which simply results in the same kind of payment refusal but with 'CAB' written at the top.


The solution to dealing with debtors is to sue them. Do not speak to them on the phone, and do not respond to any of their generic letters. Write to them and tell them what you are going to do and let that be that. If possible, correspond directly with the original debtor. Accounts with CAB's go through a 'cycle', meaning that they have accounts for months without replying and if they've been unsuccessful in making an arrangement they return the account to the original debtor who then passes it onto another CAB and the whole sorry process begins again.


I know a lot of that is going to be known already by a lot of you but I hope it helps regardless and encourages anybody else dealing with these debtors to speak out.







He seemed to take Danny's Whistleblower post to heart with this response. Maybe it touched a raw nerve??? :D :D He hasn't been on for a couple of days, maybe he's busy with some pyramid schemes! :razz: :razz:

What sort of world do you want your kids to grow up in?

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Nice one! It does seem his time on this forum is as short lived as his namesake. Could be like arnie though.... I'll be back! Could even run for parliament????????

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Interesting reflecting on his posts, they are all in a similar vein although in some he seems to acknowledge that some people need help. There I agree with him, debtors do need help, not threats or harrasment. The help offered is of course "if you owe it - pay it" Implication all the underhand and immoral behaviour by DCA's is ok, 'cos those evil debtors deserve it!


Not a lot of use to those who find themselves in financial difficulty. Well help is available on this site - if it means using legal process to make life difficult for the DCA's - tough, its simply playing them at their own game.


Of course this is not ideal, in an ideal world financial institutions would take a more responsible attitude - credit is positively pushed upon people - usually those least able to afford it often at extortionate interest rates- if banks and credit companies end up with debtors they have themselves to blame, after all they are not exactly poor companies, they make a lot of money out of debt - arguably most of their profits, so I have little sympathy for them.


People borrow because of force of circumstance, sometimes out of need, sometimes out of desire - i doubt many borrow in the belief that they dont have to pay it back. Sadly once in debt it is all to easy for those debts to increase rapidly (high interest rates, penalty charges, over limit fees etc) - it spirals quickly and given the stigma attached becomes difficult to deal with.


Resolution is the key and will only come when the 'lenders' accept their responsibilities and obligations, and work with the person in debt - letters demanding payment with menaces only serve to exacerbate the problem. DCA's actually serve no useful purpose, except to make their principals rich out of exploiting others misery.


Lending is a risk business - not actually that risky when tax breaks exist to write off bad debt and sell the debt to a DCA. DCA's also take a risk by buying debts that are not easy to recover, they seem to do pretty well out of it.

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Did you ever get the copy of the executed agreement?


There seems to be a definate issue with Citi Financial Europe Plc not complying with such requests?


That said the Office Of Fair Trading who would be the organisation you would want to complain to seem reluctant to do anything, that said Citi's credit license is due for renewal this September, but I wont hold my breath.

Advice offered by ENRON is without prejudice and is for your judgement as to whether to take it. You should seek the assistance or hire of a solicitor or other paid professional if in doubt.

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LOL I just picked up on this thread! ...

CitiFinancial must be one of the worst financial services companies in the UK! APR's to commit suicide over too. Anyhow I have a dispute with them and right so as it was earlier the FOS Referred me to the FLA. This organisation is a pure joke and 100% funded AFAIK by their own members.

It's taken me many, many months and they are totally biased to the complainant (in this case moi!).

Today I received an astounding letter telling me ... what I already knew! Their supposed representative in previous phone calls starts to do the 'T&C' issue to try and avail herself of proceeding further. Finally after some type of 'battle of wits' fight she said she would get all the data. In the end what did the FLA do - erm, absolutely nothing at all. Somthing like copying what CF said to them and back to square one. I guess I'll have to spend the tenner to do the SAR and back we go again.

So be warned CF & their (jokingly) representing body, the FLA have proved to be as much use as chocolate teapots. Kind of a layman's ideal of back street loan sharks and their minders. LOL


When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is. (Oscar Wilde)

--I like to be helpful wherever possible however I'm not qualified in this field. I do consider carefully anything important (normally from personal experience) however please understand that any actions taken are at your own risk--

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I'm about to send my statute barred letter off to Cabot for a citi card debt. Before I do, I'd just like clarification that the alleged debt is under scots law. I live in Scotland but citi are at an English address...... so, the question is, 5 or 6 years??

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