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Beardtache vs Barclays Bank


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Well, today was to be the day. 40 days and nights in the wilderness waiting for the message of past charges from Barclays and nothing.


Letter sent & follow up call made with a promise of delivery and still I am waiting.:confused: Sent the message in plain English. Must look around for an appropriate letter to send tomorrow to get the figures I require.


How vexxing.


What now - do I give them more time or complain to the authorities?


Anybody else in the same position?

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I take it you did send the template SAR letter and £10 payment?


I would give them a call tomorrow and say you are about to complain to the ICO, and is there anything they can do to make you stop you from doing this straight away? And take it from there.

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Hi Bookworm.


Thanks to this brilliant site,I have tried to play things by the book. SAR and cheque sent to local branch on 08/03/07. Cheque has not been cashed yet, but that's up to them. Should I have sent it to Head Office?


Will take your advice and follow up wih another phone call today and mention that I am aware that I can take this further.

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Despite phone calls and another letter asking for statements or list of charges - not a Dicky-bird out of Barclays. Shame they weren't this shy when taking the charges.


Just been to IOC website - letter will be in the post tomorrow.


See what come of that

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May 4th and still waiting.


Letter requesting a reply to previous letters and calls sent on 18/04/07 and not even an acknowledgment. I have the confirmation of reciept but they seem to be blanking me - anyone else in the same boat. Perhaps I should have written the letter in Dutch, as that is where Barclay's attention seems to be.


25/04/07 letter sent to IOC to inform them of Barclay's none compliance - nothing as yet - not even an acknowledgment.


What do i do, perhaps I will give it another week and think about an estimated claim. Perhaps that will get a response.


Ps Had a letter from Barclays yesterday saying they have added MORE charges to my account - so not totally Dumb.

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Well!! Day 63 and still waiting for ANY reply from Barclays. Nothing in response to all my communication.


Have received a reply from Information Commissioners Office. That was a waste of a stamp - they apologised on behalf of Barclays (which is more than Barclays have done) they are very busy. They will forward my letter to Barclays in a batch at the end of the month, a further 20 days away. They say that Barclays failure to get my statements to me is "a breach of principle" which they are unable to punish. They will ask Barclays (nicely) to do something about this.


Clearly Barclays know they are dealing with a toothless organisation and are carrying on doing their own thing.


Seems Barclays are so busy that they announced yesterday 1000 redundancies!!!!!


Anyone got any suggestions? Should I try an estimated claim - I can get last 6 months statements on line. Perhaps this might spur them into action - or would I just be wasting my time.


Anyone else in the same boat?

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Thought I would give you something of an update.


Figures all calculated and request for payment sent to Barclays on 13th May. Have had 2 holding replies promising to contact me later despite my 28 day limit. They say that they will contact me again by 9th July. This has now been going on since Mach 1st.


Wrote to them again on 10th June giving trhem a final 14 days before action. I think I have given them enough space - isn't this the company that recently announced 1000 redundancies, seems they are not taking this seriously.


Had two letters from Barclays yesterday stating that they have cancelled my cheque book, debit card and all direct debits. Seems they want to play hardball. Monday is 14 days since they recived my 14 day ultimatum so I think it's time for a visit to MCOL

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Had two letters from Barclays yesterday stating that they have cancelled my cheque book, debit card and all direct debits. Seems they want to play hardball. Monday is 14 days since they recived my 14 day ultimatum so I think it's time for a visit to MCOL



It's not uncommon for the banks to retaliate in this way, although the cancelling of direct debits seems a little on the steep side. Are these active DD's which you need to remain open??


Stick to your guns and file your claim through the courts on day 15, they are well aware of the timescales so don't give them any extra time!!

If my advice has helped please click my scales


Should you require any further help feel free to pm me.

Nat West 2nd Acc

Prelim letter sent 8th Feb '07

:) Full Settlement Offer 24th Feb '07:)




Nat West 1st Acc

Filed at court 2nd of Feb '07

Acknowledged on 15th of Feb '07

:rolleyes: Defence submitted 1st March 2007 :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the encouragement Trish.


All DDs are active. I have written to Barclays today and informed them (as if they didn't know) that the account is in dispute and there action (and threats) are not correct.


Don't know how far it will get me, perhaps they have made a decison for me about who to bank with in future.

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Hi beardtache


Have you set up a parachute account with another bank?


Definitely don't alter your timescales. If time is up today, you can always wait til tomorrow's morning post (it is reasonable that 14-days should include an extra mail day for post delivery) and then file online at your leisure over weekend.


MCOL's policy is to process everything received before 10am same day (Mon-Fri), so your claim will be processed by end of day Monday. I know the MCOL site can get bogged down and run slowly at times so it can often be easier to go online to them during 'unpopular hours' - late at night/early morning :)

3 Active Claims:

Barclays Refund of Bank Charges (Sole account) - Applied to lift court ordered Stay

Barclays Refund of Bank Charges (Joint account) - Awaiting court date

Barclays Refund of Bank Charges (Joint account) Pre-6 yrs- LBA sent.



3 Wins :

Barclays t/a The Woolwich (Data Protection Act breach costs & compliance)

HSBC (on behalf of brother)

Settled Out of Court - £3,874.76

Alliance & Leicester (on behalf of friend)

Settled Out of Court - £723.41

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are you over you o/d limit. I was in the same boat a few weeks ago had to contact the debt management dept to arrange temporary o/d (reduces weekly) may well be worth getting in touch with them if your account is still active.

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I would avoid the closure of your a/c if at all poss till you are able to do it on your terms. Make sure your own branch knows you are in dispute re past charges.


Do you think closure is retaliatory cos of charges claim (unusual) or because you are over your o/draft limit.


Can you put the a/c back in order or are you relying on refund of charges.


If DD's start bouncing, your credit rating could start to suffer.


Regards, Slick

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Thanks for all the replies.


Already had a seperate account. Have set about informing all DDs about new account. Some are easily changed on line others have to wait for paperwork. What is really annoying is that I am unable to stop my pay going in this Friday. I wil keep Barclays ac open until this matter is settled. Just wating for Tuesday's post as then all the deadlines will be passed.


Better off without Barclays - now there's a thought.

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