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Mortgage Unlawful Charges

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Dear all,


We have just paid via MCOL to challenge Nationwide over the charges levied to the mortgage account due to late mortgage payments. For the majority of the 25 year period the mortgage payments have been made on time however, in the last couple of years (mortgage has only another 18 months to run), we have have been in the winding down stage and have missed the payments by a couple of days or so (we've never had DD, always paid cash on demand). Nationwide have not been very receptive of our late payments so we have got the statements, found the charges and are challenging them. They have stated that they are not in the wrong and we have now filed with MCOL. What are our chances, anyone been in a similar situation?

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Have just seen your thread when searching for Nationwide mortgages.


How did you get on ??


I'm hoping to claim back some late payment charges myself!!!



Halifax - £2281, successfully refunded all charges after LBA letter & telephone call.

Have been offered the difference between the £20 and £12 charges from Capital One -- am sending LBA for remainder.

GE Money - Received settlement of £441, being total charges requested. No interest though.

CCA'd Bank of Scotland / Blair Oliver Scott to produce CCA Agreements on two Credit Cards - well in default, although still chasing payment!!!

EOS Solutions "ceased action on account" on behalf of a friend.


All in all, quite busy at the moment and enjoying every minute of it




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This thread may have got more answers in this forum.....




I know, a wee bit late maybe.






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