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Save A Tree Vs LloydsTSB :((

Save A Tree

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Tha's it - i've absolutely had a belly full of this bunch of under-handed, dirty......scumbags!!!!! That is about as polite as i can put it when in actual fact i want to scream you complete and utter bunch of c**ts.


But that would be too rude and somewhat ineloquent.


I've just had the most almighty hoo-har with 'Mr Segar' in collections who basically called me a liar or as he put it; he 'didn't believe me' when i said i hadn't sent back a DD mandate so thats why they haven't been able to take a DD payment for my loan account for OVER a year (i have offered to apply for a job, go through their app. process, train up and then oversee my own DD as this could possibly be the quickest solution to this problem as NO-ONE, to date can eplain why they are unable to do this...) despite the fact that several muppets, sorry 'employees', have said they would do this over the 'phone. He then went on to point out I'd abused several of his colleagues, to which i replied, 'it's hardly effing surprising is it? You've abused me for 6 years but that's ok'


Anyway to get to the point, after this conversation ended (was ended :roll: ) i rang back and said i dispute the amount owed as over the years (and i've had at LEAST 3 employees advise/agree, on separate occasions that they've failed me) they have caused that many cock ups that they must owe ME a damn sight more than the paltry £179.85 which they are now going to Default me over :eek: . Anyway this time i get some jumped up cocky little [email protected] who said this was fine and that the action would continue and would i like the address to write to? I pointed out i had it and that once i formally dispute the account it would be on hold, to which he responded, 'yes, once your dispute is acknowledged and i said well you have 40 days to respond blah blah blah. He then also suggested that as well as sending to Penny Berryman (hah, eat dirt you tike, i DO know who & where to write to - sucker) i should also send a copy to....wait for it.... CUSTOMER CARE!!!!! Well, after i'd picked myself up off the floor and wiped up my sniveling from laughing sooo hard and shouted through to Hubby in the kitchen 'Babe, get this they've got a Customer Care dept!!!!' i said 'hey, why not, i've got nothing else to do all day except send letters to you lot of chimps all day!!!!


So this is it now boys, you've been pushing my buttons, in the worng sequence for TOO long now and it stops right here!!!!


Watch this space guys and gals. i'm not gonna stop til i get every last penny back and a little bit more if i can - has anyone successfully ever sued a bank before for the stress and upset they have caused? Cos if not they could be first - i have absolutely had it with these [email protected]$tard$ and it stops here.


My SAR will go tomorrow, i hardly have £10 to my name but that's it - i've had a belly full and would rather walk 8 miles up the A1 to work cos i haven't got petrol than take the butt-foofing from them any longer....


...and i'll be going for more than 6 years worth too :D


(sorry folks... Steps down off soap box :oops: )

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;) damn right i do!!!


They have made my life a misery for too long now - they can make as many cock ups as they like - the whole a/c is one big mess - why can a bank NOT take a DD when there are cleared funds and it has been agreed over the phone (as advised BY THEM!!!!) that it is set up for each month - it leaves me UTTERLY astounded, honest to god, i make one slip up and it s BOOM - hit with the book


I hate them

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It is understandable to feel this way - may of us do. However when starting the process of reclaiming it is best to be well prepared and remove as much of the pent up aggresion that they have caused from your argument. The best revenge that you will get is your money back and if you follow the guidance from this site in a calm (but ruthless) manner you will prevail.


Good luck with your claim - keep us posted.

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Hi nicsussex


I'm a bit calmer today!!


I've spent a lot of time on here reading all the bumpf and learning the process, well as much as possible. I actually took 2 days off work to sit and trawl through the site educating myself. It all sounds a bit confusing but i'm sure it'll become clearer as i work my way through.


I'm just about to re-do my SAR though as the one i saved is pre-the change to the 6 year rule IYSWIM!!?!


I'll let you know


K x

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The first thing to say is that, if you follow this through to the end, you will not "Save a Tree". The amount of paperwork involved is astounding; why oh why can't the banks just do the right thing - pay back all charges without hassle and save themselves costs and customers in the process?


Secondly, I have as much emotion in all this as you do. Most of my charges arose at a time in 2001/2002 when I had to take time off work (I am self employed) to care for my terminally ill father. As a result my income was erratic and even though LTSB knew all this, they continued to "bounce" DD's etc and charge £30 a go (even though in doing so the overdraft was increased more than if the DD's had been paid!).


I "accepted" the position at the time because I felt that the problem was really all of my own making, and not the bank's fault even though they put me through hell at the time...until those wiser than me started reclaiming charges on the basis that they were unlawful and should never have been made. Imagine how I feel now, knowing what I do?


But I know that emotion will never win over LTSB or their solicitors and for that reason alone I am staying focussed and preparing to see them in Court based solely on the law and what is right.


Hang in there - but don't let them see they are getting you wound up cos they'll interpret that as weakness on your part.



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Thanks John72 - some good advice there!


This is why i picked my user name and was going to scan the tree on the back of the envelopes they send to use as my avatar but haven't yet!! I have often said to them 'save a tree'; don't send me your stupid letters telling me I'VE not keep my end of the bargain when its YOU that can't take a DD from an account!?!?!' They did think they'd worked it out once; i have a particularly long name and when i got married and double-barrelled it they thought it was this in the 'name field' on the system causing it to fail but they changed it to 'Mrs. S A Tree' and that didn't work either and now this div on the 'phone last night tells me i'm a liar and that NO-ONE would EVER set up a DD over the phone even though countless people have tried to re-set it!?!!??! WTF???? I asked if i had been on Acid for the last 6 years and was on one long dis-illusioned trip? He said 'maybe' :eek:


Mine all started in 99/2000, i'd just got a new car and was worried about missing a payment and asked them to temporarily extend my O/D but instead they backed little ol' naive me into a loan. I wish i knew then what i know now but hey ho, life is one great big learning curve and i learnt this time, good and proper!!


I'm sorry to hear about your father and how they took advantage of you when you were probably vulnerable and concentrating on far more important things - they make me feel physically sick, they way they abuse vulnerable people is disgusting - it shouldn't be allowed :mad:


Good luck to you and i'll keep you posted



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Hi Folks - quick Qu for you Lloyd-ies ;)


I want to dispute the remainder of my loan as Lloyds, for reasons unknown have not managed to take their money by DD for...probably about the last year - they ring me pestering that i've cocked up then look, realise its them and offer to manually transfer it over to which i say 'why didn't you just do that in the first place as its your error and stop wasting both our time..?!'


Anyhoo, this has been an ongoing issue on & off for roughly the duration of the loan - hence the fact i now have a 'reputation' for abusing the staff :oops: i figure that all there cock ups have delayed the closure by allowing the remaining balance to comprise entirely of late charges and interest accrued at a higher rate due to them not taking money ontime when they had cleared funds on which to draw... If you're still with me...!!??


So to cut to the chase (sorry, i waffle - i know!) Do i follwo the same SAR, LBA etc process. I want copies of all the notes made on my millions of telecons etc....


I need to get my SAR's posted today, also do i post one for all my a/cs and how many fews do i then pay...?


TIA Everyone :p

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Dear SAT,


You will get your money.


Of that there is no doubt.


Please be very unemotional and clear thinking because then you will win.


Also clarify in your mind the difference between any claims you may have on your LOAN account and your CURRENT account.


I would suggest that whilst the two accounts are closely connected the two CLAIMS will be separate issues.


The accounts will come under separate terms and conditions.


All the very best and do not get mad, get even.



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Thanks Gladstanes,


I think you're right - i should tackle the loan first, this is what has been the MAJOR problem in my nearly 30 yrs banking with them - hah so much for loyalty getting you anywhere!!


I find it VERY hard to remain calm with these lot but i know i MUST!!!


I lost it again on the phne last night; they rang me from India, when i was eating my dinner :-x but i was interested to hear what they had to say Needless to say after about half an hour, my call was terminated :oops: The women drove me nuts and said i had agreed £25 off my loan and £11 of my o/d :o i don't know where she got this from i agreed £20 & £20 - bizarre!!!! But i'm past caring now


I must endeavour to think calm ('smug rubbing hands thinking about MY money coming back to me') thoughts :D

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