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Compaq Presario M2000


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OMG i wrote the whole story here and the IE closed just like that!


Any way i bough a laptop that cost me £749.99 on PCW online store on DEC 2005 it turned off on 2006 and never came back on again.


Reason, faulty motherboard. as the warranty was almost due to go, i tryed to extended it but i couldnt do so because on the HP website the option to do so with this series wasnt available, i tried calling HP to do so on the phone but again i was refered to the website once after another.


Well after a few days my warranty run off, HP didnt want to know me then, my laptop gone n me with no money to buy another one.


i kept searching and reading over the internet about cases like mine, but this is the firt time i bumped into this website, thank God i did though, other wise i would still blaming HP and not PCW.


anyway, today i called for the first time to PCW and the answers where, your product is not under warranty no more so we will not receive it in the shop, you will have to take it to get it fix and if they can do so we will charge for that. :o i am going there later on because i do beleive that i deserve to get a decent laptop that wont die after a year... i did not pay £750 for a disposable laptop, and neither did you.


I will take this to the end!!!!

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It sounds like you've been talking to The Tech Guys, who are a repair agent.


If it helps, the usual procedure is this -


- Write to PC World customer services outlining the problem, quote any relevant acts that you wish to claim under.

- Because PC World customer services cannot see the product, they will usually ask you to get an independent report.

- Forward the report on to them.

- They will make a decision based on the contents of this report.


From experience, usual outcomes are;


- Claim is rejected

- Repair is contributed to

- Repair is paid for in full

- Item is replaced

- Partial refund offered

- Full refund offered


But this all depends on the contents of the report and the cost of any resolutions.

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thanx spikeachu, I have been online searching for some info about this, and i found more than 1 person that bought a laptop from the series M2000 and most of them had the same problem... from 1 day to other the Laptop just turned off and didnt want to come back on.


Same thing happened to people in the UK, States and Mexico, is it worthy to keep this info (websites) as evidence of a fault in the series?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I received a few days ago the report from the technicians where i took my laptop in Chile, and just as a security measure i took the laptop to get checked by the Tech Guys, they said the same thing, faulty motherboard, and the part is out of stock in their shop and HP shop, anyway the Tech Guy gave me the price for the part and said that, buying the part and getting it fitted would cost around £300+ but, as HP didn't have the part in stock i most likely had to wait, for God knows how long.


So, best thing to do, he said, get a new laptop. is too expensive to repair.




And I sent the email yesterday, claiming a replacement, repair or refund on the product Under Breach of Contract under The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulation 1982


Today i received an email back asking for a few details and saying:


Dear Sir/Madam


Thank you for your email of 10 April 2007.


This has been received by our Customer Services Team and will be dealt with shortly.


We will keep you updated on progress made and will provide a resolve within 5 working days of receipt.

So i guess that for Wednesday next week the latest i should be updating my case.

That it for today.

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That's an autoresponder which gets sent out to everyone who emails in. You will more than likley receive a reply in the next couple of days, the PC World department is well on top of it's admin at the moment, but i expect they will ask you to forward substantiating documentation by post.

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April 11th

Dear Fran


Thank you for your email of 11 April 2007.


I am concerned to learn of the problems you have experienced with a Compaq laptop purchased from PC World. Our 12-month warranty provides for repair on a free of charge basis to cover problems arising from the hardware defects. Faults that occur after the guarantee period has expired are usually the result of fair wear and tear, not a manufacturing defect. The cost of the repair in these circumstances is not the responsibility of the retailer, but of the purchaser.


To consider your claim for a free of charge repair further, please obtain a detailed independent engineers report. The report should state the cause of the fault, parts required, relevant costs including VAT and labour. Should your product be uneconomical to repair, or cannot be repaired, then we will gladly consider offering a contribution towards a replacement. If the fault is deemed to be a software fault, customer misuse or accidental damage no assistance will be offered.


Yours sincerely


PC World Customer Services


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April 15


Dear Terry,


Here I'm sending a copy of the technical service in Chile, saying that

the computer does not turn on and after tests the results are a faulty mother board due to

internal short circuit.


In this report they suggest me to change the whole motherboard

but they did not have it in stock and after contacting HP Chile

they were told that they didn't have the part in stock either and

they needed to imported. (same thing the technician told me at the Tech Guys Shirley)


I am really sorry that the info is in Spanish, but I'm sure that you can get it translated.


i am willing to take it to someone else here in UK, if this is not good enough for you,

even though i have been at the Tech Guys in Shirley, and they said that the best thing

was to get a new laptop because it will cost a lot of money to fix, plus the part is out of stock.

the technician did check the price anyway for me and said it was going to cost me £300+


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: serviciotecnico

Date: Jan 11, 2007 3:21 PM

Subject: Notebook Compaq m2000 OT 9429

To: [email protected]



Estimado cliente:

A continuación se detallan los resultados obtenidos producto de las pruebas realizadas a su equipo, OT 9429, obteniendo los siguientes resultados:

Equipo no enciende, Corte circuito en placa madre o system Boards.


La solución recomendada por nuestros expertos es:

- Solo cambio de repuesto completo no es posible su reparación, elemento en corte interno.


El valor de la reparación o cambio de los elementos defectuosos es de:

- Repuesto no disponible en nuestro Stock, este tipo de producto es solo a pedido.

* Se cotizara el repuesto vía mail* Pedir el equipo en las condiciones que esta, tendrá que rechazar este presupuesto*

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  • 2 months later...

Well after that, i received an email saying that they wanted one in english, so i sent an email with the english report attached to an email, and i received this email.


Dear Frances,


Thank you for your email of 06 June 2007.


Due to security restrictions, we are unable to open attachments in emails. Please resend your email including the text of the report in the body of the message.


the same day i sent it again, text only and tpday i received this:

Dear Sir / Madam,


Thank you for your email of 11 June 2007. However, I do not have access to the original problem. I only have the engineers report. Could you please write in with further details of what has happened to your item.


In order for us to look into this further, please could you provide us with the following information:


- Place of purchase

- Date of purchase

- Method of payment

- If the purchase was made using a debit or credit card, please provide the card number relevant at the time of purchase.

- Your address at the time of purchase.


Please accept my sincere apologies for any further delay that you may experience in conclusion of your request.


Yours sincerely


OK i know what you are thinking, didnt they ask for that before? YES they did, but they are asking for it again.... i dont really now what to say now part from sending the info AGAIN. maybe after a week i will receive another email asking for another report!:mad:


HELP:!: :!: :!: :!:






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Send the reference numbers from any previous correspondence and they can put the report with the previous stuff. I'm guessing that you forwarded documentation that contained no address or previous references.


If you just forwarded the report without any of this, there is no way to tie it all together.


Every email you receive will have a reference in the format PCWxxxxxCR and every letter you receive will have a reference CC0000xxxxxxx.

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Incidentally, having translated your report I very much doubt that they will accept it. It's not detailed enough. It says that the laptop doesn't start up and the motherboard needs replacing.


There is no evidence to show how the fault occurred, what diagnostics have been used to determine the outcome. Nothing to show the condition of the laptop (ie has it been dropped, misused etc). The report shows no model number or serial number to verify that it is the same laptop that has been looked at is that which you are claiming for.


I'd hope your English report has more detail or I expect that you will be disappointed with the outcome.

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here the report in english, the email have been sent with their reference every single time.


Fault Report

Equipment: Compaq Presario M2000

S/N: CNF5440J20

Fault Description Laptop does not come on at all

After investigating the reported fault on the above equipment, we have found that the Mainboard on the Laptop requires replacement. The fault is most likely to have occurred due to component failure on the Mainboard. There is no way this fault could have been caused by software applications.

We found no evidence of user abuse such as spillage or breaks due to falls.

The cost of replacing the Mainboard will be £350 inc. VAT

This includes cost of parts and labour.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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OK, but i'm still not convinced that it is detailed enough. I may be wrong.

The problem I would see is the wording 'most likely'. The reports are usually requested to determine the fault, not guess it.


Also, what if PC World agree to pay to have the motherboard replaced based on your report, and it turns out that the power supply is kicking out the wrong voltage causing the motherboard to blow? This has not been explored in your report. The repair will be ineffective and you'll no doubt expect it repairing again .. and again .. until someone decides to check the adapter.


CPU ... unchecked

Fuse ... unchecked

Voltages in Chile .. i don't know these, but if you require a step-up or step-down adapter, is this functioning properly?


As i said, I might be wrong, but I think they may request a more detailed report.

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The first thing they checked was the power supply, the laptop has not been used in Chile, as i bought it in the UK and it died in the UK, i took it to Chile to get it fixed because i had no time to do it here due to my trip.


and as i said before the laptop has been checked for at least 3 technicians, they all checked if the power supply was working first thing, i know because i was there all those times, after checking that they decided to keep the laptop to check the inside and the results are what you can read above.


Thanx =)

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Guest dontgetitsorted_SUETHEM!!

power voltages are big problems abroad. if it aint exact pop bang hiss..


also what were the temperatures in chile. sometimes too hott to too cold can cause it.


some computers in spain have extra internal fans to stop burnouts. ever tried frying and egg on a laptop touchpad in spain. i have. it cooked well.

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power voltages are big problems abroad. if it aint exact pop bang hiss..


also what were the temperatures in chile. sometimes too hott to too cold can cause it.


some computers in spain have extra internal fans to stop burnouts. ever tried frying and egg on a laptop touchpad in spain. i have. it cooked well.

You really are an imbecile. Power voltages are NOT big problems abroad, power outages maybe but not voltage. Remember, a laptop is charged via a seperate power supply that supplies 19 volts to the laptop. Furthermore, this power is absorbed by the laptop battery. In the event that a power spike does hit the transformer (unlikely) the laptop battery would smooth this out.


As for your other suggestion about it being too hot in Chile, what a load of bull. Are you suggesting that Chile have their special version of super-cooled PC's and laptops?


For the uninitiated, the guy I'm replying to is otherwise known as RetailersPointOfView and spouts absolute rubbish. Please don't be taken in by this muppet.

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Guys please, as i said before,


I never got to use the laptop in Chile because it died here, if i took it to the the technicians there was only because i was going to stay from December till March, if i had to stay just for 2 weeks i would of waited, but it wasn't the case, then again the technicians there were told that the laptop was from UK.


but just in case, for those who still think i might be the problem, the difference between Chile and UK, as follows.


UK Voltage:240V

UK Frequency: 50Hz


Chile Voltage: 220V

Chile Frequency: 50Hz


Another Thing, i just received an email from PC world asking me to call and give them a phone number so they can contact me, i do not mind it at all, i actually think that is a step forward, but i do not know if i would be able to keep a record of this, do you guys know if all calls are recorded and if they do, can you ask for the call reference number?

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About the weather in Chile, well in summer can go up to 38 in the capital,

where i was,which is by the coast, no more than 32 and that is less than what he had last summer in the UK. :cool:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Guys!!!!


Well as you know they asked me to call and if the guys wasn't there he was going to call me back, so i did, he wasn't there i left my details and just in case send another email with my phone number so he could contact me, well he didn't so a week after i called back and one of the guys on costumer service said that the other guy was on holidays so he was going to study my case and give me a call back the same day... and surprisingly he did!!! and ask me if it was OK for me to accept vouchers for £400 pounds i told him that it was OK, i knew they were not gonna refund me so...its OK, then he asked me if i wanted my vouchers sent to my home address or to the local store, and i said, to the local store is much much better, so he said he was going to do that i asked him to send me an email with all the info he was giving me, and he agreed to it, this was last Monday, i haven't receive no email yet, and on Saturday i called to check what was going on, and they said the vouchers been sent to my home address on Friday by recorded mail, so i should be getting them today... guess what!!! NOTHING YET! i will wait one more day to call again.

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