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Cap 1 - trying to keep it simple...!

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Hello all,


Recently recieved my statements from cap 1. Got about £560 worth of charges.

I want to keep this really simple! - Alot of people seem to do this process in different ways to the FAQs.

Could someone give me the link to the calculator so i can work out my interest. I think the 8% is the easiest way for me. So do i just work out this rate and send off my request now?- i read somewhere not to add the interest yet?


Sorry to painful and ask questions already posted!


Cheers Tel

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The 8% interest route is the easiest way, but you are unable to claim this until you reach the court stage, enter all your charges details into one of the spreadsheets and it will do the calculations for you, this will be the basis for your schedule of charges which must be sent with both your preliminary letter and your LBA.





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Ok so i dont claim the 8% untill court stage. Do i mention the interest with my figures though in order to help "pursuade them early on?

i.e included a copy of what the figure could be.....

or do i not mention it at all???


Cheers all


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In my claim to abbey i mentioned in the initial request for charge refund, that if it goes to court stage i will be claiming s.69 interestand an early settlement would reduce the costs to them, prob wont work, but doesnt harm to include


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ok well i have put to together my prelim letter with no mention of the %8 interest on it.- as advised above.

I appreciate alot of these questions are repetitions and i apologise!!!

So the next stage after this is my LBA? - do i included the 8% on this??

Getting nervous now! - its about £500 without interest so therefore reading this site it sounds almost beneficial if they do not pay up straight away as you can then go for the 8% - which they always end up paying?!!!!




Cheers for all help




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Just to clear this up - Have I done the correct thing by not mentioning the 8% at this point then??

And do I mention it at the next stage??




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Hi Tel


You only mention the 8% at the court stage. You add this to each charge on a spreadsheet.

Some useful links.


Making Posts

Letter Template Library

Bank Contact Details

AQ Guide to Completion

Court Fees

Data Protection non Compliance

Witness Statements for Court Bundle

Banking Code Website

Limitations Act

Fast Track Costs

A-Z Index

Mis-Claim Tutorial

Step By Step Instructions


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all,


Well the 2 weeks has now passed.

I have recieved no reply as yet.

Reading other posts on here leaves me with a dilema.

It seems that CAP1 normal tactic is in about 2-3 days time send me an offer of the difference. Shall i just wait these 2-3 days and reject this offer and send my LBA together with it (if it comes!) - or just send my LBA now? - surely this would keep things nice and tidy?

Basically what i mean by this is if i accept part payment then the LBA i have sent the figures on it would be incorrect.?

Also do i include the schedule of charges again with the LBA?


From reading other posts it seems that the best poss scenario would be for CAP 1 to refuse then i get to claim the 8% interest as well. Is this true?

I gather everyone is still getting paid at MCOL stage?


Finally.....I sent my prelim letter to 4th floor , loxley house - is this correct?



Im sorry for all these questions I just need a confidence boost!!! I would appreciate any answers and thanks for your support!





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If the 14 days are up on the prelim letter then it is time to send off your letter before action which then gives them another 14 days to reply and sort out and pay you back your charges. If you still havent heard anything by the time the 14 days are up on the 15th day file at court.


If you recieve a letter with a settlement figure, after you have already sent your LBA letter,if your not happy with the ammount just send a letter back saying you will only accept this ammount as 'part payment' of ammount owed!!!! and that you will carry on to recover full ammount.


the address I used was:-


Legal Compliance Specialist

Capital One Bank (Europe) Plc

Trent House

Station Street




but i have read that other people have used a london address (I think)


Hope this helps

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