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    • Thanks guys. So using the form that you have provided...   I am ticking box C to say that I dont know whether I owe the debt, box G to say that I am seeking legal advice and Box I asking for copies of the credit agreement, full summary of account detailing all interest and charges, details of the interest calculation, details of the administration charges, a copy of the notice of assignment and a copy of the judgement obtained in Dubai? Does all that sound right?   I was thinking that it might be in my interests to show them my income/expenditure as they will see that I am a single mum, working part-time and receiving benefits?
    • We have looked at the ticket options for the exact time travelled.   it is not possible to buy an on peak ticket at the time I left the departure station   There is no option   There is only one option.  The cheaper fare.  that is all I knew!!  The cheap fare.   So when I arrive and they detain me, threaten me with fines and force me to pay the higher 50% more fare. I found that very stressful as I suffer from anxiety anyway. I also would have had to pay a fine if I did not have enough cash in my pocket. (I found later that I needed my cash in town)   The box office confirmed they were overcharging at the turn-styles.   I walk back and tell them they over charged me again.   The ' turn-style crew '  agree to a refund , without checking. Thats odd isnt it !  They didn't need to check or to confirm. They knew I was entitled and agree to a refund.   Why did they not say.  "well, we need to check that first!!"  And if they can check. why did they not check before?    Then I complain that a refund is not adequate by itself to prevent this from happening again,  Yet....   Although a refund is imminent as they agreed. The supervisor again tries to blame me for not buying the ticket at the departure station.  Even though I had a permit to travel.   So you see what I am saying here? Do you see how hardcore they are to pass blame and fine people!!  Who trained these people?  am i expected to complain to company who oversees this nesense?   He then again lied, yes again, trying to inspire fear for a fine. (claiming I missed my first chance to buy) and said that the permit machine is always on, that it is irrelevant and useless and that I should have paid at the touch screen ticket computer, that it takes cash ( wrong!!). And smirking said it was his home station that he uses it all the time. I said that was not true and it is not my fault, he said it was my fault and when he could not lie any more, without warning, had me thrown out the station by security and I was told I could not even catch my train home!!!   Amazing!    They did everything to fob me off to overcharge me.  There is no cash facility at my home station, only the faulty permit ticket machine that seems to only take one type of coin,  that thankfully.......thankfully I had that particular coin, by chance, as the pound coins would not work..they were spat out. Else I would have been in serious serious trouble with these people. Much higher fines without a permit to travel.   (Important side note regards the elderly. As an adult with reasonably strong hands, even I find it ' very hard '  to remove the permit ticket made of thick card, it is very tough to do. How do elderly people remove the ticket or even a child? I really cannot see that happening. It really is that bad at my station)     I am not sure what a z ticket is, I have an M on mine.?   We have read the code of conduct and there are multiple references to the staff helping people get the right ticket. and considering there was only one ticket for a return that day, that should not have been a hard thing to do, at all.   Yet they have a button they can press to over charge  Who programmed that into their machine and told them to press it?   Thank you for reading.  
    • Hi all,   Could any of the site team (or experienced site membes) give me any guidance on the above defence .   I need to have it in by Friday at latest, and was hoping to submit tomorrow to make sure that its lodged in good time   Many thanks in advance x 
    • Sorry but sounds like early days if CWD and lately IDR. Been dealing with this since 2009 and still going on as well as those crazy collection agency’s in Dubai also still emailing to this day.    I set up a special email account where I have everything from CWD, IDR and all others so it’s all in one place and the laws that have been broken.  Upon discussions also with R. Sterling at detained in Dubai its also been helpful.    Currently with the FO with my complaints against the attempted collection of debt in the UK when it has not been passed through the correct channels regardless of what is in the T&C.    Personally I would not pay any ting until as people know that debt has been passed through the correct manner of courts in the UAE or indeed purchased by a UK company which then I will be happy to defend given the laws here and whT I have available.    Make sure to ask for everything when the time come all statements, extra charges terms at the time of supposed signing etc !    Listen to the team also 
    • I'm sorry the CAB have given me some terrible advice in the past, and some others on here.  Please do as Andyorch says above. do not use Moriaty's forms.  Do not fill in ANY income and Expenditure for Moriarty. They have no more right ot demand that from you than I do.
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Hi - hope someone can help me with this one as I cant find anyone else on the forum who has had this problem!

Being chased for council tax and the Sheriffs Officers have got a decree to arrest my wages. No probs with this as I know I do owe the money. The thing is, they claim that I work at a certain hotel and they have sent the arrestment form there and sent me a copy.


I stay in a small town and when the receptionist at this hotel opens the letter, the whole town will know my business - VERY embarrassing!!!!

What recourse do I have against the Sheriffs Officers for this?

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i don't know what you can do about whats already happened (maybe someone else will know) you could write a letter to them pointing out their embarrising mistake tc, but the same thing happened to me (sent to wrong work address, small town etc) and i was mortified! but you know its more common than you think, and they never said anything, they didn;t even let me know they'd received anything from the sherriffs officer etc, twice so far i've had other peoples wages arrestment orders sent to me! obviously a lot of mistakes made in that office! i have to say my debt was paid off without me even noticing it and it was great not to get letters and phone calls pestering me for money. hope you get on ok.

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In theory you may have, but in practice they will just say that they had good reason to believe you worked there.

Number of times I've asked 1st Credit for information that I stil haven't recieved... 55 as at 02/05/07 :!:

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