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    • @Emmzziis very good on employment matters and may not have seen this topic yet. Hopefully she'll be able to drop in and give some insight.   HB
    • We believe this firm may be providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorisation. Find out why you should be wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm and how to protect yourself.View the full article
    • Yes I agree but the solicitor doesn't want to and says I'm wasting my time.  So how do I force the issue? Go direct to the employer or insist the solicitor asks again against their advice?
    • I'm helping someone in financial difficulty that has 6 debts with Lowell. Do I send Lowell one CCA request (and £1) quoting all references or six requests, one for each original debt and 6 x £1?
    • Attached is the final decision by the FOS with personal info redacted. Once this was issued I replied to the FOS: 28.04.22 - CapOne accepted FOS decision and I requested that CapOne provide a full breakdown of the refund and confirm what action to be taken with the negative info on credit reports. Also provided the Default Notice relating to Card 1 that was issued Oct 2017, as when discussing with FOS he claimed that this was overlooked.   10.05.22 - CapOne informed FOS there decision about Card 1 default and FOS States "as per the Payment Plan you entered into in 2017. But it has come back with evidence of a phone call from you on 24 October 2017 cancelling the plan saying you were doing so as you wanted to avoid a default. So the card remained in use and why the default date finally applied in 2020 continues to look right."   13.05.22 - I replied that I accepted the decision and wrote out my expected Refund based on CAG 8% file. I also stated " as Card 1 was settled in full I am still fully prepared to forego the £306.06* for the removal of Card 1’s default. Although the refund does come in handy the removal of the default would mean a great deal and have a huge impact on my circumstances. From penny pinching due to temporary contract to having a high paid full-time employment that will make me financially stable, which in the current circumstances with utilities etc would be a great deal. I would wish to implore on their good nature to re-consider this, and I would be willing to pay the relative administration costs that would be incurred."   16.05.22 - FOS: Thank you for letting me know you agree with how I think your complaint should be sorted out. I have also shared your email with Capital One but it is up to them if they want to make a commercial call on card one. 27.05.22 - CapOne to FOS: "Please see below for a breakdown of the refund for Mr Anderson's second account; Fees £63 + Interest £116.58 + 8% interest 21p minus 4p applicable tax + £75 compensation = Total £254.75 I've arranged for this to be sent to the bank details provided and the customer should receive the funds by the close of business on the 30th May.  I've also requested for this account to be deleted from the customer's credit file however, this can take 6-8 weeks to update.  Mr Anderson has also asked if we could consider removing the default from his other account. However, as we've previously explained that this has been added correctly and we're unable to remove it as a gesture of goodwill.” Then my email has gone off explaining to them how the calculations are incorrect. FOS stated that they do not get involved in the Redress amounts. edited ComplainantView_(1).pdf
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