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HFO Services pressuring me.


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Hi, new here also, HFO/Turnbull Rutherford took over 3 Months to send the CCA I requested :) (I have recorded delivery receipt of postage a receipt for £1.00 postal order and a letter from them stating that as I had paid £1.00, I was admiting the debt and subtracted it from the debt)


The original debt which was in dispute has now almost doubled.


I have not spoken to a single person at HFO/Turnbull Rutherford who shows any professionalism at all.


I spoke to the Law Society a good while back but as most of the harassment etc was by telephone was told it's hard to prove.


They seem a law unto themselves and do not follow guidelines.


I have complained to the CSA (complaints form) regards their conduct etc.


They have made a number of false statements in their application for summary judgement.


Advice....send every letter to them recorded delivery as they will not acknowledge receipt, and maintain that you have not contacted them and failed to respond to their letters.


Looking forward to going to court......I think

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Today I have received a letter from HFO, it seems this is what I have received from my CCA request. It simply states Please find enclosed copy statement as requested in relation to the above account. It contains my last 3 months of Barclaycard statements. No CCA. What should I do now? Should I just wait until the request becomes a criminal offence and report them to Trading Standards. Or should I get in touch with them and ask them again for the CCA? They have already past the 14 days, so its currently not enforceable. Any advice on next step please?

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Today I have received a letter from HFO, it seems this is what I have received from my CCA request. It simply states Please find enclosed copy statement as requested in relation to the above account. It contains my last 3 months of Barclaycard statements. No CCA. What should I do now? Should I just wait until the request becomes a criminal offence and report them to Trading Standards. Or should I get in touch with them and ask them again for the CCA? They have already past the 14 days, so its currently not enforceable. Any advice on next step please?


Personally I'd let them hang themselves first, then report them :D

Just hate every DCA out there

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Hi have just today mailed my complaint to Trading Standards, my understanding of all this is it is now a criminal offence. We will see what happens. The other odd thing is today while I was out I had a phone call asking for me by my maiden name, I am placing bets it was HFO, everyone else refers to me by my married name. We will wait and see, just let them start harrassing me now. I am also now going to write to ask to have the default removed from my credit file, no CCA -no enforceable debt. Office of Fair Trading are also dealling with my complain. Also Data Protection issue is being addressed by the Commissioners Office. So, as far as I am concerned everything is really good, I'm floating on a cloud. I'm gonna get HFO ****!!!!

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I will be writing I have had major hassle, threats and they even asked me to borrow money off friends family anything they even had a broker phoning me to remortgage to pay off the Barclaycard debt of my husbands they told me all his details???

They are a very nasty piece of work.

I have sent my CCA

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I am new to this forum but I too have been receiving numerous phone calls and letters from HFO - including 2 cards from First Direct Logistics claiming I had a package to collect and to ring them! Yeah right, like I would fall for that one! HFO have now kindly sent me leaflets on "debt consolidation" with them suggesting I take out a remortgage!!!!? Surely that is illegal prostituting their loans in respect of paying off my debt with Barclays? Anyway, have got lots of insight from this forum (thanks everyone!) and it has given me great strength and drive. Yesterday I sent a letter to the HFO **** requesting the CCA, statements, deed of assignment etc and also informing them I will not tolerate any further communication from them unless it is in writing .... will let you know what happens next!:p

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Sorry if this has come up twice but was having trouble posting. I also have had experience with H.F.O for my son, my thread is in the Barclaycard forum ( worried mum v barclaycard/ HFO ) his statements arrived the 25th may no C.C.A though.

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HFO Services/Turnbull Rutherford Solicitor's tactics seem to be to cause pressure by intimidation and inconvenience. In my case I think they've worked out that intimidation doesn't work so they are trying inconvenience.


For the debt of less than £2,600 HFO Services/Turnbull Rutherford have been very naughty indeed. Firstly, they delayed sending a copy of my N9A form to the Court. They sent it to the court after the due date so it appeared that I had not mounted a defence. Therefore the court found in their favour (this in itself is a loophole that should be filled - the N9A form says specifically that the form should NOT be sent to the court but to the Claimant, i.e. HFO/Turnbull Rutherford, so they have just sat on it for a convenient amount of time until the court passed judgment in their favour as I had appeared not to have mounted any defence).


I spoke to Turnbull Rutherford on the phone about this and they said they did not receive the N9A form until after the due date. The post would seem to be extremely slow in that neck of the woods! Did they lie? I think so. Was I naive in not sending my N9A by Special Delivery? I think so as well. But you kind of assume that solicitors are trustworthy people.


Secondly, HFO Service/Turnbull Rutherford made the very questionable step of splitting the case into two cases. One case was heard in Croydon and the other was in Watford (the Claim numbers are different but the reference number for both cases was exactly the same - naturally, because it referred to the same debt). I'm not quite sure how they were able to get away with that. Turnbull Rutherford said that it was a mistake of the court. The court said it couldn't be their mistake because how could they just make up a claim number; it would need to have been implemented by a claimant, viz Turnbull Rutherford.


When I told Turnbull Rutherford about this they said they would look into it, and of course they did nothing.


A Hearing at Watford was convened for the 17th September (after judgment was made in Croydon for the same case), and Turnbull Rutherford have refused to tell Watford County Court that they will not be attending. Watford say I should attend, because not doing so would result in a judgment against me automatically. So, unless Watford are told specifically by the Claimants that they will not be attending, I will have to attend to prevent judgment being given against me, even though I clearly cannot be charged for the same debt twice!


I phoned Turnbull Rutherford just now and they said they would inform the court that they would not be attending? Another lie? We shall see.


Is it not against the law for Turnbull Rutherford to create two court cases out of one debt? Is it not against the law for them to waste the time of the court, the judge and my time as well, by not telling the court that they will not be attending the "dummy" hearing?

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These Regulations overlap somewhat with the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 which deals specifically with exemption clauses. The Directive set out requirements that in many ways are narrower than rules already in place in English law. It does, however, extend the scope of terms which can be rendered ineffective; especially when dealing with unfair terms that do not constitute exemption clauses. It also has provisions specifically for standard form contract.

Needless to say the act only works to render ineffective terms that benefit seller or suppliers, in the favour of consumers.


[edit] Definition of Unfair


Regulation 5(1)[3] sets defines the principle of unfair.

  • Has not been individually negotiated [4]
  • Causes significant imbalance in the parties rights and obligations.
  • Contrary to the requirement of good faith.

Has not been individually negotiated encompasses terms of which the consumer has not had the opportunity to mould. Terms that have been individually negotiated are outside this regulation, the contract however, and other terms, may be.[5]

Causes significant imbalance. This requires the term to be to the detriment of the consumer and benefit the seller or supplier to an excessive degree.

Contrary to Good Faith. In the complex case of Director General of Fair Trading v First National Bank[6], the bank's seemingly unfair interest term was found to be in good faith as the term guarded the bank from a possible situation of receiving no interest defeating their business objective.

Schedule 2 sets out an indicative, non-exhaustive list of terms that would be unfair.


[edit] Effect of Unfair Term


Regulation 8 provides that an unfair term "shall not be binding upon the consumer".


[edit] Also See


Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977

European Directives

Statutory Instruments






Advice & opinions given by patrickq1 are personal, are not endorsed by Consumer Action Group or Bank Action Group, and are offered informally, without prejudice & without liability. Your decisions and actions are your own, and should you be in any doubt, you are advised to seek the opinion of a qualified professional

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Wow - I'm so pleased I came across this thread. I had my first call from HFO today. They told me they had taken over my debt from CitiCard and threatened to take my house away. I refused to speak to them until I had received something in writing explaining when they "bought" my debt. Seems I am not alone. I am going to ask them for a CCA but I want to get all their paperwork first. I also had one of the FDL cards through the pst on Monday but I knew I had not ordered any parcels so I just ignored it and chucked it in the bin.

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HFO are contacting me about a dept that was cleared around 2 years ago, i have a recorded message stating that the dept was cleared and the account was closed.


* The dept was with Hutchinons 3G the mobile phone company three.

Now what i am interested to know is 1: they are contacting me on my home phone, of which is a new phone number issued to me when i moved house in 2008. 2: what i would also like to know is can they legally pass on a dept tp my partner who is now my husband, i had the dept that i owed wrote off back in 2006 because i was in a major R.T.A and was in a coma, now i had a solicitor to write off the dept. 3. My husband has never owed a mobile phone contract through three as HFO are insisting he did!!


* Phone calls so fare are consisting of 11 over 3 days!!


* What this Indian bloke keeps saying is:- You are running short of time, Now please tell me if i am wrong but this sounds like a thret to me!!

(also bare in mind my husband has never had a mobile contract with three, and all mine were writen of as i was in a coma!! Plus a have a new phone number)


* Now what he keeps saying to him is:- Just pay it, pay it now!! once again tell me if i am wrong but his sounds like a thret to me.


* Also the fact of the matter is we have received no letter from them!!! Also they keep asking us for the mobile number that we had with three.


* My phone number is EX DIRECTORY,


* can some please advise what i should do next. PLEASE as they are thretening bid style

Thanks Lauz

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re hfo ****, i also have been pestered by these pests, will post own story later!! dont want to hijack.lol


phone numbers used by this lot are :

0845 600 6128

044 2030248462



ps dont let the bast**ds get you down!!

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