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Confused - IF/Blair defaulted debt

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Hi, I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this scenario...


OH had a loan with Halifax taken out mid 2002 for £15K. His business went into difficulties soon after and after struggling with payments for a while it was defaulted eventually in May 2003 (we think). Mid-2004 he managed 4 months payments of £200 to Blair Oliver Scott, then nothing since then. Blair have been VERY lenient in not chasing the debt very hard according to OH, due to the fact we had house on market to release equity.


Anyway, now sold house but after secured debts paid and deposit to new house (we could only get 85% mortage) only a couple of £K left over, which I need for improvements to new house. However, I got nearly £5K from reclaiming bank charges and I thought I'd try a F&F offer of 30% to clear this debt.


However, looking through OH's statements tonight, in May 2006 his annual statement says "WRITE OFF - £17K" and the loan has been closed. We have not heard from Blair Oliver Scott for months and months. Has this really been written off? What should we do now, ignore it and put our bank charges into much needed home improvements?

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Hi all, have been reading this thread for a while, not being chased by any DCA's BUT at one point that was a distinct possibility so I am pleased so many people are becoming more aware of their rights and not initmidated by these idiots.


Anyway, my query is about a loan my OH defaulted on with Halifax, which was taken out mid 2002. The account was defaulted Feb 2003 after his business failed (loan was, unfortunately, in his name despite being for the company in reality). It was passed to Blair Oliver Scott who chased very rarely and also by telephone and were very nice, not pushy for money at all.


We've not had an annual statement (monthly ones stopped a while back) from the bank showing a "Write off" amount equal to the outstanding balance in May 2006 and the account was closed a few days later.


His credit report, oddly, shows this:

- Defaulted (Feb 2003)

- Default/Deliquent balance £XX

- Account Settled (March 2003)


What does this mean? If the debt has been sold on then can they register a new default? and if so, and if the debt was sold on in May last year why haven't they made contact/registered a default?


Will this look like it has been settled to other's doing a search or would the balance need to show as £0 for them to think it was actually settled? It does show the account as closed I think.

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